The Ethics of Touch in Child Psychotherapy & Play Therapy – Janet Courtney



The Ethics of Touch in Child Psychotherapy & Play Therapy – Janet Courtney


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The Ethics of Touch in Child Psychotherapy & Play Therapy by Janet Courtney,
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Janet Courtney
2 Hours 38 Minutes
Audio and Video
Aug 06, 2015


There are policies and actions that you can put into practice now to protect yourself.

  • What if that simple caring hug you gave a child in a therapy session somehow triggered a report to your licensing board?
  • Do you know what to do when a child hits you during a session?
  • What about when a child tries to touch you inappropriately?

Dr. Janet Courtney in this engaging webcast explores these ethical considerations of touch including current research, cultural concerns, and the importance of touch to human development. Come away with over 20+ clinical and ethical best practice guidelines! Case examples are highlighted to demonstrate in-the-moment interventions with client populations (infants to teenagers) dealing with issues related to attachment, autism, ADHD, Sensory processing disorder, and physical and sexual abuse.

Get a sneak peek of the seminar:

Visit the PESI blog to learn the 10 types of touch identified by Dr. Janet Courtney that can happen during therapy if deemed developmentally appropriate.



The Ethics of Touch in Context

  • Clinical concerns of touch in child psychotherapy and play therapy
  • No touch policies-more harm than good?
  • Types of touch: greeting, accidental, task-oriented, attentional, and more

Assessment for Psychosocial Experiences of Touch

  • 4 Child Drawing Assessments
  • Rating scale questionnaires
    • Parent’s perceptions of child’s touch experiences
    • Teacher Touch Observation Rating Scale for child

Interventions and Case Examples: Ethical dilemmas of Touch- Responses, Interventions and Boundary Setting

  • Risk/benefit decision making
  • Child hits/slaps therapist
  • Inappropriate touching of therapist
  • Child asks to be touched inappropriately
  • Child asks for appropriate touch
  • Specific populations
    • Infants-behavioral cue indications
    • Teenagers
    • Attachment Disorders
    • Autism/Sensory Processing Disorders
    • Sexually traumatized children
  • 10+ Recommendations for working with abused children
  • Engaging parents in problem touch occurrences

20+ Top Ethical Touch Best Practice Guidelines

  • Practitioner Touch Awareness Questionnaire
  • Informed Consent-for therapy approaches that use touch
  • Informed Consent-Mandated Reporter of all forms of abuse
  • Unethical Forms of Touch
  • And many more…


Janet Courtney's Profile

Janet Courtney Related seminars and products: 5

Janet A. Courtney, PhD, LCSW, is founder of FirstPlay Therapy® and an adjunct professor at Barry University School of Social Work, Miami Shores, FL. She is a Registered Play Therapy- Supervisor, TEDx speaker, a StoryPlay® facilitator, and is past President of the Florida Association for Play Therapy. She has publications in the International Journal of Play Therapy, the American Journal of Art Therapy, and the Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture, and is a contributing author for the chapter, Touching Autism through Developmental Play Therapy, in the book, Play-based Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Courtney also has a book coming out in Spring, 2017, Touch in Child Counseling and Play Therapy: An Ethical and Clinical Guide.

She offers a certification in FirstPlay Therapy® (including FirstPlay® Infant Massage Storytelling). She has been invited to speak nationally and internationally including the Cayman Islands, England, Ireland, Morocco, Russia and the Ukraine. She specializes in infant mental health, attachment, and trauma related issues. Dr. Courtney’s new form of Kinesthetic Storytelling® can be found in her children’s book, The Magic Rainbow. Visit her website at for more information.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Janet Courtney is founder of FirstPlay™ Therapy. She is in private practice and an adjunct professor at Barry University. Dr. Courtney receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Janet Courtney is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

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