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Social Media Masterclass – Ben Malol


Social Media Masterclass – Ben Malol Download. The different types of ads and what makes a great ad, everything from writing top notch sales copy, creative…

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The different types of ads and what makes a great ad, everything from writing top notch sales copy, creatives, pain and desire theory, with complete breakdown of succesful ads.

Social Media Masterclass by Ben Malol,
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Are You Ready For The Masterclass?

Social Marketing Masterclass will take you from wherever you are now, glue you to a ROCKET SHIP and fly you towards Facebook ads mastery

Over 50 video lessons on every topic imaginable about Facebook ads…

Module #1 – The World of Facebook Ads

An overview of Facebook ads, getting the right mindset and understanding the fundamentals of a good ad. In this module we basically go over what GREAT Facebook ads are built of, and prepare you for whats coming.

Module #2 – The Foundation

All you need to know about the Power Editor, Ad Manager, Business manager, and the structure of a campaign. Everything from basic understanding to advanced techniques that 99% of marketers aren’t utilizing

Module #3 – The Campaign

The difference between the objectives, what to use when, and how, Engagement (PPE) vs Traffic (CTW) vs WC = (Website Conversions) vs VV (Video Views) etc. Learn how to use the optimization to your advantage.

Module #4 – The Ad Set

Everything you need to know about the ad set, from targeting to budgetplacement optimization, and how to utilize all the ad set functions on the highest level. Understand the ad set is CRUCIAL for running succesful ads (everything from basics, to extremely advanced is covered).

Module #5 – The Ad

The different types of ads and what makes a great ad, everything from writing top notch sales copy, creatives, pain and desire theory, with complete breakdown of succesful ads.

Module #6 – The Pixel

How the optimization REALLY workscustom audiences, private strategies that have never been revealed. We’ll go over Retargeting on a whole other level, Custom Conversions and how to REALLY use them, data leverage, and how to use Look Alike Audiences like a true Master.

Module #7 – Adset 2.0

Metric breakdown, what do we want to see on our adshow long to let an ad run and how to stop wasting money on ads inefficiently. Split testing and how to use it to our advantage.

Module #8: The Million Dollar Scaling System

The secret methods behind fast and HUGE scales, everything from in depth manual bidding, to optimization. Taking campaigns from $20 days, to $5,000 dollar days, taking campaigns from $1,000 days to $30,000 days, AND MORE…

Module #9 – Google Analytics 101 by Dimitris Skiadas

Learn Google Analytics and how to utilize it in your business. Google analytics has been a neglected topic for the wrong reasons. The problem is most businesses are using it INCORRECTLY. I’ve decided to team up with the strongest player in the field, Dimitris Skiadas.

Module #10: Running a Facebook Ads Agency

The complete step-by-step program on how to run a succesful agency running Facebook ads for clients and getting paid $1,500 – $3,000 a month PER CLIENT.

Running Facebook ads for clients is crazy efficient, and I’ll teach you how to take advantage of it.

What Else Does Social Marketing Masterclass Include?

LIFETIME access to a Private Mastermind Facebook Group for Students

Success comes from surrounding yourself with likeminded people, all students of SMMasterclass will be part of a private Facebook group. In the private Facebook group you’ll be able to get support from me(Ben Malol) and other likeminded advanced marketers

Weekly LIVE Q&A’s ONLY for Students

Once a week we’ll be having LIVE Q&A’s in our Facebook group, only for students of Social Marketing Masterclass, get your questions answered personally BY ME.

What others have to say about Ben Malol

Ben has been featured on The Huffington Post as “Changing The Game” in Social Marketing

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