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Shogun Method For Married Men – Derek Rake


Shogun Method For Married Men – Derek Rake Download. Transform Your Wife’s Disobedience Into Subservience, Compliance And Unquestioning Love… The Shogun …

Transform Your Wife’s Disobedience Into Subservience, Compliance And Unquestioning Love… The Shogun Method for Married Men (SM³) System Shows You How

Shogun Method For Married Men by Derek Rake,
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Transform Your Wife’s Disobedience Into Subservience, Compliance And Unquestioning Love… The Shogun Method for Married Men (SM³) System Shows You How


Here’s what I get asked the most by our married Shogun Method clients:

“Derek, it seems that Shogun Method is for meeting new women, or for guys who need to improve their relationships with their girlfriends. I am married. How do I use it to fix my marriage?”

SM³ is the answer.

And here’s how:

Since you’re reading this page, you should already be familiar with the IRAE Model inside Shogun Method™: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction, Enslavement.

In a marriage, the same IRAE Model applies. However, here’s a key difference: in a marriage, the Attraction and Enslavement stages are more important than Intrigue and Rapport.

SM³ (or Shogun Method for Married Men) goes balls-to-the-wall with Attraction and Enslavement. It will arm you with all the necessary techniques to build your wife’s Attraction levels to you, and to ultimately Enslave her emotionally to you.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re married, and you want the ultimate devotion and undivided love from your wife, then SM³ will give you exactly that.


WARNING: This program is not for everyone. Only buy SM³ if you fit ALL FIVE criteria below:

  • You’re a married man (SM³ is not a program for meeting new women, or for those wanting to improve their dating lives.)
  • You want your wife to be with you forever (the Enslavement effect is irreversible – don’t use SM³ on a woman you don’t want to be with for the long-term)
  • You’re already familiar with core Shogun Method™ principles (SM³ is advanced Shogun Method™ material)
  • Your wife is showing signs of insolence, unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the marriage (if she’s already obedient to you, SM³ is an overkill – you won’t need something this powerful)
  • You have no reservations about using Mind Control on your wife (which you cannot undo if you decide to change your mind later)

SM³ exploits the married woman’s psychology flaws and turn her into an obedient, faithful wife with unquestioning devotion to her husband (and master).


The SM³ System consists of two books: Book 1 (Psychology of Married Women) and Book 2 (Married Game). Delivery is completely online, and access is instant upon successful payment.

  • Book 1: Psychology Of Married Women

    Discover how a married woman would think and behave differently from a single female. You will get the ability to see through her with “X Ray eyes” – she will be an open book to you. When you’re done, you’ll know her even better than she knows herself!

  • Book 2: Married Game

    This is where the rubber hits the road! In the first book you’ve learned the psychology of the married woman and their emotional vulnerabilities. In the second book, you’ll discover how to exploit these vulnerabilities to put her under your thumb.

  • Unlimited Update Downloads (For The Next Three Years)

    As part of the package, you’ll receive unlimited downloads of updates as we continually tweak the System with new techniques and tools. This feature is valid for a three-year period which starts on the day of purchase.

  • Client Support

    Your very own Customer Happiness Manager will be ready to help you to get the most out of the program. Upon successful purchase, your Customer Happiness Manager will get in touch with you with program access details and tips to get started.

  • FREE BONUS: “The Forbidden Chapter”

    Originally excluded for its controversial content, the “Forbidden Chapter” is now available with every purchase of the SM³ System as a free bonus.

    Learn how dating other women while married can do wonders for your marriage – by making your wife love you more!

    You’ll understand why this knowledge is forbidden once you’ve read this Chapter – it’s simply too controversial in today’s climate of political correctness and extreme feminism.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Your investment is protected by our 60-day money back guarantee. We want you to be completely happy with our product! If you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


Know Your Enemy. In Book 1, you’ll get a masterclass on how the mind of the married female works. We will arm you with the ability to understand beyond her words and actions, and know her inner thoughts that drive her behavior and emotions.

Book 1: Psychology of Married Women contains eight action-packed Modules: Opportunistic Love Theory, Dual Mating Strategy, Hypergamy, Solipsism, Covert Communication, Rake’s Law, Sexual Value, Light Switch Effect


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Why your marriage vow is one HUGE LIE (warning: this will hurt, but it will set you free from tremendous pain)
  • The true nature of a woman’s “love” for her husband (or, why your wife will NOT love you UNCONDITIONALLY)
  • Why you must EXPECT your wife to manipulate you, and how her manipulative behavior is hard-coded into her nature
  • The theory of “Opportunistic Love” (this explains why she’ll leave you once you’re no longer an “opportunity” to her, emotionally and/or financially)
  • How women view love in her life (Conditional vs Opportunistic Love) (important!)
  • Why you’re ranked lowly in her “Priorities Hierarchy” – and how you’ll always end up dead last in what she thinks and feels are important in her life (and what to do about it)

Your wife’s love for you is opportunistic, and never unconditional


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The “Second Lie of Marriage”, and how it had lead you down the path of unhappiness and frustration (it’s not your fault!)
  • The “Dual Mating Strategy” of the female – and why she has two different needs which are rarely found in the same man
  • Why your wife has been pre-conditioned to leave you (and how most marriages will fail by default)
  • How she views “Alpha Males” and “Beta Males” in her love life (and no, she doesn’t necessarily prefer an Alpha over a Beta for a husband – find out why)
  • The ONE AND ONLY criteria that you’ll need to meet if you want your wife to be happy (hint: you’ll need a mix of both Alpha and Beta behaviors – this Module will show you what to do)

Your wife has dual mating needs, and she will stray if you don’t meet both


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The “Third Lie of Marriage”, and why there’s no such thing as “eternal love” in a woman’s mind
  • Hypergamy – why your wife is psychologically hard-wired to want to leave you for a better deal elsewhere
  • Why you’re still in competition with other men even when she’s already married to you (warning – don’t get lulled into a false sense of security!)
  • The concept of Sexual Marketplace and your place in it – in the eyes of your wife
  • How your perceived Sexual Value (SV) is everything to your wife – if your SV plunges then your marriage will be at great peril
  • The “SV Gap” and how it correlates with the stability of your marriage. (The bigger the Gap gets, the “rockier” your marriage becomes.)
  • The most effective way to override her Hypergamy and inoculate her from advances from other men

Every woman is hard-wired to “marry up” – no exceptions. If you’re not “up”, you’re out


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The concept of Solipsism and how by understanding it will give you deep knowledge of how your wife thinks and feels
  • How Solipsism ruins marriages (and how by understanding it, you’ll prevent your marriage from its impending doom)
  • Does she blame YOU for anything and everything that goes wrong? Solipsism explains why
  • Does she react negatively to well-meaning advice that you give her? Solipsism explains why
  • Does trying to placate her only make things worse? Solipsism explains why
  • How to keep her Solipsism in check and spare yourself from emotional anguish and unnecessary drama

Your wife’s seemingly erratic behavior could be explained simply with the concept of Solipsism


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Why communicating with your wife can be “hard” – and why failure to communicate is the root cause of most divorces
  • Why there’s no such thing as “Mixed Messages” – once you understand how women communicate, you will instantly “get”what she really means
  • Why women prefer “covert” to “overt” communication(important!)
  • Why it’s one huge warning sign when she’s forced to use “overt” communication with you (watch out!)
  • How her “mind games” can be good for the marriage (and learn how to handle them like a champ)

Your wife communicates differently from you, and that’s why you can’t seem to “understand” her


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • What the “Rake’s Law” is, and how it will make or break your marriage (disobey it at your peril!)
  • The three crucial components of an eternally blissful marriage(you can’t miss even one of these components and have a happy married life)
  • How women choose to who to marry (they have this list of six criteria embedded deep in their subconscious)
  • Five dangers that every marriage faces (be aware of how these dangers may flare up so that you’re prepared to face them because they always do)
  • Why your wife may not keep the end of her deal even when you’ve provided her with the love and material provision that you’ve promised her (heartbreaking, but true)
  • Why your wife will never put any importance on future promises– she wants a “made man” right here, and right now
  • The two most important ways to obey Rake’s Law and save your marriage from the impending doom if you don’t

Marriages fail because this ONE rule is violated, plain and simple


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • How her perception of Sexual Value of you AND herself will potentially ruin your marriage (super important!)
  • The role that Sexual Value plays in a marriage (and know how you’re faring in your wife’s “Subconscious Scorecard”)
  • Why perceived Sexual Value is more important than real Sexual Value – and how you can manipulate your wife’s perception of your Sexual Value score to your advantage
  • How you to know if your marriage is going to fail by looking at the Sexual Value Gap
  • How to tell if your Sexual Value Gap is slipping (look out for this HUGE warning sign!)
  • The seven best ways to increase your perceived Sexual Value – these work both in the short- and the long-term

Here’s how to keep your marriage happy: push her Sexual Value down while pushing yours up


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Why the Light Switch Effect is the “Armageddon” of marriages– when her attraction to you turns off suddenly and without warning
  • How your wife’s sense of reality can completely change (like flipping on the light switch) – you’ll understand why she’s behaving so differently when the marriage has gone bad
  • Why making your wife happy will NOT lead to a happy marriage – shocking but true
  • The two components of a woman’s reality – know what these are and you can “hack” into her senses and manipulate them
  • How to inoculate your wife from the Light Switch Effect (by obeying this ONE simple rule – absolutely essential!)
  • …and more

Don’t wait until the “light switch” is flipped on you – by then it will all be over


Conquer Your Enemy. Once you understand how your wife’s mind works, it’s time to put her under your control and dominance. Book 2 will arm you to the teeth with tactics and Shogun Sequences that exploit the deep flaws in her psychology.

Book 2: Married Game contains seven action-packed Modules: Frame Supremacy, The Master and His Slave, Alpha-Beta Equilibrium, Value Tests, Dread Game, The “Insidious Three”, Dead Bedroom Tactics


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The concept of “Frame” and how it’s the most crucial component of your daily interaction with your wife
  • What the WRONG Frame is in a marriage, and why most marriages are in this (wrong) Frame by default (very dangerous!)
  • The FIVE traits of a dominant husband that wives are happily submissive to (you can easily attain these traits by following these simple techniques in this module)
  • The biggest myth of marriage that is hurting your marriage if you believe it (chances are that you do – find out what it is)
  • Why treating your wife as an “equal partner” is a huge mistake (and will make her unhappy to boot)
  • Why dominating your wife is NOT a choice, and if you don’t exert your authority on her your marriage will soon go to the dogs (important!)

Guys usually enter marriages with a weak frame: here’s how to regain a strong one


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The ONLY Frame that you should have in a marriage that will make things work out for you – ”The Master and His Slave”
  • How Shogun Method’s concept of Enslavement is a crucialcomponent of every happy, long-lasting marriage
  • The FIVE characteristics of an “Enslaved” wife that will make your marriage bulletproof
  • How to impose the “Master/Slave” frame on your marriage – the FOUR areas to focus on for maximum effectiveness
  • The THREE most important things that you need to change within yourself RIGHT NOW for you to adopt the MASTERframe
  • The FOUR most important things you need to impose on your wife RIGHT NOW for her to adopt the SLAVE frame
  • The FOUR things that your wife should have ZERO say in the marriage (violate these at your own peril!)
  • Iron-clad Guidelines for Conflict Resolution – lay down these rules whenever there’s a conflict in the marriage and you’ll be free from unnecessary drama and emotional grief

Your goal is to play Master to her Slave in the marriage


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Why it’s a mistake to be “100% Alpha” and shed all “nice guy Beta” characteristics in your marriage
  • The optimal mix between “Alpha” and “Beta” traits that you will need in a marriage (no, it’s NOT 50-50)
  • The FOUR types of husbands: “Abuser”, “Loser”, “Equal” and “Patriarch” – find out which type you belong to
  • Why you don’t need to be the “best husband in the world”, only the “best husband for your wife” (we’ll show you how)
  • Why “comfort building” (or Beta game) is necessary to keep your marriage healthy and emotionally balanced for it to sustain itself
  • Top five ways to increase your “Alpha” score (and another five to increase your “Beta” score)
  • What happens when you strike the Alpha-Beta Balance – expect GOOD things to start happening to your marriage (it’s almost like magic!)

A long lasting marriage requires you to mix in a little “beta” behavior with your alpha – this Module shows you how


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The crucial difference between a Shit Test and a Comfort Test which you must know (because you WILL need different approaches to handle both)
  • Why failing each Shit and Comfort Test will move you towards the inevitable divorce (and conversely, why passing each Test will strengthen your marriage further)
  • How to use the “Shit/Comfort Test Barometer” to gauge the health of your marriage (simply, the fewer tests you get, the healthier and happier your marriage is)
  • How Shit and Comfort Tests tie in with Sexual Value Gap and the Alpha-Beta Equilibrium Mix (know this and you’ll gain deeper insight into how your wife’s mind works)
  • Five foolproof ways to handle ALL types of Shit Tests and pass them with flying colors
  • Three foolproof ways to handle ALL types of Comfort Tests and pass them with flying colors

There’s a difference between Shit and Comfort Tests, and you must know how to handle both in your marriage


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Why Dread Game is the “Golden Hammer” in your marriage tool bag (learn when and how to use it and your marriage will be a breeze)
  • Why the happiest, most contented and supportive wives have a healthy sense of dread in their marriages (important to know!)
  • The “Marriage Paradox” explained – why as you treat her well, she treats you badly
  • Why bullshit “Oprah” advice doesn’t work (hint: absence of Dread)
  • The TWO ways to install a healthy sense of dread in your wife – P****** and A*****
  • FOUR HIGH RISK techniques you can use to inject dread quickly into her mind – use these to NUKE her bad behavior immediately
  • FOUR MEDIUM RISK techniques you can use continuously to create ongoing dread – use these whenever you want to “remind” her that she needs to be obedient, or you’ll walk
  • FOUR LOW RISK techniques you should use often to keep her on her toes – use these liberally, and daily!
  • The TWO objections that people have against DREAD, and why they are invalid
  • The ONE RULE that you must OBEY for Dread Game to work for you (violate this Rule and your Golden Hammer will be completely useless – be forewarned!)

If she dreads losing you, your marriage is secure – it’s as simple as that


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • How to use the “Insidious Three” (FractionationGaslighting and False Memories) as your ammunition to keep your wife’s bad behavior under check
  • Examples of Fractionation routines and sequences to be used in a marriage with detailed, blow-by-blow analysis
  • Examples of Gaslighting in action inside a marriage, and how you can use the technique on your wife WITHOUT the risk of psychological damage (important!)
  • The four steps required to Gaslight your wife and make her rely on YOUR interpretation of events while questioning her own
  • Examples of using the PME Framework to create False Memories about the marriage to YOUR advantage (very sneaky)
  • The four components of a False Memory which is easily (and vividly) implanted into any woman’s brain

The “Insidious Three”

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