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Shadow Dancing – Derek Rydall


Shadow Dancing – Derek Rydall Download. The path to true success and fulfillment is to focus on what you want, ignore what you don’t, push through whatever…

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The path to true success and fulfillment is to focus on what you want, ignore what you don’t, push through whatever fear and resistance you feel, and compensate for whatever shortcomings you have…until you reach the goal…right?

Shadow Dancing by Derek Rydall,
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Rapidly Remove Unconscious Patterns Sabotaging Your Success

The path to true success and fulfillment is to focus on what you want, ignore what you don’t, push through whatever fear and resistance you feel, and compensate for whatever shortcomings you have…until you reach the goal…right?


That’s the path to overwhelm, burnout, and ultimately breakdown. But it’s what most people, at least in the Western World, have been conditioned to believe and do.

And that’s why most people either don’t have the life of their dreams, don’t achieve their most important goals, or even when they do get many of the things they thought they needed, they’re still unhappy, sometimes miserably so..

So What’s wrong with this picture?

There’s a Flaw in How We Think We Grow

You see, like nature, we are not meant to just grow ‘up’ but to also grow ‘down’. We’ve been taught to just reach for the stars, the sky’s the limit, just keep looking up… But if a tree grew that way, it would fail to thrive, if it could even grow at all, and fall over at the first wind. Forget about surviving a storm or drought. No way.

Fortunately, nature doesn’t grow that way. It grows down, digging its roots into the dark soil as deeply as it hopes to lift its branches toward the sun. The deeper the roots, the higher the shoots, and the richer the fruits! Nature also understands that the dark, dank soil is not something to avoid. Even though the soil is made from everything that has died before, nature doesn’t turn it into a tomb, but a womb!

Well, the same principle holds true for your growth. The only way to grow to your full potential, bear rich fruits, and be strong enough to withstand all the weather of life, is to learn how to dig your roots deeply into the soil of your soul and turn that dirt into the dynamic power locked inside it.

Here’s a little known secret about real, lasting growth and success…

The darkness is just the light in potential, just as the dirt is life in potential. Learn how to embrace all of your seeming darkness and you will be unstoppable!

SHADOW DANCING is the process for doing that

It is a time-tested, proven system for taking all those parts of yourself, your life experience, and everything and everyone that causes you conflict – and turning it into a storehouse of wisdom, genius, talent, and abundance!

I’ve seen people who had tried everything else to heal or succeed begin to work with their shadows and experience rapid, even miraculous breakthroughs and turnarounds – not in months or years but in weeks, days, even minutes.

Ending the War Within

The key is in the power of ending our internal conflict. When we have unconscious shadows, we are ALWAYS in battle with ourselves – they are sucking our energy, burning us out, making us angry, frustrated, depressed…

These unconscious shadows show up as self-sabotage, causing us to procrastinate, holding us back from taking bold actions, and often breaking out as negative, destructive behavior – making us act like the people we hate most!

Then, because we don’t realize what’s happening, we try harder to hold these parts of us down, fix them, heal them, or just get rid of them. But it doesn’t work. IT WILL NEVER WORK.

They are a part of us. They always will be. The problem isn’t that we have them, it’s that we don’t understand them. We judge them, hate them, fear them, are ashamed of them…and that shows up as most of our troubles.

But when we learn how to listen to them, love them, and integrate their power and wisdom again, they stop being our enemies and become our greatest allies – unlocking many of the powers, talents, and opportunities we had been striving for.

I’m telling you, it can be truly miraculous when these shadows are embraced finally.

And in this step-by-step Home Study program, I show you how to do it, helping you to:

  • End self-sabotage, procrastination, and many other negative habits
  • Get out of overwhelm, burnout, and become unstuck forever
  • Turn every relationship conflict into greater strength and empowerment
  • Reclaim all the energy you’ve been wasting on this inner battle
  • Unlock your natural wealth and abundance that the shadows are blocking
  • Gain the clarity and confidence of purpose being obscured by the shadows
  • Activate the self-worth to ask for what you need, have strong boundaries, and go for what you really want without shame, blame, or apology!
  • Wake up and walk through your day loving ALL OF YOU (can you imagine the power of that? It’s a game-changer!)
  • And so much more… (Really, I’m not just saying that!)


We’ll take this deep dive through the 7 Modules of Shadow Dancing:


Here, we begin the journey of uncovering the unconscious patterns of fear that have been robbing you of your power and ability to create the life of your dreams, personally and professionally, which is your birthright. We do this by illuminating this dark cave of your subconscious where the shadows live, operate, and often control many of your behaviors.

As we shine a light into this area, expose it all for what it really is, and reconnect and reintegrate with all these abandoned, lost parts of you – which are some of your greatest gifts and talents – you’ll find a new found power, clarity, confidence, and dynamic purpose beyond what you ever thought possible. And you’ll be able to be in all relationship, personally and professionally, from an empowered place.

Can you imagine the implications and possibilities of that? It’s not an exaggeration to say your life will never be the same. While we will focus on all the main life structures, so you can master shadow work, this program is also designed to be used as a template to focus on any CORE AREA of struggle and work through it for rapid breakthroughs in the areas that matter most to you NOW.


Now it’s time to go deeper. Deeper into your healing heart. Deeper into the program of your mind. Deeper into your greatest power. This is about activating your real wholeness, a wholeness that can heal anything, no matter what you’ve been through or are currently experiencing. A wholeness that can heal your loved ones and make you a leader in whatever arena you find yourself in. Learning and embodying this step of the journey will elevate your vibration, deepen your divine connection, and put you on the path of true mastery.


In this fun and provocative session, you get the meet your inner Board of Shadow Directors, the lead shadows that manage each of the 7 Life Structures: Spirituality, Health, Wealth, Relationships, Work, Purpose, and Personal Development. You’ll discover what the ‘mask’ is for each of these areas and the deeper authentic energy trying to emerge. You’ll begin an inner dialog and vision process that will lead this board of shadow directors to become your allies in finally creating the life you were born for. You learn what each of them needs from you to heal, and how to put them all to work on behalf of your greatest life!


While it’s true we have a relationship with everything, and therefore potential shadows around everything, our relationships with people are the core area where shadows arise most acutely. And with our most intimate or ongoing relationships, it’s the most intense. That’s where we really need to know the dance steps to Shadow Dancing! Even our relationship to other life structures, and the shadows within them (wealth, health, etc.) are really about our relationship to others and ourselves as it relates to that structure. So mastering this module is the most important foundation for mastery in every other area.

Remember, you are not really in the world, the whole world is in you. So ultimately we are in relationship with everyone and everything in our own consciousness. All the conflict and drama is actually playing on the screen of our mind, projected from our subconscious scripts. That’s where we must focus to rewrite our story, rework our character, stop being a mere prop in this divine production and become the star of the greatest show on Earth! As we do, we don’t just experience improved relationships, we start having the confidence, clarity, and boldness to ask for what we need, go for what we want, and claim our place in the world without shame, blame, or apology!


Your purpose is connected to many things. Doing work that matters, achieving meaningful things, making an impact, feeling significant. It includes goals, success, status, name, fame, and fortune, but it’s really much more than the sum of its parts. Fulfilling our deepest purpose is about actualizing our soul’s true essence, which is the source of our greatest joy and the activation of our deepest peace. Until we are living from this true purpose, we can never really know true fulfillment.

The challenge is that, because of the urgency of survival, the most important program in the human mind, we have inherited many shadows around work, success, purpose, and what it means to live a life that matters. These create vision blinders and coping mechanisms that block our ability to clearly see who we are, what we’re here for, and how to achieve it. And these shadows siphon the energy we need to be creative, committed, and courageous enough to do what it takes to take it all the way!

In this session, we go straight to the heart of the matter and peel back the shadow layers obscuring your vision or blocking your power around purpose, so that you can finally live fully, brilliantly, and boldly. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to step off the sidelines and play this game of life full out!


Wealth. Few topics are as charged, simultaneously stirring one mind to visions of power while making another feel impotent; unleashing a sense of possibility that lifts one to new heights of potential, while sending another plummeting into a pit of despair; driving some to do anything, repelling others with equal force.

Since the beginning of recorded human history, people have begged, betrayed, lied, cheated, attacked, killed – even their own loved ones — and sent whole countries to war over wealth, propelled by a primal, desperate belief that without it they would be powerless, unsafe, unsupported, unimportant, and eventually die. Most ironically, they have often killed themselves in an attempt to get it.

There are few areas more charged with shadow energy than money. This is because money issues are rarely about money. They’re about power, confidence, security, validation, value, fulfillment, and so much more. And all of our beliefs about these related elements are what’s connected to whether we are willing to have an abundance of wealth in all its forms.

But when you heal this shadow area, when you really gain a degree of congruence in it, you unlock a level of possibility and opportunity that you literally couldn’t see before. That’s what we’re going to do in this session, as we courageously face our wealth shadows and, one-by-one heal and integrate their hidden power and wisdom. Be prepared to unleash massive prosperity.


One of the most important parts of shadow work, and one of the least understood, is that this isn’t a one and done process. Yes, you can and will have major breakthroughs and growth by doing this just once. But working with your shadows is like having a relationship with a person. You can’t be efficient, you must be effective. You can’t force the issue, you can’t simply try to use them for your own agenda. If you do, it will backfire, they close up, and you may lose your chance at healing and building that relationship for a long time. The same is true with shadows. These are your internal family, they are the personifications of YOU. And your only real agenda is to truly, deeply love, understand, and support these parts of you.

In this intimate and incredibly important session, you are guided on how to avoid all the major pitfalls of Shadow Dancing and how to work with it to guarantee you get the best results in the fastest time, in an ongoing, ever-improving upward spiral of success. Without the understanding and application of this section, you won’t be able to sustain the practice and ultimately gain the richest rewards that Shadow Dancing offers you. With this, you’ll be on your way to coming out of the shadows of lack, limitation, fear and separation…for good.

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