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Self-Study Day Trading Course – Tradenet


Self-Study Day Trading Course – Tradenet Download. The course materials constitute an excellent substitute for anyone that wants to learn from home, on the…

The course materials constitute an excellent substitute for anyone that wants to learn from home, on their own time.

Self-Study Day Trading Course by Tradenet,
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Now you can learn to trade with an online course that is available 24 hours a day and includes training videos and interactive practice sessions. Every student enrolled in the course will be able to access dozens of learning units and modules that contain video lessons combined with presentations, interactive practice sessions, interactive tests, supplementary materials in PDF format, and more. The course materials have been produced and filmed over the course of two intensive years of work at a great investment, and are of a high professional and technical standard. The course materials constitute an excellent substitute for anyone that wants to learn from home, on their own time.

If you decided to improve your financial situation and put yourself on a track to financial independence, you have probably found the right course. Short term day trading on various markets is the choice of many professionals and may well also be your vocation. We believe in the creation of a continuous short term income stream, either as your main occupation or a supplementary income.
This self-study day trading course is composed of dozens of individual study units which can be studied via the internet. During the course you will learn the foundations of different asset markets, the foundations of technical and fundamental analysis, trading systems, and more.

The course is suited to individuals lacking any knowledge or experience in the markets that are prepared to devote a few hours a week to day trading. Professional traders who choose trading as their main profession may devote 2-4 hours a day to trading on the US stock markets.

Main topics covered on the self study course:
+ The principles of Day Trading
Practical use of indices, sectors, and prominent shares
+ How to trade in fixed share quantities and not in fixed amounts of money
+ How to trade in “points” rather than “percentages”
+ What is a long position and how to “short” a position and profit from its falling price
How to read and analyse charts
+ How to use a trading platform and charts in real time
+ Using trading order such as TTO, Market, and Limit, and adapting them to the market conditions
+ dentifying intra-day and multi-day trading formations and patterns
+ Developing a trading idea for buying and selling shares at different trading time frames
+ Using moving averages and Fibonacci
+ Handling special circumstances such as gaps and retests, small cap stocks, and more
+ Mental preparation: What to be careful of and how to handle the psychological perspective
+ How to analyse stock market announcements
+ Pre-trading preparation and real time trading

During the course each student will receive:
+ Access to dozens of online, self study lessons
+ Supplementary materials that can be printed and saved
+ Trading platform in demo mode that includes real time charts (where applicable)

You may also be interested to know that we have an exclusive agreement with Colmex; when you open a live Colmex account and you would like to join our trading room and/or take our Self-Study Course Colmex may pay the trading room and course fees on your behalf. If you would like to know more about this offer, click here to email us for more details.

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