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Seduction Science X – Jesse Charger Download. But no matter how hard you consciously tell yourself not to be nervous or project a sexual energy, your subco…

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But no matter how hard you consciously tell yourself not to be nervous or project a sexual energy, your subconscious thought process fights you every step of the way.

Seduction Science X by Jesse Charger,
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The First Secret to Having Beautiful Women…

You see, it’s your Core Confidence that communicates to her BEHIND THE WORDS the kind of man you are.

And a woman can sense right away if a man thinks low of himself or thinks that he doesn’t deserve her.

In fact, your Core Confidence is the FASTEST way for women to size you up and FEEL ATTRACTION… or REJECT YOU as yet another guy who doesn’t “get it”.

When you act “shy” or “nervous” or “awkward” a woman gets this gut feeling that you’re not a REAL MAN. And it’s over.

And most of the mistakes men make with women are not the “cosmetic dressings” of what they’re saying, but a deeper, ROOT problem of not being sexually MASCULINE.

How To Make Girls Wet With Your Eyes

I love having “innocent” conversations laced with sexual tension.

Because, it’s not what you say, it’s HOW you say it. You don’t want a woman to look at you as just a friend; you want her to *feel* a SEXUAL TENSION every time you speak to her. She has to FEEL your masculine intent, and that she’s in immediate danger of being laid on her back around you.

And that ability to project sexuality to a woman is fundamental.

After all, there’s a big difference between just “he’s an attractive guy” to “I want to f*ck this guy right now!”.

Women often won’t act on simple attraction alone, but when they feel physical, visceral, can’t-explain-it, hot-in-the-pants, SEXUAL attraction, they will go out of their way to seduce YOU. They’ll offer you their number, take your calls, and try to make excuses to talk with you.

Routines, lines, and tips aren’t going to be much help if fundamentally you’re not a sexually masculine MAN.

Ever feel like a conversation went “just okay” or went nowhere but there was NO sexual attraction?

In fact, I know some guys whose entire game is all about projecting a sexual state and very little else. Often, the ability to project a sexual state alone will get you laid.

After all, women tend to “follow the leader” when it comes to feelings and will automatically follow YOUR state and go into a sexual state themselves.

Of course, you can’t “think” your way into sexual projection or women will instantly notice that trying to be someone you’re not. And me telling you to “just do it” isn’t much help either, because you don’t have the concrete set of beliefs and habits installed deeply into your core.

Well, that’s what this program does… it’s like spiking your cologne with pheromones by installing a new set of beliefs and habits directly into your mind.

The Inner State Formula Of the Greatest ‘Naturals’

When you FEEL like a real man, you ACT relaxed, social, and fun.

When you’re RELAXED, you adapt to different social situations and are flexible with whatever the situation calls for.

When you’re SOCIAL, the other men assume you’re a leader of some kind… and the women follow your lead.

When you’re FUN and PLAYFUL, you tease girls, make them laugh, are flirtatious, and just have fun no matter what kind of challenge is thrown at you.

You see, confidence alone isn’t enough… a confident guy can still be boring, a confident guy can still lose a woman’s attention in a matter of moments. Being relaxed, playful and social however creates the right energy while keeping her feeling relaxed, fun, and interested.

And when you’re just enjoying yourself, relaxed in your own skin, it communicates to everyone around you in both your actions and your body language that you’re cool to be around and an approachable, social person. Women FEEL attracted.

With the right Inner Game, Nonverbal Game, and Reckless Attraction Game, this attraction is “flashed” across the room BEFORE you approach. That’s right, women are highly tuned to feel sexual, social energy from ACROSS A ROOM

INSTANTLY attract the eyes of young, available women simply by projecting your sexual masculinity outwardly, which influences women on a primitive, unconscious level because it directly taps their unconscious sexual process.

And what really shocked me back then is that it has nothing to do with “looks” – as my friend in his late 40s, not the best looking guy in any room by FAR, had this same “magical power”.

Solve Your Inner Game

Issues and Everything Else

Will “Solve Itself”

It’s a fact that people follow other people’s states. For example, when women are laughing around you, you tend to feel good and laugh yourself. If a close friend of yours is crying, you’ll feel down in the dumps yourself.

Human beings are social creatures and we take our social cues from one another.

So when you master control over your core confidence, when you master control over projecting your sexuality, you master leading women into sexual states themselves.

I’ve had quite a few experiences where just projecting a social, relaxed, sexual state and touching a girl was enough to seduce her, with very little conversation at all.

One time I met a cute little 19 year-old at a club and tongued her down just by “cavemanning” her with a powerful state and the powerful body language that it brought out.

I remember the week before my hair was getting long and bushy… and since my hair is naturally curly, it was starting to go everywhere in funky cowlicks.

I became self-conscious of my hair and it was screwing my Inner State up so much that I found myself “going into a shell” and not wanting to talk to girls. My social life “dried up”.

Then I got my haircut and I felt great again… and that’s when I met the cute little 19 year old.

Did it really have anything to do with my hair? Not really.

I had a limiting belief about having long, bushy hair… but it’s not the hair that matters.

It’s the limiting belief that adversely affected my inner game.

State is everything. And once my state was flying, my sets were flying. And the way to deal with it is to change your limiting beliefs about yourself.

SMASH the Limiting Beliefs

That Hold You Back

Does it ever seem like your own mind is working AGAINST you, or is even trying to SABOTAGE you out of success with women?

This has to do with your BELIEFS which can either work for you or against you.

Here’s the problem. Normally, your subconscious mind tries to protect you from what it perceives as danger. For example, maybe you have a hard time walking up to women. Maybe you have a hard time finding what words to say. Or maybe you have a hard time keeping that state of relaxed, sexual confidence around women.

But no matter how hard you consciously tell yourself not to be nervous or project a sexual energy, your subconscious thought process fights you every step of the way.

That’s because your limiting beliefs and current thought patterns are deeply ingrained HABITS that most likely you’ve been practicing for YEARS – and is going to take a very unique program to break you out of them.

Break FREE to Create Sexual Confidence and Charisma

This is that program to BREAK YOU FREE of toxic limiting beliefs that hold you back… to make a TRANSFORMATION in yourself to become a DOMINANT MAN, the kind that beautiful women want.

You see, we all carry “baggage” that holds us back. This program is about letting go of your limiting past and dumping limiting beliefs into the “Recycling Bin” of your brain and setting it to “defrag”.

Think of it as a total “mental FLUSH” of your operating system – a sort of psychological bootcamp ass-kicking if you will.

The program builds a powerful mental foundation to transform yourself into a REAL MAN… supercharged with a playful, social, charismatic presence that women can actually FEEL when you’re near so that…

  • … you’ll never run out of “what to say” and can talk for HOURS on end holding a girl’s interest.
  • …you feel self-confidence and an inner feeling of calm no matter how beautiful the woman or the “social pressure” of the situation.
  • …so that you’ll always feel comfortable and perfectly normal in your own skin and can meet new people easily.
  • …so that if things don’t go exactly as planned, you don’t break down or stall out- instead, you bounce back in a cool, playful, and smart way so that your confidence EXPLODES.
  • …so that you come across as a real MAN with MASCULINE energy – someone who is a LEADER and comfortable with himself and the world and women around him.
  • …so that the inner voice that normally whines and holds you back instead becomes a source of jet fuel PROPULSION.
  • …so that instead of living in fear and confusion, you’ll be left with a fresh feeling of looking forward to every new day and every new situation.

And then something strange happens… you start getting into conversations with sexual tension with women after just a few minutes, without even trying, by just being yourself.


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