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Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer – T. Harv Eker


Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer – T. Harv Eker Download. The room is packed with a crowd just waiting for the next speaker to come on. You’ve heard…

The room is packed with a crowd just waiting for the next speaker to come on. You’ve heard great things, but you’re skeptical — just how good can this speaker be?

Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer by T. Harv Eker,
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Imagine you’re sitting in the audience in a darkened auditorium.

The room is packed with a crowd just waiting for the next speaker to come on. You’ve heard great things, but you’re skeptical — just how good can this speaker be?

But then the lights come on and music starts to play. It already has a different feel from all the other speakers you’ve seen before.

The trainer enters the stage and immediately asks the audience a question. You find yourself answering it. He’s got you hooked. You can’t look away. You’re hanging on to every word he says.

His training style is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Instead of just regurgitating information and hoping the audience will follow, he engages with you. He asks you to participate and gives you room to fill in the blanks.

You’re learning more, you’re having fun and you’re extremely entertained.

He doesn’t have his talk memorized — in fact, sometimes he goes a little off track by telling stories or cracking jokes. But instead of being perfect, his presence and power is authentic.

The whole room follows him wherever he goes.

After the talk, you rush to the front of the room to talk to him — and you’re not the only one. It seems like the entire room is rushing to ask questions and get advice.

And as you stand in line waiting to get a chance to speak to him, you wonder… could you ever do what he does and be the same kind of trainer as him?

What would you talk about?

How would you know what to do?

Would people even listen to you?

Would anyone show up to your talks?

Well, today you don’t have to wonder anymore. Because the truth is, training on that level is something anyone can do — if (and this is a big if) they learn the right way to do it!

What Would It Be Like To Get Rich Teaching What You Know And Love?

Okay, now it’s time to flip the script. You’re no longer imagining what it’s like to be in the audience. Now it’s time to imagine yourself as that dynamic, world-class trainer you envisioned before.

Imagine making $100,000 or MORE in a single weekend teaching what you know and love.

Imagine traveling the world, staying at the best hotels and in the nicest rooms — at no cost to you!

Imagine getting to fly first class and take an assistant or your spouse with you, all expenses paid.

Imagine creating online trainings that are set up in a way to make you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It may sound far-fetched, but being a world class trainer, speaker, author, or business professional allows you to not only earn a fortune, but also live an extraordinary lifestyle.

But this is only scratching the surface of what you can achieve.

And you have the power to live this life, but you’re going to need to do more than simply going out, teaching a few classes and getting your feet wet.

The Problem: 95% Of The People Who Attempt To Become Trainers Or Try And Teach What They Know And Love Fail – And It’s Not Their Fault!

The vast majority of people who try to break into this field simply aren’t going to make it. They won’t have the chance to live an incredible lifestyle. They won’t be able to help countless people improve their lives. And they won’t get anywhere close to rich.

It’s not because they’re not experts, because they don’t know enough, or even because they’re bad trainers.

The problem is that they just don’t know what they’re doing.

They either try to wing it and learn on their own. Or even worse — they learn from someone who has never made it to the highest levels themselves.

But there is some good news.

No matter what you’ve heard, succeeding in this business is highly possible — if you know what to do.

Here’s what you DON’T need… You don’t need to be extraordinary or even special. You don’t need to be the best speaker or writer on the planet. You don’t need to be polished or look perfect.

And you don’t need to have connections in the industry.

But there are secrets, strategies and techniques that will help you make it to the top. And we want to share them with you. We’ll get to that in a bit, but first…

Training Is More Than Just Teaching – It’s A Way To Build Or Grow A Profitable Business For Years To Come

No matter what walk of life you come from, understanding how to be an amazing trainer is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals or elevate your life to the next level.

The secrets we’re about to share with you work for just about anyone.

They work for current or prospective trainers or speakers. For coaches. For authors. For any professionals or any entrepreneurs who want to use teaching to promote their business.


It’s simple. Because when you’re the trainer and everyone is talking about you, you gain instant credibility and trust and you’re perceived as the expert.

It also gives your prospects and buyers a chance to meet you in person and learn face-to-face from you, which builds deeper connections and even more trust with them.

Teaching is the singlest most effective method to promote your business AND get rich so it’s a great idea to know how to train others.

Get Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer – T. Harv Eker, Only Price $74

You Can Become A Multimillion Dollar Trainer… 

Even If You’ve Never Taught Before In Your Life

So what if you’re not an “expert” in your industry? What if you’ve never taught anyone before in your life? What if you suffer from stage fright? Can you still be a world-class trainer even if you feel like the last person on earth qualified to teach?

The truth is… Yes! None of that actually matters.

Everyone — yes, even you — has skills, knowledge, and expertise to share. Chances are if there’s something you know more about than others, you know enough to teach those who know less than you do!

What you need to know about teaching is this: where most people fail isn’t the fact that they don’t have the expertise.

People actually fail because they don’t have the right systems in place to turn their teaching into a business OR using teaching as a part of their business.

Once you have the system, everything else is easy.

That’s where our newest program comes in. It’s a step-by-step training SYSTEM, for beginners right through to advanced professionals who want to succeed in this field through live or online events, or a lucrative blend of both.

We give you everything you need to become a world class trainer… and get rich.

Introducing Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer

A Step-By-Step System To Help Anyone Create A Successful Training Business

This powerful new program can help anyone — from beginners who want to teach but don’t know how to get started, to seasoned trainers who want to expand their business and skyrocket their skills and finally to anyone who is in business who wants to use teaching as a method to effectively promote their business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this one-of-a-kind program:

  • How to choose the best topic for your trainings — one that will attract an audience and bring in steady profits for years to come.
  • The “miracle secret” to speaking in front of a crowd of any size — from 5 to 5,000 — and overcome even the most crippling cases of stage fright!
  • How to fill a room of any size, live or online, so that you can sell your program.
  • How to write, design, and create your own world-class training – whether it’s a 30-minute talk, a weekend workshop, or an online program like this one.
  • The quick and easy way to adapt your trainings into a book — helping you create a new revenue stream, gaining additional credibility, and giving you a foolproof method to market your programs.
  • How to use your programs to sell additional products and services — and how you can use your new, expert status to offer your work at a premium.
  • The exact same templates Harv has used to create courses, talks, and programs that have made him millions in revenue.
  • And much, much more!

Worried You Don’t Have The Skills Or Experience To Be A World-Class Trainer? DON’T BE!

Have you always wanted to teach… To share your knowledge with others and help them learn and grow… But are worried that you aren’t “qualified”, can’t stand in front of a crowd, aren’t sure what to teach, or are unsure how to get people to show up to your events?

When you enroll in Harv’s program, you won’t just be getting a step-by-step blueprint explaining the nuts and bolts of running a training business. It’s so much more than that.

Throughout the program, you’ll learn how to overcome the major fears, obstacles, and roadblocks that keep so many aspiring trainers from living out their dreams.

So if you have a fear of public speaking… We’re going to let you in on a little secret: you’re not alone. In fact, speaking in front of people used to be Harv’s biggest fear when he was first starting out!

The good news is, this fear is much easier to overcome than you probably think. As I just mentioned above, in this program you’ll learn what we call “The Miracle Secret” — a single technique that will alleviate any and all fear you might have about speaking in front of other people forever. If you suffer from stage fright, this secret alone will be invaluable.

And if you don’t know how to write a program or what to speak about… We can help you with that, too. In this program, you’ll get the exact same template Harv uses to write and design his own world-class trainings. It’s as simple as filling out the template with your own topic!

The beauty of this template is its flexibility. It works for practically any kind of training, be it a 30-minute talk, or a one-hour keynote, a full-day seminar, a weekend workshop, or any web-based teaching. And the best part is that Harv will walk you through it, step-by-step.

If you’re not sure what topic to teach on or don’t know your niche… Good news: there’s an entire section in this course on choosing the right topic. We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish, so you can find a niche that’s not only right for you, but also in high demand in the marketplace so people will flock to it.

If you worry that you’re not a qualified expert in your market or people won’t listen to you… Don’t be. The truth is that everyone has valuable skills, information, and knowledge to share with other people. But we also understand that sometimes our students need a little confidence boost to get started.

And that’s why we have an entire section on learning how to present with power. You’ll learn how to control a room and manage the energy, how to command responses from your audience, and how to become an instant expert as soon as you get on the mic.

You’ll also see that you DO NOT have to be rich and successful to teach others what you know and love — Harv is going to go into depth on this in the program.

If you’re afraid you won’t be able to make training and speaking a full-time career… We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to make the shift — no matter what your current skills or experience level may be. This program is going to give you a step-by-step training SYSTEM that anyone can use to succeed in the field of live events, online events, or even a blend of both. The best part is that it’s flexible enough (and detailed enough) that it can work for anyone — from a beginner looking to start training part-time on the side, to an advanced professional trainer who wants to take their business to the next level.

And finally, if you want to build a business around your trainings but you’re terrified of promoting yourself… Harv is going to show you how to use your training to sell your products or services in a way that’s authentic, genuine, and even fun. Time and time again, we’ve seen that teaching others about your business in a friendly educational way is the most effective way to sell your product or service. We’re going to show you exactly how to create trainings that can triple or quadruple your revenue starting THIS YEAR!

And that’s just a taste of what T. Harv Eker’s program can help you with.

Learn The Exact, Step-By-Step System Used By T. Harv Eker, One Of The World’s Leading Wealth & Success Trainers

T. Harv Eker is the author of the New York Times #1 bestselling book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind and bestselling book SpeedWealth. He is also the founder of one the largest training companies in the world. He’s written 19 different seminars and courses, most of which are taught all around the planet by trainers that he’s taught and licensed his programs to. In addition, he’s personally taught thousands of people how to not only be a world-class trainer, speaker and author but how to become rich doing it.

Today Harv has over 3 million students from 104 different countries around the world and is by anyone’s account, wealthy because of it.

The Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer Program Will Show You How To Build Your Own Massively Successful Training Business — In Just 5 Weeks

Taught over 5 modules with over 5.5 hours of transformational content, you’ll learn the exact strategies T. Harv Eker has used to find success in his own life and business. By the end, you’ll have all the tools, templates, techniques and scripts to implement this step-by-step system into your own life.

When you enroll in the program, here’s what you’ll learn

Module 1: Introduction, Infopreneuring & Choosing Your Ultimate Topic

It isn’t enough to put yourself out there as an expert and start teaching just anything. In order to be successful, you have to choose a topic people are going to respond to. In this module, we’ll show you exactly how to choose the perfect topic (no matter what your interests or industry may be) and how to position yourself for real success. Many students come in with no clue what they want to teach and finish this section with 3 or 4 different topics they’re excited about.

Module 2: Crafting Your Introductory Sequence Template

You get only one chance to make a first impression — and we’ll show you how to do it right from the get-go. Many so-called “experts” have great information to share, but manage to bomb within the first 3-5 minutes! A poor introduction can doom you right from the start, no matter how much value you have to share. In this module, Harv will show you how to avoid the most common pitfalls you might run across and give you his proven introduction sequence that is guaranteed to wow your audience from the start.

Module 3: Powerful Presentations Parts 1-3

This module is where we really get into the meat of the training biz. If your presentations don’t pack a punch, no one is going to want to learn from you. After you finish this module you’ll be ready to speak in front of any crowd and feel confident that you’ll be able to control it. This is where you hook your audience and they hang off every word you say. Presenting with power does not cover how to be a perfect speaker, instead it covers how to be a raw, real and authentic trainer. You’ll never have to worry about people not listening to your talk after you finish this section. Again, Harv shares his exact process for creating truly powerful presentations and gives you his templates to do this.

Module 4: Offering Additional Products, Services & The Ultimate “Marketing From The Stage” Template

Have you ever wanted to stand on a stage and have people running to the back of the room to sign up for your program, service or buy your product? Because once you finish this module you’ll have the ultimate “marketing from the stage” template that will show you how to have groups of people literally running to buy your stuff. This is where you’ll learn to make $100,000 or more in a single weekend. This module is where you’ll start to get RICH.

Module 5: The Funnel Marketing System, The “Simplest Way To Success” Template & Creating Your 30-Minute Presentation

Once your audience buys one product or service from you, what’s next? You sell them more products or services, true or true? But what do you sell them? Here’s where you can learn how Harv created the world’s largest training company in the world! He’s going to show you inside his marketing funnel that he’s used to generate millions and millions and millions of dollars. He’s also going to give you the exact steps to create your own marketing funnel as well.

In addition to learning how to build your multimillion dollar empire, you’re going to create at least a 30-minute talk. Harv’s going to give you the template he’s used to create every single one of his online talks, live hour presentations and week-long events. By the end of this module you’ll be ready to give this training system a test drive and start making money!

Harv Believes Everyone Has Something Important To Teach… And That’s Why We’re Offering This Program At A Very Special Price

Okay, so by now you’re probably wondering: how can I get my hands on all this powerful information? Where is the program and how much does it cost?

Well, the truth is, this program was originally taught as an intensive, 5-day seminar in just a few cities around the world. As you can imagine, tuition was pricey and we weren’t able to offer too many seats. Not a lot of people were able to come.

We weren’t happy with that. We know that everyone has something important they can teach the world – so we started to look for ways to make it more affordable and easier for people to attend.

That’s why we’re offering this new, life-changing program online for the very first time. No more costs for renting a venue or booking a hotel room. No more travel costs or fees. And the best part is, you can follow the program at your own pace — so even if your life is busy, you’ll be able to start making changes faster and sooner than if you had to wait for “the right time” to attend a seminar.

How does that sound? Good or good?

So what’s the cost of tuition? But first… a quick question. How much would it be worth to you to have an exact, step-by-step system you can use to build a training business or methods to use in your business that brings in not just a million dollars a year… but multiple millions?

How much would it be worth if you knew that you could follow the exact steps and replicate the success that some of the world’s greatest trainers have managed to achieve?

When we offered this course as an in-person seminar, we would charge $4,995 for all of the information Harv is going to share with you. But since we’re able to considerably cut costs by offering it online, we’re able to pass that savings onto you.

And so for a very limited time, we have a very special offer.

To get our online program rolling, instead of the tuition being $4,995, we’re going to give you a discount off the live tuition. Not just a puny 10% or 20% off. No, we’re offering a MASSIVE 90% discount for the first few students that enroll.

Today, you can access Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer for only…



This Program Pays For Itself

Again, this is a special offer just because this is the first time we’ve ever offered this course online. And as demand increases, that price is going to go up.

Remember: when you have Harv’s system in place, just one training can easily bring in thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. So this program really is an incredible value that easily pays for itself when you follow the trainings and start to use it.

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this incredible offer — enroll today.

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