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Secrets of Personal Authority – John Alanis


Secrets of Personal Authority – John Alanis has the same quality as the author’s salapage. Remove this linchpin, and the whole process fails, no matter how strong the other parts are. 

Remove this linchpin, and the whole process fails, no matter how strong the other parts are. 

Secrets of Personal Authority by John Alanis,
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“Secrets of Personal Authority: How to Get Other People—Especially Sexy Women—to Want to Do What You Want Them to Do”

Dear Friend…

Do you know why most men fail miserably with women… even those who diligently study and understand the process of attraction?

It’s because they fail to master the ONE crucial part of the attraction process, the “attraction linchpin” that holds everything together. Remove this linchpin, and the whole process fails, no matter how strong the other parts are. 

No matter how much you know about creating attraction with women, no matter how much you read, study and take action, you will fail if this one critical part of the “attraction formula” is missing.

What is it? Simply this: personal authority.

Here’s the truth: this is where most men are weakest when it comes to attracting, and keeping the women they desire. In fact, almost every divorce, breakup, or “dumping” has its root in the failure of the man to manifest personal authority.

If You Don’t Have Personal Authority She WILL Leave You for a Man Who Does

I get more questions on this topic than any other subject, and see more confusion and frustration among men when it comes to understanding and implementing personal authority than anything else.

Why? The answer is simple: there is no place to learn the art and science of personal authority. In fact, personal authority in men is actually discouraged by the public school system, the media, and especially other weak-minded men who are fearful of its power.

Look at how men are portrayed on TV: lumpy, bumbling buffoons who are ruled by the women on the show, foolish clowns who literally trip over their own feet, only to be saved by a heroic female presence.

It may make for good TV, but when men apply this in the real world, it is an outright disaster.  When you try to play the “nice guy” and give authority to the woman you’d like to attract, what happens? She flakes on you, tells you, “let’s just be friends,” or, even worse, if you’re already in a relationship, she leaves you for a jerk who most definitely would not make it in the pansy world of TV. Maybe you’ve had this happen to you, too.

The weird thing is, if you talk to women, they don’t know WHY they left or flaked. In fact, they’ll even say, “I should be attracted to him, but I’m not. He does everything for me I thought I wanted, but I’m not attracted to him, and I don’t know why.”

Here’s the big secret: women hate this as much as men do. They hate meeting a man, only to discover there’s no attraction, no “chemistry,” even though he’s the “perfect gentleman,” the tame, submissive little boy they were told by society they wanted and needed.

What’s missing? Personal authority, plain and simple. Women want a man who has a sense of authority about him, because this is what creates attraction. It is a biological fact—women literally cannot resist a man with strong personal authority. Unfortunately, most women are incredibly frustrated because they simply cannot seem to meet a man who understands what authority truly is.

Now, don’t mistake authority with abuse of authority, another mistake most men make. Hollering, screaming, arguing, and telling a woman off is NOT authority—in fact it is the opposite. If you have to resort to these methods, then you have no personal authority.

The Truth About Personal Authority

What, then is true authority? Simply this: the art of getting other people to want to do what you want them to do. That’s it—nothing more, nothing less. But it is very, very rare to meet anyone who has mastered this skill—although most of us have met at least one, once in our life.

See, when you’re in the presence of someone who has true personal authority, you want to be there, you want to spend time with them—there’s something magnetic about them. Think back to a time when you had a teacher or professor you really respected, or perhaps a ball coach or military leader. How do you remember them? Fondly, and with respect, even if they were a hard-ass at times.

Why? Because you knew they had your best interests at heart, and were hard on you to get you to perform at your best. They had incredible personal authority, and everyone remembers them. You may not remember the jerks or the abusers of authority (or you might), and you certainly don’t remember the nerdy nice guys people ran all over, but you sure as heck remember those with a profound personal authority.

Here’s something you may not have observed at the time, something that might not have even registered: how women responded to these men. In case you can’t remember, I’ll tell you: they were intensely attracted to them. If they were a teacher or professor, all the girls giggled over them, while making fun of the nerds and nice guys.

Why? Because authority in and of itself creates attraction—it draws people to you. When you exude true authority, people (especially sexy women) want to be in your presence. They tell others about you. They bring their friends to see you. They can’t get enough of you.

If there was only one thing I could teach all men about attraction, it would be how to develop your own unique personal authority. If you have that—and only that—you can create incredible amounts of attraction wherever you go. But if you don’t have it, your chances of creating sustained attraction are between slim and none, even if you’ve learned every other attraction secret under the sun.

I will boldly say I am uniquely qualified to train both men and women to develop their own personal authority. I have been in situations ranging from structured military service (in the US Navy attack submarine force) to chaotic entrepreneurial and business environments, and I was able to successfully utilize my personal authority in every instance. 

I took note of how people responded to me in those situations, then transferred what I’d learned to what I considered to be the ultimate test: using my personal authority to create attraction with the women I desired.

The Ultimate Authority Test

Why did I consider this the ultimate test? Because it flies in the face of what everyone teaches about attraction and dating. In modern society, the woman is supposed to be the one with the authority, and the man is supposed to be sensitive, nice, and adoring. 

Well, I’d tried all that garbage, and it just didn’t work. What was interesting though, was, it just didn’t feel right—it was what was supposed to work, but something inside me said there was something very, very wrong. But, I persisted in doing what was “supposed to work” and went on first date, after first date, never getting a second, always being the perfect gentleman. Maybe the same thing has happened to you.

Now, I’m a results oriented type of guy, and I finally got fed up with kisses on the cheek and unreturned phone calls, so I started testing new things. I quit trying to do what society said you were supposed to do, and started doing what I knew worked in the military, and in business. I started using my personal authority.

The effects were dramatic and immediate.  All of a sudden, women started approaching me, started calling me, started bothering me.  Whereas in the past I couldn’t get a call back after a first date to save my soul, now, they couldn’t wait to see me again, and didn’t want our time together to end. Instead of them not calling, they started calling multiple times—all because I started using my personal authority I’d developed in other, widely disparate venues.

What was really interesting was what they would say to me. Things like, “it’s about time I met a real man” and “it’s to refreshing not be with a momma’s boy,” and my favorite, “I wish there were more men like you.”

And before where there was kisses on the cheek and friendly hugs, now there were steamy nights of passion, and late night phone calls begging me to come over.  My favorite of all time was having a friend of mine ditch the guy she was on a date with (at a fancy restaurant) so she could come over and watch a crappy movie with me.  She told him she had to “study.” Yeah, we studied all right!

Why would women do this, why were they suddenly aggressive towards me when all I did was show a little personal authority? The answer may surprise you: their biology forces them to. They can’t NOT behave like that—the male behavior of personal authority produces a powerful “attraction reaction” in women, a reaction they have no control over.

The fascinating thing is, looks don’t matter, age doesn’t matter, income doesn’t matter, height doesn’t matter, social status doesn’t matter, as well as any other reason men invent for women not liking them. The only thing that matters is personal authority. Develop that and you can have any woman you want, forever if you want her. Ignore it, and you’ll forever be the guy waiting for the phone to ring while watching crummy TV.

Here’s Good News

With all that being said, I have some very good news for you. Contrary to popular belief, authority is not a talent, not something people are “born with”—it’s a skill, and if it’s a skill, it can be learned by anyone.

Over the past few months, I have been diligently putting together my finest product yet, the first of its kind that actually teaches you how to build your own personal authority from start to finish, even if you feel you have none whatsoever, even if you are uncomfortable with the concept of authority. All men are born with the ability to turn on profound personal authority—few actually do it because society represses the instinct.

But now, you can tell society to shove it where the sun don’t shine, because I am about to present to you the “golden key” for unlocking your own personal authority, and creating the outcomes you want with women in your life instead of having them created for you. But I don’t stop there: I tell you how use these personal authority secrets to get what you want out of every area in your life, not just with women.

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce my latest CD audio product,

“Secrets of Personal Authority: How to Get Other People—Especially Sexy Women—to Want to Do What You Want Them to Do.”

This remarkable product comes on five CD’s, (and you get a sixth one if you take fast action), and includes a transcript of each CD.

Here are the secrets I reveal on this remarkable recording:

CD #1 The Truth About Authority—What Society Does NOT Want Men to Know

  • Why men are confused about what authority truly is… and why you continue to suffer the consequences, even though it’s not your fault that authority is, what it is NOT… what society does not want you to know
  • How you can easily use authority to magnetically attract others (especially the women you desire), not chase them away like losers and jerks do
  • The unusual reason why you want to have authority instead of charisma
  • The two reasons why men fail with personal authority, and how to correct them quickly and easilyWhy authority is a personal choice, and is yours for the taking to use whenever you desire (you can turn authority on or off at will when you know this simple secret)
  • How to generate “instant attraction” by simply “turning on” your personal authority (not one in a thousand men knows this neat little secret, but it can bring you as many women as you want as fast as you want)
  • Why you do NOT have to change “who you are” to use personal authority (a common fear among men, luckily it’s just not true)
  • Why “fake it ‘til you make it” is complete BS (and can get you in a lot of trouble) when it comes to personal authority
  • The truth about women and authority—and why the media, government and public school system has it all wrong
  • Why abuse is NOT authority and why it will backfire
  • Myths about authority that are holding you back from succeeding with women
  • Why and how any man can turn on his “natural authority” no matter your looks, age or income
  • The two types of authority—and which one you must use when attracting women… and why you must NOT use the other one
  • The story of two submarine captains… what made one “good” and the other “great?”
  • Why you must turn on your authority when attracting (and keeping) women, orrisk being celibate for life
  • Why independent “feminist” women crave men with personal authority, and why they are truly frustrated with men (Warning: when you turn on your personal authority around these kind of women, you must be careful not to attract too many of them—imagine, a flock of feminists fighting over YOU!)
  • Why true authority is NOT controlling, abusive, or just plain mean (and why guys who try to use authority in this way always fail miserably)
  • Yes, nice guys really do finish last—here’s why, and how to instantly quit being “nice” in a way that drives women wild.

CD #2 How to Instantly Get Rid of Your Authority Killing Habits

  • How to instantly increase your personal authority by getting rid of these authority killing behaviors… how many of them are YOU guilty of?
  • The unusual reason why you must get rid of people in your life who have no personal authority (and why you must do it NOW)
  • How to avoid a psychotic relationship before it even gets started (Very few men know this secret, but it can save you a ton of misery—imagine, being able to “disqualify” a potential stalker, bitch, or gold digger 15 minutes after you meet her, not six months later)
  • Why it is important to get ‘round you people who are like you—and get rid of those who are not… and how to do this quickly, easily, and painlessly
  • The unusual—and necessary—characteristic all “masters of authority” have—do you have it too? If not, don’t worry, it’s easy to “turn on”… once you know this secret!
  • Why trying to impress a woman is the best way to turn her off! Most guys subconsciously do this, then wonder why they never get another date.
  • Discovered at last—what women really want! And you won’t believe how easy it is to give it to them.
  • The critical difference between abusive authority and real authority (most guys screw this up royally, chasing away women who want to be with them)
  • Why most people are liars and don’t even know it (and why, strangely enough, this is a HUGE opportunity for you to attract incredible women)
  • The truth about apologies and why you must never tolerate them (this flies in the face of what society teaches, and is a huge reason why men fail with women)
  • The unusual truth about “favors” and authority—it’s NOT what you think
  • What to do with moochers and freeloaders, and why you must always be on the look out for them
  • What to do—and not do—when you’re royally pissed off at a woman (and why you must be careful not to create an “authority crisis” that can follow you for years
  • The subtle difference between self promotion and bragging—why one behavior creates authority, and why the other kills it.
  • The truth about “hollerin’ and screamin’ ” at people—when to use it, and more importantly, when not to (and why the most effective leaders rarely raise their voice)
  • Should you yell at a women? The answers may surprise you…
  • The worst thing you can ever do with any women—yet 99% of men always make this authority and attraction killing mistake (you’ve probably made it yourself—multiple times—in the past three days)
  • The one thing everyone hates, and you must avoid doing to them or they will hate you forever
  • The only situation you should ever argue about—and why every other situation where you argue kills your authority
  • The truth about dress and personal appearance when it comes to authority
  • The 13 authority killing behaviors and how to get rid of each and every one of them

CD#3 How to Create Your Own Unique Personal Authority

  • How to build your personal authority as fast or as slow as you want, to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged
  • The biggest component to personal authority—few people know It, fewer have It. even though it is simple and easy to do (you can instantly implement this secret)
  • The most pathetic statistic in the world—does it apply to you?
  • Why you must not tolerate people who lack this one simple skill
  • How to get people who have never met you to automatically confer authority on you
  • A surprising—yet important—way to get people to confer authority on you (it’s not what you think it is…)
  • The strange reason why humor plays a large role in authority
  • What to do when you’re pissed and aggravated and how to use it to build your personal authority
  • Are you taking yourself too seriously and killing your authority? Here’s how to tell…
  • Does self deprecation build or diminish your authority? Discover the startling—and unexpected—answer
  • The truth about “positive thinking” and “motivation”- is it BS, or is there something to it?
  • How to keep a true positive attitude when the world is going to hell all around you
  • The unexpected facial expression that instantly puts you in authority (and you can put this secret to work for you in less than five minutes)
  • Should you talk or listen to build your personal authority? The answer may surprise you
  • The power of positive—and relentless—self promotion
  • Secrets of personal appearance—how to be in authority without saying a word
  • Why everything that happens in your life (good or bad) is your fault
  • and why the person who has true authority revels in such knowledge
  • How to deal with other people’s screw-ups
  • How to build—or destroy—your reputation by doing this one simple thing
  • How to instantly make a great first impression by doing this one thing few others do—and get the other person to confer authority on you
  • The rudest thing in the world that most people consistently do
  • Why I hate apologies.. Part II
  • How to get other people to build your authority for you (this is the ultimate “lazy man’s” way to personal authority)
  • How to deal with adversity without losing your personal authority
  • Should you take credit or give it? And why most people fail this “test”

CD #4 An Easy Step by Step Plan for Building Your Own Unique Personal Authority

  • Why you should pay no attention to standards others have set for you Should you share authority? The shocking answer…
  • How to build your authority in an existing relationship (you might just turn a marriage around with this simple secret), and why your wife or girlfriend will love you for it
  • How to be comfortable with your own authority (most men are not, but it;s really easy to do when you follow these step by step instructions)
  • The right and wrong way to impose your will on people (done right, people will literally love you, done wrong, they’ll revolt) Why women flake—and how to correct it for good
  • Secrets of good “followership”—why you must be a good follower to be a good leader How to deal with idiots
  • How to walk and carry yourself for maximum authority effect—the secret of “command presence”
  • The raw truth about “eye contact,” and why most guys screw this up royally The truth about physical fitness and authority
  • Self esteem a little low? Here’s how to quickly and easily sky rocket it Why women love a man with authority—and hate those without
  • How to master the art of confrontation—and why it quickly leads to solutions, not hurt feelings (a common misconception)
  • The step by step process to master authority anyone can easily put to work for themselves, no matter how frightened they are in the beginning
  • The little known secret of “authority transference” (how to get others’ authority to rub off on you)
  • How to know when other people think of you as an authority (these non-verbal – and verbal—cues will let you know instantly they look to you as the leader)

CD #5 Authority Role Models You Should Pay Close Attention To

  • Why you must have authority role models to study… but never imitate
  • Who you should model, and just as importantly, who you should not
  • Four people you should pay close attention to
  • Authority stories to learn from

OK, that’s it. You have just read a detailed description of the secrets revealed on these CD’s and what they can do for you. If you are at all interested in dramatically improving the results you get in life, these CD’s are a “must have”—you cannot get the information on them anywhere else.

Personal authority is NOT a “gray area”—either you have it or you don’t, and if you don’t, other people will control your outcomes… unless you put all the secrets I reveal on these CD’s to work for you.

Get Secrets of Personal Authority – John Alanis, only price $62

But Wait, There’s More! 

I recently conducted an amazing two hour “Ultimate Attraction Roadmap” Tele-seminar where I interviewed a stunningly beautiful woman (Shelley McMurtry) on how to attract, meet, and “keep” beautiful women… from a beautiful woman’s point of view.

The bad news is, you missed it. The good new is, I recorded it, and, for a limited time you can get your hands on the audio CD’s and listen in on all the remarkable information Shelley and I revealed. These CD’s mesh perfectly with what I reveal on Secrets of Personal Authority, and there’s nothing like hearing a woman confirm what I teach.

Here’s just a small taste of what Shelley reveals on these remarkable, “limited edition” CD’s:

  • Why “confidence” is so irresistible to sexy women, and the simple way you can “turn on” instant confidence (no matter your looks, age, or income)
  • Exactly how women know if a man is “confident” or not… and how you can use this knowledge to exude total confidence, the kind that “magnetically draws” the most desirable women to you
  • The truth about how women really experience attraction (it’s vastly different from men’s experience, but when a truly sexy woman senses you understand her “attraction map”, watch out!)
  • Secrets of “instant charisma”- exactly what to do and say to a desirable woman you’d like to welcome into your life (the truth is, women like this are silently begging you to approach them, but you’ve got to know what to do and NOT do… or you’ll immediately be known as a loser)
  • Looking for a wonderful woman to share your life with? You’ll discover exactly where to go to meet women who can be your true partner (and why you’ll be the only guy they’ll give more than the time of day to)
  • How to dress so women will approach YOU- never before revealed turn ons, and turn offs
  • How to “”

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