Second Date Blueprint – Hayley Quinn



Second Date Blueprint – Hayley Quinn


Second Date Blueprint – Hayley Quinn has the same quality as the author’s salapage. How to show that you are a ‘selector’ and only interested in women you connect with.

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How to show that you are a ‘selector’ and only interested in women you connect with.

Second Date Blueprint by Hayley Quinn,
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Is This You?

    • You never make it to the second date – and first dates are hard enough to come by…
    • You find date conversation awkward and forced
    • You don’t know how to flirt without feeling sleazy
    • You don’t know how to read her on the date, or what she wants. Sometimes she seems eager to see you again, then disappears…
    • …Or you’re always in the Friendzone
    • You can’t find the right way of asking her on a second date, and your WhatsApp message goes unread
    • You don’t know what she wants from you, and you feel her expectations are sky high – so you always seem to fail
    • You’d like to kiss her, but the moment never feels right

This could be you…

  • Have fun flirty first dates that consistently lead to second dates
  • Create that elusive ‘spark’ over dinner or drinks that leaves her wanting more
  • You’re able to read her signals so you know when is the right moment to up the flirtation
  • Take her on the best first date she has ever been on
  • Know which venue will impress her and what the ‘easy wins’ are to a great first date
  • Present your self as a high achieving man who she would be mad not to date


  1. Why no second date?
  2. What is she thinking?
  3. What to text her
  4. Planning the date
  5. Conversations that connect with her
  6. Selecting her
  7. Taking her back to your house
  8. Moving the relationship forwards
  9. Thank You


What message to send to her after the first date (detailed proven example messages included)

The surprising reasons why she didn’t want a second date with you

How to show that you are a ‘selector’ and only interested in women you connect with.

When and how should you suggest taking her home with you?


Hayley Quinn is a TEDx speaker, author and creator of her unique dating strategy. She has appeared as an expert for The Telegraph, BBC, ITV, and channel 4. She has coached thousands of men and women towards excellence using her personally designed courses and clubs.


  • Detailed webinars so you know exactly what to say
  • Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • A recording of a great first date


Bonus 1 – The Perfect First Date

Can me and a leading male dating coach demonstrate to you a ‘behind the scenes’ style perfect first date. Watch a full length version of an ‘ideal date’ from the meet, to the conversation, physical touch and the kiss. This is part of a new YouTube series but you will get exclusive advanced and unedited access to the footage that will show you all the steps to a perfect first date.

Bonus 2 – Speed Bonding

The ultimate guide to exiting the Friendzone and truly connecting to her. If you want to know how to be the guy she wants to date, and to learn how to connect with her deeply then this detailed 2 hour webinar is your guide.

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