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School of Happiness – Vanessa Van Edwards Download. The Power of Happiness is a 10-day, science-based program to permanently increase your life satisfactio…

The Power of Happiness is a 10-day, science-based program to permanently increase your life satisfaction and levels of joy. We want to help you find your bliss.

School of Happiness by Vanessa Van Edwards,
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For most of us, happiness is a mystery. I’m here to tell you that you can control your happiness. The Power of Happiness is a 10-day, science-based program to permanently increase your life satisfaction and levels of joy. We want to help you find your bliss.

You are here because you believe that life has more to offer.

Maybe you worry that you are not living up to your potential in your personal or professional life. Or perhaps you’re not as happy and fulfilled as you yearn to be. Specifically:

  • Are you languishing not flourishing?
  • Are you bored and restless?
  • Do you wake up dreading the day?

I want more for you too. And I know I can help. Wanting to be happy is not wishful thinking, it’s your right.

How Happiness Can Help You:

Happiness has so many scientifically-proven benefits. Research has found that the happier you are the more effective you are in all areas of your life. Specifically:

  • Increased Income: A University of College London study found that people who are happy as young adults go on to earn more than their peers later in life. Researchers at Wharton Business School even found that companies with happy employees outperform the stock market year on year.
  • Better Decisions: Happy people make better decisions and are more creative.
  • More Friends: Happy people have more friends and are deemed overall more pleasant, helpful and sociable. 
  • Higher Productivity: Warwick University Economics professors found that happy people are more productive–12% more after being put into a good mood. 
  • Live Longer: Happier people live longer, have a lower risk of heart disease and are 50% less likely to get a cold! 
  • Happier Friends: Happier people have happier friends–yes, really! Psychologist James H. Fowler studied the data of 5,000 people over 20 years and found that happiness benefits other people through three degrees of connection and that the effects last for a year. He says: “We found a statistical relationship not just between your happiness and your friends’ happiness, but between your happiness and your friends’ friends’ friends’ happiness.”
  • Are Financially Healthy: Happy people save more and have more control over their finances. 
  • Larger Impact: Happy people tend to leave a more positive impact on society. 
  • Better Life: Happiness feels freakin’ awesome. 

Overview of the Program:

The Power of Happiness is a 10-day online video training program presented in a way that’s easy to understand, but robust enough to overhaul your happiness behavior. This course aims to level up your life satisfaction along with developing your relationships and career. This course is for individuals who love exceeding expectations, being better than average and want to explore the science of how to achieve deeper levels of happiness.

  • 10 Day Program: Once you enroll you will get instant (and unlimited, lifetime) access to all of the videos and 10 days worth of activities. We organized the program to give you an instant burst of happiness but also systematically change your life for the longterm.
  • Power of Happiness Workbook: You will also get a Power of Happiness Workbook to supplement the video learning and to give your written Happy Plan of Action–these are strategies you can use immediately.
  • Happy Community: Your fellow happiness revolutionaries are fun, smart and generous and will work alongside you!

12 Benefits You Will Get From This Program…

  1. Recharge your energy batteries so you feel excited about what’s coming up next in your life.
  2. Increase your influence–happy people are contagious and charismatic.
  3. Reassess your priorities to make sure what you do, works for you.
  4. Get you out of an emotional rut to help stimulate new ideas, passions and ambitions.
  5. Lessen anxiety, worry and dread.
  6. Increase daily joy, contentment and excitement.
  7. Supercharge your efficiency–when you love what you do, you do it better.
  8. Help you increase your earning power. Happiness gives you a competitive edge by connecting you with influencers so you are a stand out in your industry.
  9. Make you a better friend, partner, parent and colleague.
  10. Prevent funks, moodiness and dips in energy before they start–and know how to snap out of it when they do.
  11. Help your immune function and your health, which enables us to live a more balanced, fulfilled life.
  12. Reduce drama, conflict and avoid arguments by adjusting your negativity bias.

The Science of Happiness:

We have cracked the code on happiness. The only way to make lasting happiness changes is to take a science-based approach.

For the Power of Happiness we had over 1,285 people in our lab take our happiness audit. Then we delved into every happiness citation we could get our hands on–over 200 studies! We compared the results and constructed a program for lasting happiness.

The research on joy is clear: Achieving happiness is so worth the effort!

Studies show that happiness is the cause AND the effect of many desirable circumstances. The happier you are, the stronger your marriage, the better your friendships, the healthier your immune system and –this is the big one, the higher your income. When you take control of your happiness, you get more of what you want in your life.

Why Happiness:

Do you put everyone else’s happiness before your own? I used to think that I didn’t deserve to be happy and that finding happiness was an indulgent endeavor. Guess what happened? The more I put other people’s happiness before my own, the more resentful and zapped of energy I became. I was a worse friend, partner and daughter. Not only was I miserable, but in the end I made everyone else miserable with me. It took me many years to realize that we are all worthy of a happy, fulfilled life. If you are grappling with these feelings right now, please know you are not alone! I am proud of you for putting yourself first and making your happiness a priority.

Remember, happiness makes you a better partner, parent and friend. Yes, your happiness is for your benefit AND others.

Why Me?

I am obsessed with improving your life.

I’m not joking! For the last 10 years I have been studying the hidden forces that drive our behavior. In my human behavior research lab we ask people invasively personal questions, make them take all kinds of tests and practicums. Oh it’s so fascinating–don’t worry, no humans or animals have ever been harmed in the fun!

My team and I compare our lab results with the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics. We’re looking for patterns–how to achieve high performance, how to extend human potential and how to leverage our inner awesome.

No settling. No second guessing. I hope to show people how to live their ideal…But this isn’t about me, it’s about you!

The Course is For You If…

This course is for people who want more. This course is for people who know that there has to be better, simpler and more authentic behavioral tools to revisit and rethink our life satisfaction. One thing I have found striking in our happiness experiments is that people often feel they don’t deserve happiness or they feel ‘silly’ making it a priority. They say things like:

“Being happy is secondary to financial success.”

“People who are serious about their career can’t be distracted by happiness.”

“I don’t have the energy to find what makes me happy.”

This is completely backwards! You get more financial success, career growth and energy when you are happier. It’s time to change these limiting thoughts into ideas that work for us:

You have permission to be happy.

You have permission to ask for what you need.

You have permission not to suffer to ‘earn’ your joy.

You have permission to start dreaming again.

Take your happiness into your own hands.

Warning: This course will challenge some of your fundamental habits and assumptions. Most of our previous students have told us that they felt like they were seeing people and relationships in a new way–and sometimes that brought some hard truths. We also show you areas of your life that you probably didn’t think you had any control over–but you do! I’m a big believer in sculpting your life into what you want it to be. And this means taking action. If you take our program, it also means:

Change is coming.

This Course is NOT for You If…

This course is NOT for everyone. I know thats a crazy thing to say, but the Power of Happiness is an intense program and we only want students who are absolutely ready. This course is not something you should take if:

  • Happiness is not your priority right now. We totally understand if you have other priorities in your life right now. Bookmark this page and come back when you are ready!
  • You learn passively. This is a pretty intense program. If you just want to watch some videos and get a few tips we recommend hanging out on our blog and Youtube channel where you can learn some easy, quick tips.
  • You are searching for a quick fix. Just like a college degree or treasure map you have to put in the work to reap the rewards. Of course, the program will give you some quick and easy tips, but we go for big seismic emotional shifts. We have all the learning, steps and keys ready for you, but you do have to activate them.

We keep our blog and Youtube channel free and full of happiness information so you can explore and learn until you are ready for something bigger. And if that doesn’t come, that’s ok too! We are so happy to have you as a reader and want you to interact with us in a way that works best for you.


This is a psychology based curriculum using the latest science out of academic institutions and peer reviewed journals. It’s not some wishy-washy, granola, mantra chanting affirmation program (hey, if that works for you, more power to ya!) But we have something different in mind. Despite being hopeful that there is more happiness waiting for us in our life, I know many people have a hard time believing that happiness can actually be taught.

Academic Proof: Psychologists, researchers and neuroscientists have been studying happiness for decades. In addition to our own research, there are thousands of studies spanning many disciplines that have gone into developing the Power of Happiness. Specifically, we have selected 242 happiness citations to build the exercises and activities for the course.

Personal Proof: Before turning to the true science of happiness I floundered with dozens of happiness books and articles and even took a $4,500 happiness program that just couldn’t bring lasting change. I was deeply unhappy, dissatisfied and highly anxious for about 7 years until I decided something had to change. If it worked for me-getting me out of one of the darkest loneliest periods, I know it can work for you. The photo above is a sign made for my wedding day (we had it pointing towards the ceremony area. Now it is in front of our house and it is a reminder for me every time I come home: Look for happiness everywhere, every day.

The Science Behind Happiness, Applied To Your Life

The search for happiness is your key to greater success. Do you know what makes you happy and how to get more of it? Most of us have no idea what drives our internal joy triggers. In this course you will learn that happiness is concrete and achievable. More importantly, happiness has tremendous benefits for every area of our life.

We have cracked the code on happiness. After studying the underlying patterns that drive our behavior for 4 years, I have come up with a framework for happiness – and a system for applying the latest scientifically backed happiness principles to your own life.

Join me for this 10-day class, and you will be well on your way to developing a happier life. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Change your habits and patterns through engaging exercises and challenges
  • Leverage your unique talents and skills that drive you
  • Implement an action plan for enduring happiness and fulfillment

Our method is based on exhaustive research and solid science. This course is based on a literature review of 246 happiness studies, an audit of happiness data from over 12,000 people, and 4 years of research. The metrics that justify our research are just as compelling. Research has found that 50% of our happiness is genetic and 10% is the result of our environment. That means 40% of our happiness is influenced by behavior and mindset. We will focus on the 40% that you can address, so you can get back on track with your life and your goals. Join the program today!

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