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Radiance – Kip Mazuy Download. If you’re still not sure, have a listen to the samples again, meditate with them, experience the peace you feel just by list…

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If you’re still not sure, have a listen to the samples again, meditate with them, experience the peace you feel just by listening for a couple of minutes. 

Radiance by Kip Mazuy,
Salepage link: At HERE. Archive: https://archive.is/3JHS2

“Radiance” Transmits The Energy of Spiritual Awakening
In A Way That Has Never Been Done Before.
Nothing Comes Close to What These CDs/mp3s Can Do!

I even paid extra money to insure environmentally friendly CD packaging, using soy based inks, recycled board and eco CD trays. That means you are supporting sustainable forestry and reducing the carbon footprint.
So if you are on a budget, you can have the Shakti Radiance 3 CD set for only US$107.00 or have them as mp3 download for US$97.00 These 3 CDs/6 mp3s are amazing in themselves and will do wonders for you.

-The Radiance Shakti Yoga Meditation Music 5 CD set or 10 mp3 set with the newest “Transcendental Light” Bliss Transmission (That’s over 5 hours of meditation music to choose from.)

  • “Shakti Awakening: Path to Infinite Joy” E-book
  • “Prana Breathing Techniques & Chants for Spiritual Awakening.” E-book
  • 3 X Guided Prana Techniques Including The Kriya Kundalini Breathing Technique
  • 3 X Guided Meditation MP3s Including a 30 minute Meditation, 15 Minute “You Are Joy” Meditation and a 10 Minute “Witness Consciousness Meditation”
  • 3 Mantra Chants including a 20 Minute “Om Chant” with The Shakti Sounds.

That’s Over 80 Minutes in Free MP3s Alone

Free Online Consultation

Free Access to the Group Meditation & Shakti Awakenings with Me Online

PS: If you’re still not sure, have a listen to the samples again, meditate with them, experience the peace you feel just by listening for a couple of minutes. 

Shakti Yoga Meditation music with a unique shaktisound technology great for kundalini awakening and spiritual awakening in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Germany and New Zealand.

Shakti Transmission On CD – Shakti Yoga Meditation Music

Experience The Difference for Yourself! Listen to The Free Samples Below:

Everyone is seeking peace and bliss but hardly anyone is finding it. The Enlightened Saints and Sages have been declaring for thousands of years that heaven exists within you. That you can expeirence a level of reality where there is only peace, only bliss; a feeling of goodness and joy so profound that it changes your whole life.

And with the world getting crazier by the day and new studies showing that stress and anxiety are killing us, we need this peace more than ever.

But the question is, how can you tap into this bliss? How can you, with a job and a family realize the peace & tranquility that seems so impossible for everyone to find?

Even those that are disciplined with daily meditation and spiritual practices don’t seem to reach the joy that they seek. The harder some people practice, the more frustrated they seem to become.
So what is missing? What is the secret that opens the door to inner joy?
The secret is these enlightened Yogis received Enlightenment from their Gurus in the form of energy. Their teachers transmitted enlightened states of bliss directly to them. This is how it has worked for thousands of years.
Yes, they still had to meditate, eat light and healthy and do other spiritual practices but this energy transmission is the key that cannot be overlooked to realizing profound peace.
This transmission was once called Shakti Yoga. Shakti means energy and Yoga means union. You awaken into the level of reality where everything is one bliss, one peace. And you awaken into it firstly by receiving Shakti.
When you receive Shakti, you feel it as peace or bliss or a pleasurable energy moving through your body. Just by enjoying this peace, deep meditation happens.
You can experience states of peace and bliss within minutes that you would not have after decades of daily meditation practice.
But to find an enlightened teacher that can genuinely transmit this bliss is rare.
But there is another way that allows you to receive this transmission of peace and bliss whether you are at home or even travelling on a train, plane or bus. Just by listening to some unique music, you can experience profound peace.
If you don’t know me already, my name is Kip Mazuy, known as the “Master of Meditation Music.” Already thousands of people are experiencing deep meditation and bliss with my best-selling Shakti Meditation Music like “Pure,” “Infinite Sky” and “Shakti Silence.”
What makes my music unique is that I have discovered a way to transmit this bliss energy directly to you through sound. 
So Just by Listening to This “Shakti Music,” You Are Bathed in The Most Peaceful and Blissful Energy Vibration That is So Powerfully Nurturing and Nourishing, It Allows You to Easily Experience Deep Peace and Meditation.

Sound too good to be true? Here is what people have been saying about my previous albums:

(*These are real testimonials from real customers but everyone will have their own unique experience with the music.)

Get Ready to Transform Your Meditations into Incredible Peace!

Radiance is a 3 CD set (6 mp3) or 5 CD set (10mp3) of meditation music with the latest Shakti transmission that will provide the energy for you to experience profound states of peace, bliss and meditation.

Each track has its own unique Shakti vibrations so you will experience something new with every track on here. The tracks are all 30+ minutes long allowing you to go deep in meditation.

It took over 2 and a half years to make as well as thousands of dollars in new music equipment and musical instruments. I spent so much time in the studio the last 2 years experimenting and creating the new Shakti sounds that I nearly went broke!

The first new Shakti sound created for this was a 12 minute loop. Although at this point in creating it, the sound was still in the need of some polishing, the energy was so strong I went into a very high state of bliss. I played it for the love of my life over skype and she also went into a high state of meditation. We must have sat listening to that 12 minute loop for over 3 hours! That went into the track “Hail to The Dream Circus” which you can listen to below.

Or when making “Kundalini Rising” the new kundalini energy track that can awaken ecstatic bliss up your spine: The bliss got so strong, I took a break from recording it and went for a bush walk across the street from my house. And as I was walking, although it looked as though my feet were touching the ground, I felt I was weightless in bliss, floating above the ground!

I could tell you similar stories about every track on these CDs/mp3s. But what is far more amazing than yabbering on about my personal experiences is a new energy on some of the tracks including “Giver of Light” and “Reverance” which you can also hear below. This transmits a very subtle form of Shakti that I would call “Transcendental Light” or “The Light of Consciousness.” That may sound a bit new agey but I don’t know what else to call it. 

It is so pleasurably subtle, it is felt as light and this energy can actually remove obstructions and negativities within you that keep you from experience deep peace.

What experiences you may have I cannot dictate as everyone’s path and experience is different. But what I can tell you is that this Shakti music provides energy for you to experience profound peace and bliss. And if you are on a path to spiritual awakening, they will provide the energy to help this happen. 

That is because the energy on these CDs is the energy of spiritual enlightenment. That is what it is. And when you can relax enough and be open enough to the music, you will have the rare experience of this truth.

Although the energy on Radiance has the power to awaken you into deep peace,
please know that they are completely safe!
You and your children can listen to them, sleep to them, meditate to them. Just don’t listen while driving just in case they make you too peaceful that you want to close your eyes!

Consider What This Music Can Do for You:

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety. These things are harmful to your health and make you unhappy. This music will provide the energy of peace that will begin to dissolve stress and conflict.
  • Increase Your Happiness. Awaken those natrual endorphins to feel blissful again!
  • Enrich Every Aspect of Your Life. This happens when you begin to tap into the feeling of peace and joy in the music. This peace washes through every aspect of your life.
  • Discover Who You Truly Are. You are not just a person separate from everything with worries and fears. At your essence you are peace itself. You are Supreme Joy! The energy in this music begins to awaken you into this truth. The 5 CD/10mp3 set also comes with guided meditations that will help your mind open up into the reality that everything is peace.
  • Better Relationships. If you feel joy then you won’t be interested in creating conflict over petty things. You will naturally become more loving, more respectful, a better person all around and everyone will notice it. It’s unhappiness that creates aggression. Aggression is not possible if you are filled with peace.
  • Discover Your Life’s Purpose. Awakening into the oneness of everything does not stop you from being an individual, it empowers it. You feel the peace and you will find your own unique way to express it.
  • Awaken into Deep Meditation. This is the main reason I create this music. Shakti is the energy of pure consciousness. So when you feel the energy, you are automatically drawn into consciousness.
  • Receive the Energy that Awakens You into Enlightenment. Without having to travel to India to find an authentic Shakti Guru. Without having to follow someone else’s beliefs and rules. You practice and follow the path that is right for you. I just want to provide you with the bliss energy to make it happen.
  • Awaken Kundalini Energy. Kundalini Energy is not some scary energy that is dangerous. Kundalini Energy is the energy of unconditional peace, love and oneness. It is the energy of pure goodness. This is what is transmitted in this music.

Have a listen to the samples below. It is best not to eat or drink anything besides water for an hour prior to listening just so you can feel the subtle energy of peace and bliss in the music. Listen with a good pair of earbuds/headphones or speakers if you have them. Close your eyes, breathe naturally and relax while listening. You will begin to feel peace or a blissful energy moving through you. Enjoy!

  • Radiance Shakti Yoga Meditation Music Volume 2
  • Radiance Shakti Yoga Meditation Music

If you have listened on an empty stomach, you feel just from the samples a sense of peace or energy. You might even say you feel a sense of inner joy, yes? This is the Shakti in the music. Just about every sound you hear is made from the energy of deep meditation/samadhi. It washes through your mind and body and awakens you into deep peace and meditation. 

Please know that this bliss energy is not something foreign to you. It is already what you are at your essence. But through the transmission of this music, you begin to feel it. You can feel the peace. 

Instead of having to spend lifetimes meditating to get the peace, the peace is offered to you on a silver platter!

Whether you are interested in spiritual awakening, deepening your meditation or just wanting more peace in your life, this music provides the peace in the form of energy to make this happen. 

The more you listen, the more you will feel this bliss working on you, healing you, relaxing you, nourishing you and awakening you into levels of reality where there is infinite peace, infinite joy.

This music has nothing to do with binaural beats or any other “Brain entrainment.” This is Shakti, the natural energy of enlightenment, of infinite peace and joy. It is the vibration of oneness. 

Imagine owning this music so you can bathe in this peace whenever you want.

You can listen to it while riding to work on the bus, train, taxi, airplaine, or rocket ship if you are Richard Branson!

You can even sleep to this music. Imagine getting this peace for 7-8 hours a night.

But most of all, you can come home, play this music, close your eyes and drift into profound states of peace and meditation.

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Please do not just consider these CDs/mp3s as simply nice yoga meditation music. In fact, you should only buy this music if you can open your mind to the possibility that this music is incredibly sacred.

This music can nourish you and awaken you into deep peace and joy. And this joy will change your life for the better.

Over time, it will open you up into a feeling of deep fulfillment. There is absolutely nothing else out there on CD/mp3 that can do what this music does.

But you have to have the courage to take the next step and get the CDs/mp3s and not only that, you have to listen to them!

One question I often get is why do I sell the CDs/mp3 in sets and not individually?

There are two reasons for this. One is I can only afford to sell them in sets. 2 years of my life and thousands of dollars were literally poured into making and testing the Shakti sounds and then turning them into beautiful meditation music that will hopefully awaken thousands of people into deep blissful meditation. And now I need your support so I can continue making this music. 

So please, do not copy this music for your friends. Tell them about it, play it for them and if they are turned on by the bliss, urge them to purchase the music as well. It is the only way I can keep doing what I do.

The second reason is that every track provides its own unique transmission of peace and bliss. So every track will awaken something new in you. One single energy transmission isn’t enough. But 10 tracks each awakening you into peace and bliss in a different way? This will be life changing for you!

And as a 5 CD set, they are only slightly more than you would pay for 5 individual CDs.

If you are on a budget, you can have the 3 CD/6 mp3 set. The 3 CD set is only US$107.00 and the 6mp3 set is only US$97.00.

But if you want the best deal along with tons of free bonuses worth over 300$ I highly recommend the full set.
For Just a Few Dollars More, You can have the full Radiance Shakti Meditation Music 5 CD set for only US$199 US$137

or 10 mp3 download for only US$189 US$127.

Bonus # 1 E-book: ($47 value: Yours FREE)

Shakti Awakening: The Path to Inner Joy

In this 32 page e-book, I talk about my own experience of realizing the State ofInfinite Joy and Oneness and confess to you what was important and downrightnecessary to realizing infinite peace.

I wanted to go beyond what is accepted as spiritual teaching and really get into the nitty-gritty of the things you need to do and look out for in order to awaken into Infinite Peace and Joy.

The most important part of my journey was Shakti, the energy of bliss. And I tell you how to use this bliss as a path to spiritual awakening. Including chapters on:

– How Shakti is the most important factor to deepening your meditation and experience of bliss.

– What is awareness and what is the easiest and most effective method to practice awareness.

– How to make your body a clear channel for peace and bliss to flow through.

– The different types of mantra and the unique power and practice for each type.

– How to consciously deal with mental and emotional upheaval in your life so that personal challenges turn into great awakenings.

– What is needed in addition to awareness to awaken into Infinite Joy. (I never hear spiritual teachers mention this very important practice)

– Ways we lose our bliss without even knowing it. Follow these suggestions and your meditations will really take off.

– Introduction to the art of Tantric Love Making. Transforming sexual energy into love and Shakti.

– What type of awareness takes you to the highest joy.

Bonus # 2 E-book: ($37 value: Yours FREE)

Prana Techniques and Chants for Spiritual Awakening

In this e-book, I offer 6 new Prana/Breathing exercises that are great to do at the start of your meditation. Doing one or more of these pranic techniques for just a couple of minutes or more can really awaken the flow of energy in your body making it very easy to move into deep meditation.

Also included is the secret Kriya Kundalini Technique that I debated adding because it is very sacred and powerful but I believe you should have.

***Three of the Prana Techniques are Guided on mp3!

I also offer several different chants including 3 Bija mantras (Single syllable mantras to awaken Shakti)

Bonus # 3 20 Minute Om Chant on mp3: ($37 value: Yours FREE)

This Chant has the Shakti sounds underneath it making it a very powerful recording to chant along with or meditate to.

Bonus # 4 15 Minute Bija Mantra Chant on mp3: ($27 value: Yours FREE)

This chant was given to me by one of my Gurus. I used to chant it every day and it brought me into deep bliss. It also has the Shakti sounds underneath to make it a powerful recording to chant or meditate with.

Bonus # 5 Deviotional Chant to Awaken Bhakti

(Feeling of Love and Devotion) on mp3: ($27 value: Yours FREE)

This is a very blissful version of a well known chant that will awaken your heart into joy.

Bonus # 6 3 Different Guided Meditations! ($47 value: Yours FREE)

There is a 30 + minute chant with the Shakti track “Cherokee” in the background. This is a great way to start meditating with the Radiance music.

I find many people who have been meditating for years were given wrong information on how to meditate and that is why they feel little peace. This guided meditation makes it very easy for you to relax into awareness and deep meditation.

There is also a 10 minute Guided Meditation to teach you how to witness your thoughts and enter witness consciousness.

There is an additional 15 minute Guided meditation titled “You Are Joy.”

This meditation is designed to break you out of your limited thought patterns that keep your feeling separate and into realizing you are one with everything. You are infinite joy!

Bonus # 6 Consultations by Email (Usually $100/hour: Yours FREE)

Have a problem in your life you are dealing with or just need clarification with your meditation? Send me an email and I will reply as soon as I can. Usually 24-48 hours tops. This allows you easy access to someone who

has realized the realm of Infinite Joy and can easily give you clarity and direction. 

Bonus # 6 Free Online Shakti Awakening Meditations with Me on the Weekends.

Just sign up for free, click on the weblink at the time of the session and I will sit with you on live audio stream. I will guide you in a meditation, talk a little, maybe answer people’s questions, but the main part is the transmission of this Shakti Energy that awakens you into deep meditation & bliss.

Or for Only a Few Dollars More, You Can Have the Full Shakti Radiance Meditation Music (5 CDs or 10 Mp3 Downloads Including the Bonuses) That Have the Unique Power to Awaken You into Profound States of Peace and Bliss

for Only US$199 US$137 for The 5 Shakti Radiance CDs

or The Shakti Radiance 10 mp3 Download for only US$189 US$127!

*Please Note This Sale Price is Only for A Limited Time!

I know that it may be hard for you to believe that its even possible that music can bring you into deep states of peace and meditation because the fact is its never been done before. Sure, there have been people that claim a lot of nonsense but up until now, the only way to get the energy of deep bliss and meditation was to go to the Himalayas and find an enlightened master.

But you’re on this page because you do want something that will awaken you into deep peace, bliss and meditation. And you’re still reading because you did feel peace or bliss listening to the samples, yes? You felt something profound happening within you. 

But you still want more proof. And the best proof I can offer you is what other people are already saying about Radiance. When I released Radiance, I knew it was the most powerful meditation music ever created but how would everyone experience it? 

The answer was better than I could ever hope for. People were melting into profound peace and bliss just on the first listen!

Here’s just a few comments from people like yourself that just started meditating with Radianc

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