Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2 – Chris Prefontaine



Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2 – Chris Prefontaine


Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2 – Chris Prefontaine Download. But by reading the rest of this page, you will know all your options… And once you know yo…

But by reading the rest of this page, you will know all your options… And once you know your options, you may never want to flip a house again!

Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2 by Chris Prefontaine,
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How To Make Massive Passive Income & Create 3 Big Paydays For Yourself In The Most Overlooked Niche In Real Estate History

Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, you LOVE real estate because with real estate you can…

  • Travel the world; and still make a steady stream of passive income…
  • Make big 5-to-7 figure lump sums of cash and take the rest of the year off… 
  • Build up a lot of wealth and retire comfortably… 

But the challenge is this:

It’s not always easy for you to break into the real estate industry.

So to help you reach your goals faster – below, you’re going to get EVERYTHING you need to know to make GREAT money in real estate…

… Even if you’re just starting out.

In fact, by the end of this page, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to make $12,000-$28,000 a month – even if you started part-time.

So first, let’s look at your BEST opportunities to make money in real estate…

If You Want To Make A Steady, Full-Time Income In Real Estate

You Have These 5 Options

(Or So Most People Think)…

1) You Can Flip Houses…

But by reading the rest of this page, you will know all your options… And once you know your options, you may never want to flip a house again!

Here’s why.

When you’re flipping houses…

  • You need to spend a lot of time finding homes, fixing them up and flipping them. It takes months. And if you’re calculations are wrong, you lose money…
  • You can only flip a small handful of houses at a time before you run out of money… or you can always go beg friends and family or other investors and sign personally for loans…
  • You’re competing with all the moms and pops who watched a few house-flipping shows who are saturating most markets…

And when your flipping houses, you’re pretty much putting yourself in a job.

Because at the end of the day, you only get ONE check. And, you get ZERO monthly passive income…

So after each home you flip, you’re back on that proverbial treadmill having to do another deal… and another deal… and another deal…

I don’t know about you, but that’s not fun.

So if you want a full-time passive income, then you’ll typically need several properties…

That’s when…

2) You Can Get A Loan & Buy More Properties

I don’t need to tell you… But for you to get a loan you need one or more of the following.

You either need:

  •  A good credit history
  •  A stable and high enough income…
  •  A low debt to income ratio…
  •  A big down payment…
  •  Or assets under your name which you use as collateral… 

And you will always need to sign personally – very risky

So if you were like me in 2008 and you don’t have any cash or credit so this isn’t an option. 

If you do have credit… chances are, you can only get a small loan. With your small loan, you can do what? Buy maybe one or two properties before your credit is tapped out?… 

One or two extra properties is nice!… 

But typically, you won’t make a full-time passive income from just one or two properties. 

Plus, the stats don’t lie… 

In North America, approximately 82% of men and women cannot utilize conventional financing because they do not qualify.

(This 82% number is VERY important for you to know. We’ll get back to it in a second.)

If you’re one of the people who don’t qualify for a loan, it’s ok. Down below, you’ll see the better ways you can make money in real estate – without conventional loans or begging for private money. 

Plus, even if you did have the credit, you may not want to use it… 

Trust me I watched my credit go from high 700’s to mid 500’s within six months back in 2008 – not going there again. 

Anyways, if you can’t get a loan or just don’t want one… 

3) You Can Save Up Your Money To Buy More Properties

This is a good option – if you’re making a lot of money right now.

If you’re not, then this strategy will take you too long.

I mean – with how much you’re saving right now, how long would it take you to have a down-payment? A year? 5 years? Maybe 10 or more years?

That’s not good. Because in this time you were saving up, you could have replaced your income with passive income in real estate already. 

That’s why for most people, saving up your own money is NOT a good option either… 

But don’t worry… 

Here’s one of the better ways you can make money in real estate… 

4) You Can Use Other People’s Money To Buy Properties

This is not bad actually.

In fact, you can do very well with this strategy if you have the following skillsets: 

  • You need to be real good at schmoozing with rich folks and kissing butt…
  • You need to get used asking friends and friends-of-friends for money. Just keep in mind, people do tend to get annoyed and you may lose a few friends in the process…
  • You’ve got to have some REALLY thick skin because you do this for the long-term… sooner or later, you’re going to lose someone’s money (and we’re usually talking BIG numbers here). You’ll need to be ok with facing the consequences of that.

If you can do all this, then great. You’ll do very well at raising money and buying properties. 

And if that’s what you want to do, you can stop reading here. Because it’s NOT what I do.

I just don’t like how risky it is… 

And frankly, I don’t just want to go beg anyone for anything… 

So if you’re like me and you want to make more money with less risk, you can do the following… 

5) You Can Wholesale Real Estate Deals…

Wholesaling properties is a great way you can make money in real estate.


And if you’re not sure what wholesaling means, it’s simple. 

Wholesaling is when you get a homeowner who is in a hurry to sell – maybe they got divorced or they’re moving to another state for work – and you lock it a good price in a contract. Then, you flip the contract to a buyer – typically, a cash buyer. 

With wholesaling, you have little to no risk… You can make good money… You didn’t need to fix any homes… And life is good! 

But the challenge is if you’re ONLY doing wholesale deals, you’re living from deal to deal; paycheque to paycheque.

And quite frankly, these cheques are way too small to get me excited….you need to know all these avenues in case something fits into one of these strategies and so you’re truly a transaction engineer but focus here …. 


It’s because when you’re wholesaling, it’s like if you’re flipping homes. You have ZERO residual passive income. 

So to make good residual income AND big paydays, this is what I do instead.

How I Created Immediate Cash Flow When I Had No Cash. No Credit. 

No Provable Income – And How You Can Do It Too

I’ve tried every single one of the strategies you just saw above.

I was doing them because you CAN make good money from them… But…

After many years of trial and error, I would NEVER suggest these strategies as stand alone strategies anymore – especially in today’s market. 

So down below I’ll reveal what I do recommend for you. But for what you’re about to see to make sense, you’ll want to know more about my background first.

My name is Chris Prefontaine. 

As you’re reading this, I’m in my 26th year in real estate. In my years, I was a Realtor® for 18 years… built homes… developed land… did renos… flipped my fair share of houses… done lease options… owner financing and more.

In 1991, my wife and I had starting building homes. In a short time, we built more than 100 single-family homes. Then in 1995, we bought a Realty Executives franchise in Central New England. Despite mentors telling me “you cannot sell a real estate brokerage”, we sold it to Coldwell Banker in 2000 for a quarter of a million dollars.

Since the year 2000, I’ve coached over 30,000 people in the US and Canada.

Life was good for a while… before my life took a dark turn…

After years and years doing real estate the conventional way – You know when you put 10 percent to 20 percent of your money or investor’s money down. Then signing a loan. That whole thing.

Then when 2008 hit, my family and I were in serious trouble.

At the time, we owned 23 properties with partner-investors and banks. We were responsible for hundreds of subcontractors… a dozen employees… and we had several commercial deals – big ones – in the funding stage….profits right around the corner… or so we thought…

Then in February 2008, almost like a light switch was flicked. Financing from investors stopped. Deal funding from banks stopped. And I was left with hundreds of payments, invoices, and agreements my company and I could no longer afford.

(That’s why earlier, I was so adamant why you don’t want to get a loan and sign personally.)

Long story short, nowadays, I stay away from signing personally on loans.

And 99% of the time, I do real estate deals on my terms (so no cash and no credit involved) – which is the bulk of what I’ll show you how to do in a second.

It was only when I got serious about real estate investing on terms that my family and I became very successful investors again.

So here’s what we do NOW and what we suggest you look into too…

Here’s How You Can Make Big Money In A Huge Overlooked (And Underserved) Niche In Real Estate

You remember how we said:

“In North America, approximately 82% of men and women cannot utilize conventional financing because of banking regulations.”

Well, out of the 82% of people who can’t get a loan from a bank, you have A LOT of buyers who want a home.

Really badly.

And you have to remember.

It’s not that these buyers have bad credit scores or a criminal record.

A lot of them are just self-employed who haven’t been reporting their income like the banks wants to see. Or, they just need more time to save for a down-payment.

That’s why they cannot qualify for conventional financing.

So right there lies our huge opportunity.

What you and I can do is help these people get a home on what we call “on terms” (Rent to Own or Owner Financing – no banks involved) – and while we do that, we make a lot of passive income and big 5-figure paydays, sometimes 6-figure paydays too.

So if you want the breakdown of the greatest real estate investment strategy I’ve seen in my 26 years in real estate, then pay attention to this.

How You Make Money Doing Deals On Your Terms

When you invest on terms, it means you put together an agreement to buy a seller’s property – with $10-$100 dollars.

That’s it.

And with this agreement, you have control of the home with equitable interest or you actually own it – we’ll show you how soon.

The reason you can do have control / equity interest is because when you buy the property, you and the seller are NOT signing a normal agreement.

You’re signing a special agreement (either a owner financing agreement, subject-to agreement or a lease-purchase agreement). These types of agreements allow you to resell the home you have under agreement to someone else – and we’ll get to why you have little to no risk with this in a second.

So if you’re doing it right, BEFORE you even buy the property, you should already have a qualified buyer (we’ll call them a tenant buyer) who’s committed to buy the property from you the same day you get possession.

(I don’t want to turn this into a training but our custom forms protect you with this issue.)

And of course, you’re going to do what I just explained at a profit.

Why Doing A Deal On Terms Is A

Win-Win-Win For Everyone Involved

The type of deal we just talked about is a win for you. A win for the seller. And a win for the buyer.

And when you do it the way I’m about to show you, you’ll get paid upfront, monthly AND when your contract ends. So on average, you can make $75,000.00 with a lot of passive income for each deal – no matter where you are in the country.

So if you think about it, it’s quite a bit of money for the little work & little risk you take on.

And the reason you can make 5-6 figures per deal is because you’re solving big problems for people.

You see here’s…

Why The Tenant Buyers Love You When You Put Together A Deal Like This

When you’re selling the home you have on agreement for a higher price to a tenant buyer, you’re selling it to a specific type of buyer.

You’re selling it to the 82% of buyers who do NOT qualify for conventional financing from banks.

Here’s what you MUST understand in this process.

The common misconception is the 82% of people who banks turn away are bad people.

This is NOT true.

Many of these buyers are great people. And many of them DO have some money.

They have it in their IRA, savings, or 401K…

They have it tucked away with other family members…

Or sometimes, they just thought they HAD to get a loan to buy a house (which from now, you can tell them is NOT the case).

What you’re doing as the investor who has put together the agreement is you’re giving the tenant buyer enough time to work on their credit; save enough for a down-payment or whatever it is they were stumbling with to get a conventional loan; and ultimately be mortgage-ready. AND you’re allowing them to still own a property while they’re getting mortgage-ready.

So really, you’re giving people a chance to be a homeowner – when they previously thought their only option was to keep renting.

Here’s another HUGE benefit to the tenant buyer.

In most markets, there’s appreciation going on at 3-8%. So when you offer them a deal now, they’re locking in their rate as if they owned the home. Whereas, they go rent, chances are the market’s going to go right past them.

You also want to know…

Why Homesellers Win When You

Help Them Sell On Terms

I’ve tracked my virtual assistant as well as myself, my son and my son-in-law because all total we bring in about 120+ seller leads monthly.

We know the numbers well and here’s what we found…

Out of all the sellers we talk to, 41% Say “Yes” to selling their homes on terms .

You read that right!

Almost 1/2 of the homeowners we contact will consider selling on terms.

Typically, these homeowners have homes that have been on the market for too long. It’s usually because of the way the homes are designed, the location, pricing issues, etc.

So that’s why they’re open to selling on terms.

These are a few of the benefits they get when you buy their home on terms:

  • They can collect on monthly income MUCH higher than if they were to rent out their property…
  • They may have advantages to selling on terms…
  • They can get higher returns compared to other investment types…
  • They can move they can move/sell their property much more quickly and seamlessly with you rather than waiting again on the open market and paying commissions even if they do sell.…
  • They can sometimes eliminate repair costs to because they can sell their property AS it is – at full-list price or higher…
  • They sometimes have substantial savings when it comes to closing costs…
  • And a lot of times, they just want mortgage-relief because they’re about to face foreclosure, or for whatever other reason. In these situations, they just want sell their home to you asap…
  • Sometimes they owe about what it’s worth but if they pay a realtor they’re taking cash out of pocket

So to sum it all up…

How You Can Make A Monthly Passive Income & Get 3 Big Paydays When You’re Doing A Deal Like This

You get the big bucks because as you saw, you’re solving BIG problems.

For sellers and people who want to buy.

That’s all it comes down to.

In the process:

  • You get a big payday from the initial deposit the buyer gives to the seller…
  • You get the difference between what you’re paying the home-seller and what you’re collecting from the tenant buyer – so this difference in amount is your monthly passive income…
  • & then you get you can get a big dump in cash when the agreement is over.

So with this exact strategy, my associates and I make an average of $75,000.00 dollars a deal (with an overhead of less than $600 / month).

And you make your profits while…

  • You never need to get in debt and put stress on you or your loved ones…
  • You never need to put other people’s money at risk and have to face the consequences (if something goes sideways)…
  • You never need to go around asking people for money…
  • You never hire any contractors or repair any homes yourself…
  • You didn’t even have to visit the home if you didn’t want to…


  • You get immediate cash flow…
  • You can do this type of deal in any market anywhere you are…
  • You can make good money without exhausting yourself (like you would flipping homes)
  • You have no limit to number of deals you want to do in a month (because you’re not relying on cash)
  • You get multiple BIG cheques AND monthly residual (something you cannot get in ANY other form of real estate investing)
  • You can hedge yourself from whatever is happening in the market…
  • You can even uncover a few great properties for you and family to buy and keep…

So you might be thinking:

“This sounds great. But what’s the risk when you’re investing on terms? Come on. There’s gotta be some risk to this…”

Great question.


Why You Have Little To No Risk Working With The 82% Of People Who Don’t Qualify For Conventional Financing (When You Do It Right) 

When you sell the home you have under agreement to the wrong tenant buyer, yes, there could be some risk.

So we have a process that we put our buyers through that includes credit screening, criminal, sexual harassment like you normally would with a tenant, but we take it further.

  • We determine how much and when they will be putting down for a non refundable down payment so they they are a buyer – not a tenant that will just stop paying
  • We have specific systems in place to increase that down payment, increasing their likelihood of being a great buyer and increasing your payday
  • We have underwriting criteria with our pre-screeners that tell us when the tenant buyer will be mortgage ready so, again, we’re setting them up to win and negating any headaches and risk on our part

Why It’s A Smart Move For You To Protect Your Seller Anyways

With that said, you still want to help your seller avoid this kind of risk. You help your sellers avoid risk by using a PROPER system (which I’ll show you in a second) to vet your buyers.

But why do you want to look out for the seller?

There’s a few good reasons…

First of all, because you want to be a good human being.

Second of all, you want to protect your own reputation so you can get referrals from your sellers.

Third, when you look out for your sellers, you get to make money LONG-TERM and you get referrals. So below, I’ll give you a way to access to the pre-screening company and systems I personally use who will screen buyers FOR YOU.

However, even with a proven system like the one my family and I use every week – here’s…

How A Few Deals Can Fall Apart, But Why It’s Not The End Of The World For You and I

Life events do happen.

And roughly once a year and the last two years it did happen.

Even with our due diligence, two deals fell through – but keep in mind we do dozens of deals a year.

Deal #1:

It was two engaged women and they broke up. One of them called me and said things changed and handed back the keys. But it was no problem.

We went to our original list of interest and refilled it that first weekend.

Deal #2:

We had a family only 12 months into a 5 year agreement. They called and said their dad had a second heart attack out of State. So, they had to go relocate to be with him. They shampooed the rugs. Returned the keys. And we had a stronger buyer move in within 30 days.

It’s unfortunate.

So with our system, we have 1 deal a year out of all the deals we do that didn’t last.

It’s not so bad.

And as you saw, in these cases, all you need to do is refill the home with another buyer or on rare occasion use your assign-back option in your contract – more on that later.

So if this opportunity is so great…

Why No One Is Talking About This Underserved Market & This Lucrative Opportunity 

When you’re making money on terms, you have a never ending supply of deals you can work with – especially when you have a system I’ll reveal in a second.

But if there’s so much opportunity, you’d think: “Why don’t more people do this?”

The truth this.

People don’t know this is an option.

Sellers and Realtors® are trained to serve the 18% of the people who can get conventional financing.

So they have no idea how to deal with the 82% of other eager buyers.

And when they don’t understand it, they’re scared of it.

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