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Quantum Income Leap – Daniel Levis


Quantum Income Leap – Daniel Levis Download. The fastest, most efficient, most straightforward way to propel your business to extraordinary success require…

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The fastest, most efficient, most straightforward way to propel your business to extraordinary success requires TWO critical strategies… but Quantum Income Leap gives you a whopping SEVEN!

Quantum Income Leap by Daniel Levis,
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The Fastest Way to SIX Figures & (Way) Beyond …


Leapfrog Over the Masses… as an In-Demand Coach, Consultant Freelancer, or Info-Marketer Who’s Ready to Cash in On The Next Phase of Internet Growth …

The fastest, most efficient, most straightforward way to propel your business to extraordinary success requires TWO critical strategies… but Quantum Income Leap gives you a whopping SEVEN!

FIRST, you need the right TOOLS for the right job—step-by-step SYSTEMS for structuring a marketing funnel, creating long-term marketing strategies, websites, e-mail campaigns, joint ventures, landing pages, proper customer and client positioning, creating irresistible offers, etc.

And SECOND, you’ve gotta have your “head on straight,” because it actually takes WORK to create unimaginable success—the world WILL try to pull you back—like gravity clawing at a rocket trying to escape the earth’s atmosphere.

But besides over delivering on the BIG TWO, Quantum Income Leap provides, 1) unending support, 2) specific and personalized feedback, 3) a like-minded community, 4) multiple layers of massive motivation, 5) expert advice, 6) in-the-nick-of-time inspiration, 7) successful role models to follow (some who started with absolutely NOTHING!)…and a heck of a lot more.

AND…QIL ,, IS EVEN BETTER, more comprehensive, and more efficient…after mentoring the last 3 groups of extraordinary achievers in 2013.

They’ve tried to distract me (and themselves) with every stumble, stall, and self-sabotaging trick…so I’m wise to all that tomfoolery and can help you faster and more efficiently—by cutting right through those back-assward patterns when they rear their ugly heads—which they will.

PLUS…there are another 8 HOURS of HOT SEATS and dynamite critiques. With each 91-Day entrepreneurial adventure, members attended 4 additional marketing summits and they’re all lined up and ready to go on in the members-only archive…it’s a treasure trove of street-wise information—worth the price of admission by itself.

That’s why it’s almost impossible NOT to find the specific puzzle piece you’re missing to finally catapult your business to where it deserves to go.

As Andy Thompson, the “Implementation Beast” said,

“I got $20,000…$30,000…heck, even $50,000 worth of value from your personalized support.”

So start gathering your mental and emotional “force”—bringing it all to bear like a karate master breaking a (supposedly) unbreakable brick…

It’s the biggest, most efficient, and now, for 2014, the most “implementable” full-package instruction manual to…

Leapfrog Over the Masses… as an In-Demand Coach, Consultant, Freelancing Pro, or Info-Marketer Who’s Ready to Cash In on The NEXT PHASE of Internet Growth…

Here’s what you get with 13-weeks of intensive, breakthrough training. It’s available 24/7, multimedia style…in webinar replays, mp3’s, transcripts…and of course the extensive “brain-changing” exercises that build on each other and amplify the impact of EVERY module.

(Frankly, I consider the extensive brain-changing modules to be FAR MORE important than the complete, life-changing, step-by-step tool-kit of strategies and techniques. But…I succumb to the common desires…to give you what APPEARS to be most important…then sneak the TRULY transformative information, in the back door).

MODULE 1: The Missing-Link Principles that ANCHOR You to Success

  • The Crucial Wealth Mindset…that’s Actually DOABLE Instead of a Pipedream
  • Dump the Customers You Hate—The Money’s in Working with the Ones You Love
  • No Clients Yet? Start Here!
  • Specialization Means Low-Hanging Fruit—How to Grab the Riches in Niches
  • Specialization Evaluation—How to Eliminate Overwhelm
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy—The Billionaire’s Secret

MODULE 2: Creating Your Unshakable Foundation—for Relentless Growth

  • The Simplest 3-Step Sales Formula—EVER!
  • Death by Generalization—Ultra Success in Niches
  • Empathy Installation—Hidden Sales Pitfalls vs Sales Power
  • Beginner’s Guide to Building the “Ascension Ladder” to High-Ticket Sales
  • Squeeze Pages Made Simple—Model this Case Study
  • Create Cash WHILE You Build Your List (NOT “Someday” in the Future that Never Comes)
  • Why PROPER Care and Feeding of Your List is JOB ONE
  • The “Commitment in Stages” System—So You Don’t Scare Prospects Away
  • Instant Trust and Credibility with 7-Steps-to-Riches: The Value-in-Advance Formula
  • Pain and Pleasure Emotional Checklist—The Template for Never-Ending Sales
  • HOT SEAT: Business-to-Business Mastery—Part I
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: The THINK BIGGER-Achieve More Financial-Breakthrough ProcessTM

MODULE 3: Building Your Autopilot Client Acquisition Machine

  • Easy Email Follow-Up…the Basics
  • Client-Attraction Magnet—Case Study
  • The Four-Key Phases of EVERY Winning Campaign
  • The Step-By-Step Automated Client Acquisition Model
  • Pre-Sold Leads—Sales Editorial Copy
  • Easier Selling with the “Hero’s” Story
  • The 7-Point “Pitch” Template…From Promise to Call-to-Action
  • Faster Bullet-Point Creation— the Simple 8-Point Checklist
  • The Power of “Reference” Selling—EVERYONE is Susceptible
  • The 4-Point Risk-Reversal Guarantee that Makes “Closing” Easy
  • Higher Fees, Better Clients, Bigger Profits
  • HOT SEAT: Business-to-Business Mastery—Part II
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: The “Finishers” Success Club

MODULE 4: Strategic, Unlimited Content for Effortless Credibility

    • Picking ONLY the Most Profitable Subject Matter
    • How to Use Special Reports, Short Videos, Special Reports, E-Courses, Software, Evaluations, Quizzes, Audio Downloads, Apps, Webinars and Teleseminars
    • Joint-Venture Magic: Interview, Partnership, or Research Approach?
    • The Secret Strategy Behind Mid and High-Ticket Info Products ($297-$1,497)
    • 5-Simple Steps to an Info-Product Arsenal
  • HOT SEAT: Part II: with Troy Ketter (before his BIG breakthrough!
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: The Evergreen Wealth in Info-Products

MODULE 5: A-to-Z Web Technology… Made Simple AND Affordable

  • Exclusive Web Infrastructure Mind Map—Demystifying How it ALL Fits Together
  • Getting Affordable Help—The “Free Money” in Outsourcing (Websites, Countries, Skill Categories, Salaries)
  • The Secret to Working Successfully with Offshore Workers
  • Core E-Business Processes—Webhost Setup; Designing Your Blog; Uploading Webpages
  • Autoresponder Basics; Shopping Carts
  • CRM Review; Affiliate Tracking
  • Payment Processing; Amazon S3
  • HOTSEAT with George Porter
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: Easy Decision-Making Tools & Effective Outsourcing Secrets

MODULE 6: Oiling, Turbocharging & Fine-Tuning Your Client Acquisition Machine (Easier than PPC)

  • Driving Traffic with Power Steering: The 3 Joint-Venture Approaches: 1) Direct; 2) Indirect; 3) Multi-Partner Events
  • Flying Down the Freeway—Getting Traffic with Editorial Content
  • Cruise Control—What to Put in Your Article & Getting Your Articles Published
  • JV E-Mail Template; The Long-Term Psychology Behind Profitable J-V Marketing
  • Why People WANT to Do JV’s with YOU—Even the Big Shots Who Seem Unapproachable
  • Book Marketing—Easier Than You Think
  • HOT SEAT: Copy & Website Critique
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy : Personal Love Manifesto

MODULE 7: Pricing and Irresistible-Offer Psychology—The Overlooked Ticket to Ridiculous Profits

  • How to Master Counterintuitive Payment Plans
  • Spotting the “Resistance Levels” for Faster Compliance
  • When a High-Priced Front End is Brilliant
  • Magical OFFER TEMPLATES: The Ultra-Low Cost Offer; The Bonus Pile-On Offer; The Discounted Offer; The FREE Suite of Clothes Offer; The Alternative Choice Offer; The Up-Sell Offer; Negative Option Continuity Offer; Trial Offer; The Down-Sell Offer; The Installment Offer; Risk Free Offer; The Application Offer; Fixed Price for Pre-Set Result Plus Royalty Offer; Retainer Plus Royalty Offer; Draw Against Royalty Offer; Bundled Offers
  • HOTSEAT: with an LA Music Producer
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: How to Raise Your Fees—The Extreme Perspective Makeover

MODULE 8: The Overlooked Power of Personal Branding: Developing a Hard-Core Following

  • Guru Positioning Made Easy
  • The Secret Psychology of Decision Making
  • Communicating Your Magnificent Obsession
  • The 3 Steps to Market Dominance
  • Delivering Extraordinary Value—Without Extraordinary Effort
  • Your Higher Business Mission—We All Have (and Need) One
  • Simple Synopsis of My $997 Course—How to Tell and Leverage Your Story (Template)
  • CONTROVERSY: When (and When NOT To) Lean on Gender, Politics, Religion
  • Divide & Conquer = Make Money
  • HOT SEAT Strategies/Critique for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Website
  • Brain –Change-Made-Easy: The “You Deserve Riches” Awakening Process

MODULE 9: The Master Principles of Leverage: Less Work x Less Time = MORE Money

  • Identifying the KEY Blockages and Leverage Points (Little Hinges Swing BIG Doors)
  • Eye-Opening (and Inspiring) Case Studies and Examples
  • Mechanical vs Psychological Leverage
  • Obvious (but Ignored) Leverage Principles for Easier Profits
  • Money or Labor—Asking the Right Questions; Automation Essentials
  • Exponential Power of Endorsements
  • The Social Media Conundrum—Are You Just Wasting Your Time?
  • Behavioral Targeting for a Pin-Point Message-to-Market Match
  • One-to-Many Real-Time Communication
  • Giving Yourself an Interest-Free Loan
  • Cross-Pollinating Your Product Purchases
  • Easy Interview Leverage
  • Mind-Control and Ferocious Focus
  • HOT SEAT with copywriter Kevin Hill (he landed a contract with a major marketing company!).
  • Brain –Change-Made-Easy: Overcoming Limitations of Time, Distance and Uncovering Hidden Assets

MODULE 10: Reaping The Amazing Financial Rewards of Building Trust

  • The 22 Master Mechanisms of Trust and Credibility (with Examples)
  • Proper Use of Credentials & Genius Gene Schwartz’s “Gradualization” Technique
  • Logic vs Fuzzy Logic; Use and Misuse of the “Damaging Admission”
  • Testimonials in Today’s FTC Environment
  • Borrowed Credibility; How to Correctly Use NLP’s “Presuppositon”
  • Unnoticed Repetition, Understatement, Strategic Use of Metaphor and Analogy
  • Plain Talk (and When You SHOULD Sound Like a Dictionary)
  • Pre-establishing Buying Criteria
  • Advanced Storytelling
  • Brass-Balls Guarantees
  • HOT SEAT with PPC expert, Local Lead Generation Formula
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: The Adversity to Opportunity Transformation ProcessTM

MODULE 11: “Customers for Life” Autopilot System

  • There’s a FORTUNE in the Follow-up
  • The TRUTH About Reciprocity, Exposure, & Familiarity
  • Monetize from Day ONE; Too Many Giveaways?
  • Deploy Your Resources with Surgical Precision: 80/20 and Give Me the Money
  • The REAL Money in Back-End Sales
  • The Recency, Frequency & Monetary Value Formula
  • Three “Nurturing” Models: Newsletters; E-mail Do’s & Don’ts; Optimum Number of “Touches”
  • How to Find the Time and What to Write
  • HOT SEAT with Newsletter Expert
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: Simplified Constant Contact with Customers Checklist

MODULE 12: The Most Powerful Practice Building Tool—Webinars!

  • Easier & Faster…at a Fraction of the Cost; Lead Generation Made Easy
  • Why the Right Mindset Means Higher Conversion
  • How to Use Your Voice for Maximum Impact
  • The Doorway to the Emotions; Projecting Your Personality
  • Best Platforms for Presentation: Technology Secrets
  • How Registration Mistakes Kill Sales; Gifts to Make Them Stay
  • When (and WHY) You’ve GOTTA Put on a SHOW
  • The 3 Killer Formats; The 7-Stage Sales System; Involvement Devices
  • Avoiding Death by PowerPoint
  • HOT SEAT Field Report: How a greenhorn copywriter smashed a control…his first time out…and doubled the Conversion Rate for a Major Website (For Another QIL Member)
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: Webinar Wealth Worksheet

MODULE 13: How to GET (AND CLOSE) 5 and 6-Figure $$ Deals

  • High Fees Just Require a SYSTEM… They’re NOT a Mystery!
  • Client Discovery Session…Laying the Foundation
  • Get Paid From the Beginning (Because You’re Helping Your Clients)
  • Power in Pre-framing the Call; The Natural Magic of Rapport
  • Learning from the Old Masters: A Free Book for You
  • Psychological “Binds” that Rocket Your Sales
  • Stress-Free Objection Handling and Dealing With Stalls
  • HOT SEAT: Objection Handling Lightning Round, 3 LIVE participants
  • Brain-Change-Made-Easy: The Dream Team and Theme Breakthrough ProcessTM

And by the way, you’ll be hard pressed to find a profession what WON’T dovetail with the wall-to-wall Quantum Income Leap strategies. Our list of alumni include:

Authors, an SEO expert, PhD’s, a nutritional consultant, professors, musicians, copywriters, a video consultant, web designers, inventors, a real estate coach, a real estate investor, biz-to-biz consultants, an herbalist, professional speakers, life coaches, relationship coaches, a Hollywood producer, teachers, graphic artists, a personal finance advisor, personal trainers, holistic health coaches, a construction consultant, weight loss experts, a process engineering advisor, IT specialists, a sports psychologist, a market research consultant, a restaurant marketing specialist, a parenting expert, hypnotherapists, an employee productivity consultants, marketing consultants, a list broker, a publisher, a management consultant…and more.

Who Quantum Income Leap is NOT FOR:

1) If you’re allergic to work…

Then QIL won’t work for you—but neither will any other program, course, or set of teachings (but the brain-changing modules have the power to finally “fix” you).

Of course QIL requires focused effort…but it’s a heck of a lot easier (and cheaper) than chasing get-rich-quick fantasies for another 5 years. One of last quarter’s achievers said he got more done in 3 months than in the last 3 years!

And ask yourself, how hard is it to live with fear, lack of sleep, stress, and the crushing anxiety about paying the bills? That’s one hell of a lot harder than really putting yourself full speed into a project that’s going to ELIMINATE those terrors in the night.

You can ask ANYONE who’s broken through their own self-imposed barriers—they’ll ALL tell you success is FAR, FAR EASIER…once they crack the “belief barrier” and experience the “sonic boom” of success.

Actually, when you work with all your might with focused energy—toward a worthwhile goal– you couldn’t care less about the effort…it’s truly a JOY instead of a burden.

2) Unusual Occupations and Professions

E-mail me on this. There are definitely some specific situations where QIL is NOT your best choice. I’ll try to direct you to a more appropriate solution. But sometimes, where YOU can’t see a good fit, I’ve worked with similar opportunities that have been solved already. So ask before you decide. If there’s something better for you, I’ll definitely let you know. My contacts range far and wide throughout cyberspace.

How Much Is This Worth to You?

How much is my immersive coaching program and challenge worth to you if it gives you a proven path to permanently dissolving your money worries… if it gives you the freedom to pattern your life around the needs of your loved ones and your own personal idea of reward …

… if it shows you the clearest, lowest risk route to a thriving practice in 2014… that could earn you millions of dollars in discretionary income over the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years, or more?

Imagine what it would mean to you to finally break free from financial limitation… what would you do differently?

34 hours of core training, 8 additional hours of LIVE interactive HOT SEATS, social support, a chance to win your tuition, unlimited email coaching (if you’re quick.)

The Quantum Income Leap experience is equivalent to coming to our offices here for a 4-day private workshop and spending the evenings with me one on one, hammering out your plans, going over your work and chiseling it into a productive business.

People who actually come to our offices for this kind of training and personalized strategy pay no less than $15,000 for it and consider it a bargain.

But this is distance learning, so I don’t have to charge $15,000. The list price to get into the program is just $1,997.

And I’ll even give you the option of taking care of your tuition in 4 easy monthly installments of just $547, if money is tight for you right now. Pay for your tuition with the money it makes you. Honestly, $547 a month, for 4 months, that’s absolute peanuts compared to the income potential available to you in this business.

And I’ll even let you sample the first session, basically for free, to see if you like it. Give me just $1 today, log onto the member’s area and go through the first module …

…If you feel comfortable with the material and excited about what we can achieve together, we’ll deduct the first $547 a week from now. If you don’t think it’s for you, just send us an email… and we’ll cancel your enrollment. No harm, no foul. What could be fairer?

My 2 PERSONAL Decision Strategies

#1: My lizard brain wants to put stuff off as much as the next guy’s. But after all these years, I recognize my own sneaky tendencies to snooze and lose.

So one of my most powerful personal strategies is to honestly ask myself, without falling for this as a marketing trick:

“If not now, when?”

And like you, I’ve seen this used as a sales tactic. But I found that it’s actually really useful… If I look at myself without flinching and ask: “Will this REALLY be easier if I wait? Is there REALLY a better time than now? Will it REALLY be less painful in the future (when the pressure’s on because I put it off?)?”

But if it IS better to wait… then by all means, WAIT!

If not, then SIGN UP NOW and let the momentum of your dreams, and our power in numbers, carry you with the current…

#2: Another reminder I give my primodial brain (that would rather watch movies and sleep), is the story from the grand-old master of sales, Zig Ziglar.

Zig would tell the tale of an overworked, Dilbert-cube employee, passionately getting ready for an exotic, once-a-year vacation—and how he or she would come to life like they were mainlining adrenaline.

They’d get 2 weeks of work done in TWO DAYS…and love every minute!

Then Zig would ask, “why we don’t live every day like that?” What is it that holds us back, when we see from that example THAT IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE???

Well, that’s what Quantum Income Leap is all about—FINALLY committing to ACTUALLY DO the things you really WANT to do ANYWAY!!!!!

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