Publish Academy-Gold Package – Anik Singal



Publish Academy-Gold Package – Anik Singal


Publish Academy-Gold Package – Anik Singal Download. First of all, you’ll get SEVEN crazy in-depth modules from Anik and his coaches on how to create a HIG…

First of all, you’ll get SEVEN crazy in-depth modules from Anik and his coaches on how to create a HIGHLY profitable digital publishing business from A-Z.

Publish Academy-Gold Package by Anik Singal,
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What is Publish Academy?

This will be the first time Anik Singal teaches the exact methods he have used to sell over $100 Million in digital products in the last 12 years.

First of all, you’ll get SEVEN crazy in-depth modules from Anik and his coaches on how to create a HIGHLY profitable digital publishing business from A-Z. New and experienced students alike will be able to move through the members area at their OWN pace, which should allow them to spend as little or as much time as necessary to go through each individual module.

Publish Academy is all about exactly how to do the following:

  • Turn your Expertise, Hobby or Passion into a DIGITAL information product.
  • Finding & Analyzing the Perfect Niche
  • Building The Product – Step by Step
  • Exact Funnel Development For Most Revenue
  • How To Build Every Piece of The Sales Messaging
  • Doing Your First Ignition Launch – Creating Their First $10,000 In Sales

In this complimentary training, you will receive:

  1. Video Training Modules
    7 in-depth training modules from Anik and his master coaches on creating a profitable digital publishing (information marketing) business from scratch. Students will be able to advance through the members area at their own pace – allowing them to spend as much or as little time as needed to review any given module. They will also have LIFE-TIME access!
  2. 90 days of open Q&A Plus Coaching
    Unlimited Q&A interaction with trainers for the first three months (regardless of one’s time zone.) This training aspect will be invaluable to our students – we are even going one step further here and adding a DAILY LIVE Q&A for the first 30 days of the program. Members will avoid getting “stuck” by getting their most pressing questions answered every day. We are not even close to done… This is by far the #1 program ever created in the world of Digital Publishing!
  3. Member’s Community + Complete Business Plan Creator
    A private forum with live training and member connectivity – learn from the coaches, learn from other students, build a network, and more! Even better, we have custom-created a software that will walk through the entire business model – one step at a time. This software will actually help them create their entire personalized business plan!
  4. 3 Virtual Weekend Workshops – PLATINUM Members
    Our students have literally become MILLIONAIRES simply by applying what they learned at our Virtual Live Events! Publish Academy students get FREE access to 3 complete virtual events over a 4-month period. Instead of conducting LIVE Events, we have decided to make it easy for our students. We will be conducting entire weekend long – interactive – workshops where our students from all over the WORLD can join.
  5. Skills Training Academy
    Guided Skills Training for 90 days. We work with members on an array of important (yet often overlooked) skills to master! Again, we will go one step further and turn this into the best experience for our members – not only will we teach our students important skills, we will tie this in with fun and competitive challenges so our members will focus on creating their digital product while we ensure that they take massive action!
  6. Traffic Academy
    We know that the digital publishing business does not stop with the created product. So we want to show our students how to drive traffic to their digital product. We will train our members on on the most effective traffic methods.
  7. Brain Tank
    We want to keep our members up-to-date on the most current and important topics in digital publishing. Anik Singal knows just about every top leader in every single niche. Every month, he will find a leader doing something unique and different for jaw-dropping results. Then, he will interview them, reverse engineer their entire business and publish it for our Publish Academy members! Our students will be able to grow their business by getting first-level access every month to #1 leaders for an entire year! This is seriously hot stuff!
  8. Experts by Association
    Like with anything in life – sometimes you just need to get your foot in the door. We know that our members might feel the same way about digital publishing. We want to show them a ridiculously simple way to create their own digital product by using other people’s expertise. Even with zero knowledge, our members will be able to create their own product in any niche in 10 days or less!
  9. Safe Hire
    Publish Academy members will be able to access the premier resources for every step throughout their product creation. We know that choosing the WRONG vendor can destroy a business before it even starts. Our Safe Hire community ensures that our students will choose the RIGHT vendor every time! We will list the absolute greatest copywriters, designers, programmers, video editors and more to make their product perfect! This exclusive bonus allows members to communicate with each other and endorse the best-inclass vendors for reasonable prices. Plus, once we grow this community, students can help each other by doing work for one another.TOOLS and BONUSESWe always go above and beyond because we want to see our students succeed. So we do not simply stop with training – we go one step further and give our members the tools they need to get them to their end goal faster! Most of these tools are not even available on the marketplace – because we ourself are building them for our students – as you can see: we’re committed!
  10. Niche Detective
    We know that conducting your own niche research on a regular basis can be extremely time consuming and tiresome – that is why we will be giving our students exclusive reports where we evaluate the top niches for digital publishing. Using exclusive tools, we thoroughly break down 20 niches — Plus we add MORE for our members every month! Publish Academy students will learn which markets are most profitable, which products to promote and what keywords to use. Moreover, we will share key price points, top converting hooks and which sales funnels work best.
  11. Copy’n’Paste Business Models
    It’s always fun to peek behind the scenes and we are not holding anything back! We’ve gathered our top business models responsible for our greatest launches, customer growth and profits! We take our members behind the scenes and break down each one – piece by piece! We’re sharing magic price points, best working sales funnels, our whole sales process, product, marketing, back end… EVERYTHING. Simply copy and paste it to your own niche and business!

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