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Mature Masculine Power – Dr. Paul Dobransky


Mature Masculine Power – Dr. Paul Dobransky Download. For this training program, I stepped back. Way back and thought about all-new models of psychology fo…

For this training program, I stepped back. Way back and thought about all-new models of psychology for this one, then I STARTED FROM SCRATCH in designing it.

Mature Masculine Power by Dr. Paul Dobransky,
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For this training program, I stepped back. Way back and thought about all-new models of psychology for this one, then I STARTED FROM SCRATCH in designing it.

It’s powerful. It is the latest of the latest in my overall strategies and tactics of BEING A MAN, and will be material you can IMMEDIATELY go out and use in your life. And while it can be applied to two different areas of life – WOMEN and WORK – if you came to this page possibly wondering about something deeper than either area of life as a man…

…something that has more to do with ALL OF IT – your overall experience of who you are, how people treat you, and how you treat yourself…

…with respect, or lack of it. Your sense of pride, your sense of shame, your sense of permission to be who you want to be, say what you really feel and do what you feel is right.

But something holds you back from really living with this sense of freedom that you see some other men enjoy. You know, the guys who seem to “shoot their mouths off” and yet never get in trouble for it. The guys who seem to always say the right things to women to get their interest, even if what they say is a bit “off color” or “inappropriate.” They seem to change jobs with ease, and make friends even easier. And part of you is jealous of them because you know that deep down, although you want to be as free as they are to be themselves, you just can’t. It might “rock the boat” at work, or in your relationship or marriage, or cause your family to criticize you.

But you sense that these other men are somehow…

…better men than you.

And you wonder, or wish, or hope that it doesn’t have to be that way – you, as the “outsider” on life, on really “feeling alive.”

You might even give these men a name: “alpha males.”

If you know how to look, you’ll see that your voice, your identity, and your sense of individuality was there all along, waiting for you to have the insight to recognize it, the self-respect to know you’re worth taking on the role as a man you know you could be, and the will to care enough to take charge of the responsibility, devotion, discipline, and passion to handle that.

To the ancients, this was a status for a man to ritually enter, to be mentored at, guided, taught, and then celebrated for reaching. It was called “initiation,” and they held “initiation rituals.”

A boy was taken out into the wilderness and set loose to find his way home, to hunt and kill an animal as a trophy, or to compete with other boys in a battle to what seemed like it could be to the death…

…but never was really, because their fathers were secretly watching, guiding, and protecting.

This “facing the fear of death” though – it did something remarkable, even though it was a bit of a prank played on them, a fatherly strategy for the sake of making their boys into men…

…the only way in fact to do so, because…

…in facing the fear of death and looking down at their bodies to discover that yes, they had survived the trial…

…what else could they fear in life, having beat the fear of death?


You see, they were then free to live the lives of MEN.

The kind that you’ve seen living so free to be themselves, say what they want, do what they want, and shamelessly, boldly succeeding.

You, like those men, can succeed with the skills to attract and enjoy rich relationships with women, a career that is more than meaningful – it was what you were “meant to do” – but above all this…

…to know who you ARE. That you know that you know you are a man with the right to be yourself.

You will have the “permission” that you never knew you were wondering around seeking.

I want you to dive into this program when you get your hands on it, and remember this: for each masculine instinct you are going to learn about, it applies to your own “primitive sense” of existing, in which you learn, master, and use a slightly different sense or spirit of “passion” for life that “feeds your soul” or makes you “feel like a real man.”

What do I mean?

Well, you are going to learn about each little working part of masculine instinct which is given a name like the “Zeus Instinct” or the “Hermes Instinct” for example. Zeus was the Greek god of leadership and the chief god, and Hermes was the Greek god of communication and technological efficiency. By my naming these “powers” of masculinity, envision yourself a bit like a superhero with a “utility belt.” These are very real “psychological powers” that exist in males, just like the “tools” of a superhero’s “utility belt.”

So imagine this…

Have you ever heard of a man who had spent most of his life not quite finding a way to belong to any particular social group? He never had girlfriends for very long, trouble getting dates, and trouble keeping jobs.

Definitely not an “alpha male.” At least, less so than YOU.

But at some point he “discovered his voice” and started telling everyone about some new goal for his life that he had realized. You knew him well and that he always had crazy ideas about some cool, new thing he was going to try, but you’d seen one after another not work out for him.

But this time, something was different.

He disappeared for months, and you started to wonder where your old wingman had gone? Then more time passed and you started to worry that he may have been kidnapped or joined a cult of some kind.

But you ran into him on the street, and he looked different – his clothes, his physique, and there was even a good looking woman on his arm.

“What happened?” you said, and he replied that he had “discovered who he is and what he was meant to do. Now he leads a whole department, or organization that he started.

It was the Zeus Instinct that had made him a new man. He finally found his “mission” in life, after trying a lot of others, and then the passion he felt for it naturally led to leading other men at it.

From there, the masculinity it fueled naturally led to women naturally being more attracted to him.

End of story.

Have you ever heard of a man who was raised in a nontraditional way – perhaps on a farm or small town – and was always shy and subdued, which didn’t go over very well with women, and didn’t give you a lot of confidence that he was going to amount to that much in the career success area either?

…and one day, as you were leaving town, he announced that he was going off to the big city too?

You told him that was great, but weren’t too sure things were going to go so well for him, given that shyness and all…

But years later, you ran into him at the same work conference, and found that he had actually surpassed your own dreams for a career and social life?

He was not at all an “alpha male,” but somehow, time passed, and BAM! – he certainly was now!

I knew a guy like that in high school. He actually had dropped out of high school to “play on his computer.” He did a few drugs too, and lingered around the small town until people talked about him less and less.

But nearly a decade later, we saw him in Business Week, and Fast Company, and even on national television – the inventor of several gadgets you have all heard of and use in your homes.

Sure, he had been shy, but all that was missing for him was the vibrant ENVIRONMENT of the big city, and the access to PEOPLE, communication, technology that on that farm, he’d had no idea he would take such power from once he could turn it loose in the social world of the big city.

That’s the Hermes Instinct – the male instinct for communication and technology, the reflex to seek efficiency with our resources as men and makes good on it with EFFECTIVENESS. The man I’m talking about came up with a whole new way for people to connect to each other – the very thing he’d lacked all through his childhood.

All he needed was the ACCESS to people on a larger scale – where his natural shyness could get lost in numbers, but ironically, that anonymity gave him the means to find all the right people to teach him, encourage him, help him, team with him, and find what we call a “joint mission for men” in the Mature Masculine Power Program.

What he discovered was simply this: the masculine instincts called the Zeus and the Hermes are sitting dormant in ALL men, waiting to be “tapped.”

I’m going to show you how…

When you apply the MMP program to your personal life, your core, “primitive skills as a man” become clear through these “instincts,” and you become awake and aware of which of them you are best at, which you need brush up work on, and which of them most “make things happen” in life.

Then you know exactly what to do next.

The place you live, and people you have access to have EVERYTHING to do with your “destiny” as a man.

It can take many years to realize this, but when you finally do discover that YOU CAN CHANGE BOTH OF THESE, you’ve just tapped into the Hermes Instinct – the communication channels that men naturally seek, which speed him along to efficiency in growing a life he was meant to live.

This MMP program shows you how to evolve as a man, discovering these specific tools called Masculine Instincts that literally build a mature, masculine identity, and the rewarding life that follows that.

There is far more in the MMP…

It’s about your skill with women too, and your personal growth as a man in general.

When you dive into the first portion of this material, Mature Masculine Power, you’ll get the basics on discovering your “Mission in Life” as a man, how that also relates to ongoing attraction of women, and how a blockage in going from “boy thinking and behavior” to “man thinking and behavior” impairs your every action toward a fulfilling identity while with women, which sees you solidly stay yourself instead of bending to their desires, falling down in self-respect, then seeing attraction die. It’s all about what psychologists call “the unconscious” (of men), or what evolutionists call “the reptilian brain.” We find that the unconscious, the reptilian brain, is specific to gender – for you, to “being a man.” So what we will cover is what amounts to the “circuitry” of masculinity itself.

Then, in the additional audio module which transforms the MMP into a specific tool for your growth in the area of attraction, sexuality and solid identity while being with women, we look at the most difficult challenges that a man faces in early dating, boyfriend-girlfriend arrangements, and even marriage. You’ll instantly see how useful it is to learn about the “Zeus Power Circuit” (The Leadership Instinct in men) and “Hermes Power Circuit” (The efficiency aspect of being a man who can balance a woman and career, and masterful communication with women), with numerous examples of practical application.

In this program, you will learn:


How to precisely discover your mission in life as a man

How to “decode” feminine instincts, with skills and traits of what I call the “Masculine Power-Instincts” which work for you on women and work like the tools of a superhero’s toolbelt

Solve all problems of the workplace and making your way in the world, using a simple set of “Reptilian Brained Circuits”

EVOLVE RAPIDLY – from “boy thinking” you don’t even know you are doing, to “MAN thinking” that gets you all the rewards you’ve been after

OH YES: and your follow up after this home-study course will be a FREE MONTH of membership to the Men’s Psychology On Demand, where there are 2000 guys discussing how to get the women, the work, and the life that’s one of a kind, with weekly live teleseminars by phone with me.

Masculine Intelligence in Being a Man (miWork) advanced programs are gritty, deeply illuminating programs on all the aspects of being a man that are instinctual, intuitive, street smart, and of a reflex, primal, “animal” nature.

I don’t dive so thoroughly into this specific aspect of being a man in any other program as I do in this program. After all, it’s not your resume that gets you hired or promoted, not your “nice guy” friendliness that gets you social opportunity with women, and not your possessions, title, or education that gets you an overall feeling, status, and role as a REAL MAN in your relationships, family, friendship circle, or society at large.

It’s your degree of being wired into your own core power called MASCULINITY.

Get “Masculine Momentum”

This force is the REAL reason men get hired, promoted, grow in the size of their friendship groups, their access to women and richness of their dating, find a solid, durable, cheat-proof committed relationship to a woman, and generally achieve leadership roles in society, their family, and their communities…

…so long as that primitive force is steered, channeled, and coupled to a second feature of being a man: his maturity of CHARACTER. When this happens he is UNSTOPPABLE, and is a force to be reckoned with.

Not only that – he finds that life gets both EASIER, more DURABLE and STABLE, and ever growing with MORE REWARDS on LESS effort, time, energy, and money.


In my course I teach you:

How to COMPETE with other men, never have insecurity about it again, be thrown off balance, nervous or avoid it. We MUST compete as men all through our lives, like it or not. I am going to show you how to do so not with hostile or negative repercussions, but in a way that is likely to see you actually BEFRIENDING the men you have competed against (and WON)…

How to FATHER YOURSELF, if you did not have great fathering, if he was missing, absent, neglectful, destructive, abusive, hostile, weak, tired, unremarkable, or any less than WHAT YOU REALLY NEEDED. If you were never “initiated” into manhood by a father figure, you will now know HOW TO ANYWAY, even through using experiences that you have already BEEN THROUGH and are DONE WITH.

The “missing link” in every relationship that is on the “skids.” How to identify it, build it, or get out.

The situation of not knowing “what I am meant to do in life,” and what to do.

The situation of not knowing which woman is right for you, and how to navigate your way to the one who is.

The challenge of direct confrontation or destructiveness done by other men who do not share the same mission in life as you.

The stress of being with a woman who does not support your mission, or the difficulty in finding one who does.

How to take a bad situation with a woman who “doesn’t feel it for you,” and turn that around forever.

How to go from “needy,” wussy, overly compliant guy to a real man who can walk away from deals, relationships, and agreements that do not, and will never benefit you.

The role of guilt in a man’s life, and how to live a life that never needed to be apologized for, and never will again.

The method, system, and process for getting through a time of life that I call “The Wasteland,” where all seems lost, and nobody seems to care or to come to your aid.

The importance of freedom in a man’s life. How to find it even if you are in a committed relationship, or to use it in your single life as a blessing, not a curse that the culture around you uses to label you, enslave you, intimidate you, control you or otherwise use you as a single man to make themselves feel better.

The dilemma of having a security in a career, but knowing that you know that you know you are called to do something else as your mission as a man. What to do and how to think, to get there anyway.

Competition with those who have formerly been more skilled with women, at careers, and with money. What to do, say, think, and be to come out on top.

The real reason that you aren’t married, and how, if it is right for you, you can find your way there, at the right time, place, and conditions for YOU, not based on what society, the media, culture, or women are telling you.

The simple fact about cheating, why, where, when, and how it happens. How prevent EVER being with a woman who does it, and to never even have the fantasy of going there yourself.

Why every job you have ever left, been fired from, or tolerated far longer than was healthy for you never needs to happen again. Not ever. And why you got into the situation in the first place. You will be surprised about this one.

Why every woman who has ever left you, fought with you, angered you, let your down, or otherwise did not go well with you never had to do so if you had known ONE THING. This will never happen to you again after this program. And if you do fight with, become angered with, or end things with a woman from now on, you will be coming from a solid, masculine, righteous place that cannot be assailed. Not EVER.

The Program That Grows With You

There are hundreds of insights in the Masculine Intelligence in Being a Man (miWork, formerly called the Mature Masculine Power Program), and if you have already studied and applied the ebook version, you are ready to take your life to the next level with these insights, and hundreds of others. I have never had this program so fine tuned, updated, thorough and advanced before.

What’s more, I have never had a man listen to or view these programs and not report back that on a second, third, or multiple more reviews of the program, that they did not have NEW INSIGHT on actions to take in their lives, each and every additional time they reviewed this material.

In other words, the Masculine Intelligence in Being a Man (miWork) program grows WITH you throughout your lifetime. These are not for one-time use, but regular and repeated use over many months or even YEARS. It’s like having me personally, and my team of coaches, in a genie bottle to let out every time you need us.

Being a Man

Before you can move into all kinds of strategies and tactics for dating women, and prior to diving into career ambitions, making money, and reaching all that you are meant for with your mission in life, you have to take the time to even learn what the most recent innovations in mind science say about what it is to be a man. That’s Mature Masculine Power.

“Being a Man” is not JUST about being good at getting women into your life. There are many “players” out there, “straw men” and losers who have all the affection from women they can get, but never amount to anything in the other areas of their lives.

“Being a Man” is also certainly not JUST about being in a high-flying career. Take it from me – and I am sure you have been here too at some point – your mission in life as a man will feel entirely EMPTY no matter how successful you are, if you just don’t get how to attract women to your life. Some think that the attention of women is the prime reason we even bother with careers in our early years.

Neither a “player” nor a “rich guy” has a lock on a completely fulfilled life as a man. But the Mature Masculine Power products are going to show you when, what, why, where, and how to get a lock on this. One of the most important aspects of my method to give to you RIGHT NOW, is this, and while very sensible and intuitive, you won’t see this clear, simple principle written so candidly and accurately in any literature, any seminar, anywhere in the world, in any source:

Masculinity = Skills With Women + Skills At Career

Or in normal language:

“Being a Man” = Attracting Women + Having a “Mission in Life”

If you don’t know how to successfully meet women, then you’re probably going to walk through life feeling like “less of a man”. It’s not an easy thing to explain to someone who doesn’t “get it”, but I’ll bet that you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Many if not most of the women you know do not and cannot quite grasp this concept.

On the other hand, if you don’t have all the masculine skills of “making your way in the world” – a goal we all call a “career” or better yet, a “mission in life” as a man – the skills for this psychiatrists call “character” – then it eats away at you no matter how good you are with women. Soon, your popularity, effectiveness, and enjoyment of relationships to women crumble. They feel your mission in life weaken at first, then see it start to dissolve, and you go back to the job you hate, or sink into an “unpleasant resignation” about the job you already have. Then no matter how suave and clever you are, you can lose the very woman you have always wanted.

You KNOW what I mean. Your mission in life as a man does count, and your “character” as a man is the very thing that drives your success at it.

To “Be a Man,” you need BOTH skill at attracting women, AND skill at career success through character growth.

Both Your Skill With Women and Your Career Success Matter:

Failing at One Brings Down the Other

Ultimately, any difficulty you encounter in life comes down to where you stand on these two parts of the equation of masculinity. Underneath these twin skills of masculinity – the ability to attract women and the skills of making your way in the world – there is a unifying principle: the reflexes, instincts and tactics of masculinity.

This is the gritty, animal-level intuitive understanding of life that the Masculine Intelligence in Being a Man (miWork) is all about. When you have to make a decision about taking a new job, you will need to remember your mission in life, and how it fits with the presence of women in your life. Many men forget entirely about the “woman thing” when they are hard at work on the career choices.

When you are having a hard time financially, you need to look at your current career skills, and not forget the ability to attract women in your life. Many men dig in and forge ahead when money is tight, forgetting that women are half the equation of masculinity. The more common story is the guy who falls so deeply for a woman that he puts all his time and resources into her, and lets his career utterly fall apart.

They forget that “Being a Man” = Women + Mission in Life BOTH parts of “Being a Man” are necessary and very FEW men ever bother to consider the impact of these on every challenge you encounter. There certainly has never been a textbook about it, a coach, therapist, or self-help guru who teaches how these work together. Perhaps, like me, you didn’t have a Dad or older brother fit all the puzzle pieces together FOR you.

After spending years trying to learn how to attract women, I began to notice that the guys who were the MOST successful were actually communicating with women on a “different level”. They would talk, certainly, but there was something else going on too. It was emotional, maybe even “spiritual.”

I’ve had some big personal breakthroughs when I approached the most successful men I could find, to watch them “do what they do.”

When I compared what I had learned in my profession to what these sorts of men were doing to be so effective with women, I realized that “spiritual” wasn’t quite the right word. It was “masculinity” – the core of a man’s “spirit.” Women could sense this both in the words of their conversation, but also in the way the guy moved, in the emotional tone, in his eyes, and countless other subtle ways.

Yet, when I would hang out with these successful men, I could tell that the very same “spirit” of their interactions with women was something that also steered their career lives. They didn’t let people walk all over them at the job, and yet they were also the “favorite” employee or partner of the “big cheeses” at the firm.

What a Rare Few Men Have, But YOU Will Soon…

I didn’t get this at first, until I dove back into the principles of my profession. There is an exact set of “rules” and “codes” that go with the process of growing up to “Be a Man,” and these guys I knew had had great father-figures in their lives, or else just sort of stumbled on the “codes.”

As we know, Masculinity = Women + Mission in life, and – while some of my programs for you center very much on women and dating, others (like Masculine Intelligence in Personal Growth – miGrowth) center on your mission in life and your character as a man – I wanted to capture the “other side of the equation” in its purest form. The secret “codes” of masculinity.

When I watched each of these uber-masculine guys deal with problems – such as standing face-to-face with a boss and telling him he’s wrong, or telling a woman creating drama in their lives to “get some composure” – I seriously thought the very next event would be them getting immediately fired or broken up with.

It turns out that the OPPOSITE thing happened. The boss actually took on a new, visibly intense RESPECT for my friend, and the woman in his life would turn almost INSTANTLY into a supportive benefit to his life instead of a dramatic liability. Well, the more I watched, the more I learned… and the more it made “sense” to me.

What I discovered was that there was a level of communication that was happening… right in front of me all along… that I just hadn’t “seen” before.

One of the things that was MOST exciting was that once I started to “get” what was going on, I started to practice the “language” myself and made pretty dramatic progress.

I eventually had one big “A-HA” moment.

It wasn’t a “language” being spoken between these REAL MEN and their bosses and girlfriends. It was a mastery of their masculine INSTINCTS.

The Last Puzzle Piece

The last piece of the puzzle of human behavior clicked in place for me. “Instincts” do not respond to logic and reason. Most times they do not even respond to verbal language at all in fact. They aren’t a language – they are an inborn “sense” or “way” of doing things.

What this means is that no matter who you are, no matter how bad things have been, how down on yourself you have been, or how confused about “how to do things” like attracting women and making your way in the world – you already HAVE IT inside yourself. The “secret code” to success with women and career is already BUILT INTO you. It’s called INSTINCT, and like every other animal on earth, these “codes” were programmed into your very DNA.

All you have to do is discover what they are and start USING them. In fact, they are already trying to USE THEMSELVES, though you don’t realize it. Instincts are built into you to keep you ALIVE and to help you find a MATE – like your heart beats even though you are asleep, or startling at a loud noise, or finding”

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