Local Video Ad Hero 2.0 – Video Hero



Local Video Ad Hero 2.0 – Video Hero


Local Video Ad Hero 2.0 – Video Hero Download. An $84 Ad spend in three days resulted in a line up in the rain outside the store and over $20,000 in sales …

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An $84 Ad spend in three days resulted in a line up in the rain outside the store and over $20,000 in sales on the opening day of the promotion! 

Local Video Ad Hero 2.0 by Video Hero,
Salepage link: At HERE. Archive: http://archive.is/TQSrWW

Step by Step System to harness the Power of Facebook Video Ads for Local Business!

Who can this WORK for?

  • It’s not just for High St retailers and outlets – this can work for Life Coaches, Lawyers, Drs, Dentists, Realtors, Fitness Coaches, Spas and other venues
  • Photographers, Video Producers, Fashion, Designers, Crafts, Performers … you were MADE for Video Ads! 
  • Schools, Charities, Therapists, Ministries .. YES!
  • You don’t have to be over the top. You need to be true to your own self and style – we’ll show you how to reach YOUR people!
  • It’s for you as a BUSINESS OWNER or if you want to GROW A BUSINESS supplying Local Video Ad services!

Get RESULTS like these for your OWN Local Business!

BUT Does this really work?

Here are Local Video Ad Hero Students WINNING with their FIRST Video Ads after ONLY 2 weeks of training!

DIane Sanders from DianesEOs.com

“Local Video Ad Hero was exactly what I needed to kick my business into action! I didn’t realise how EASY it was to put together a Video Ad.

Chuck and Jules were WONDERFUL instructors and mentors through the whole process.

I’ve been doing Facebook Ads for a long time, but didn’t know half of what these guys taught me! And you know what?

Proof is truly in the pudding – I was ABLE to get sales through my very FIRST Video Ad!! Thanks Local Video Ad Hero!!!”

Silje Tuxen Thingvoll from helheten.no

“The training was GREAT!

I have boosted my views and engagement on my facebook page by over 1000%!”

More results from our students!

STOP struggling to get your brand out there without a HUGE AD spend!

Introducing Local Video Ad Hero 2.0 

9 PRE-RECORDED Modules delivered week by week!

Week 1 (immediate Access) – Ads Profit Masterplan 

  • How to best learn about and approach clients with CONFIDENCE.
  • If you are the Business Owner how to identify the BEST AD CONTENT that will attract new customers.
  • Building TRUST in your local area so it’s way easier to sell – for your business or for clients.
  • The two Facebook PAGES you MUST SET UP now!
  • Breakdown of BEST CONVERTING ADS with samples of each.

Week 2 – Ads Profit Masterplan – Follow up

  • Facebook announced BIG changes to the Newsfeed in January 2018 – How Paid Ads is now the ESSENTIAL way to reach your Customers.
  • What you MUST do NOW to keep your POST REACHhigh as a result of these changes.
  • The proper MINDSET to be successful with Facebook Video Ads
  • How to find the BEST OFFERS for your local business / or client’s business

Week 3 – Video Ad Creation Masterclass

  • Full WALKTHROUGHS of videos and scripts.
  • Coaching techniques to help you or your client to SHINE ON CAMERA.
  • A to Z on equipment to use to produce the PERFECT VIDEO!
  • Learn to EDIT VIDEO like a PRO and save $1000’s!
  • The graphics you NEED TO USE to make your Video Ads POP on screen!
  • Jules takes you BEHIND THE SCENES on an Ad shoot to how you how it’s done!

Week 4 – Video Ad Creation Masterclass – Follow up

  • The BEST VIDEO STYLE that connects with your audience to get people taking action!
  • How to STAY NATIVE to the Facebook platform so as not to be WIPED OUT with the future changes to Facebook 
  • The BEST way to use scripts to APPEAR NATURAL & CANDID
  • Up to date CASE STUDIES showing Local Video Ad Hero results!

Week 5 – Facebook Ad Tools Mastery

  • Over the shoulder WALKTHROUGH of Ad creation from Chuck’s best campaigns.
  • How to use the FB Ad Platform the EASY WAY to save you time!
  • Learn SIMPLE RE-TARGETING techniques to target even more effectively.
  • TRACKING the stats that matter!
  • REPORTING to clients what they need to hear.

Week 6 – Facebook Ad Tools Mastery – Follow up

  • Full WALKTHROUGH of posting to a business page then posting to the ADS MANAGER
  • Is FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER right for you? We tell you in this session!
  • Training on using FACEBOOK MESSENGER BOTS to get more leads and deliver content
  • Full walkthrough of USING MANYCHAT to build your lists with over 80% open rate and over 40% response rate! 

Week 7 – Client & Customer retention program & get customers 3X faster!

  • Learn powerful CLIENT RETENTION strategies to have your clients asking for Videos month after month and your Customers returning to spend with you!
  • GROW YOUR BUSINESS the right way – who to hire out to and who not to!
  • Build AUTHORITY in your local area that gets you customers 3X faster!
  • Learn ADVANCED FB Ad tools – pixels, audiences, re-targeting, lookalike audiences.

Week 8 – Advanced FB Ads techniques + Client & Customer retention – Follow up 

  • How to TEST ADS and analyze performance to deliver fast results for local business
  • Over the shoulder – how to USE PIXELS track conversions and build a super targeted custom audience
  • How to use CUSTOM AUDIENCES to ensure your next ads will be even more effective
  • How to use AUDIENCE INSIGHTS to improve your targeting

Week 9 – Repurpose Videos for more exposure

  • Why REPURPOSE Videos and where?
  • How to Repurpose Videos the right way to QUADRUPLE THEIR REACH and effectiveness!
  • Google and YouTube RANKING STRATEGIES to dominate your local area with Video.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR VIDEOS on other platforms to build long term sales activity for your business.
  • Get your Facebook Videos RANKED ON GOOGLE – prepare for the Facebook search engine!

It’s time to get your Business ‘Ad Famous’

??An $84 Ad spend in three days resulted in a line up in the rain outside the store and over $20,000 in sales on the opening day of the promotion! ??

Simple Videos work great

… but if you want to step it up a gear …

Go behind the scenes in Week 3 as Jules (ex-MTV/BBC Director) shows you over this shoulder how he filmed & edited this Video Ad!

FACT 1: On average people access Facebook 8x a day!

FACT 2: 4x as many consumer would rather Watch a Video about a Product than read about it!

FACT 3: Branded Facebook Pages ONLY reach 2% of Fans with Organic reach!

(The solution is PAID Ads)

Get real results for YOU or your clients!

Paula from The Giggle Factory

“Our Videos Ads got a lot of views and made a HUGE difference in the SALES we were having. Also the work improved our Google ranking very quickly.”

Chet, International Furniture Wholesalers

“We are ecstatic with the results we have received from our Facebook Ads. Chuck has a good pulse on the social media platforms out there and understands what viewers are watching, how to get our staff involved and turn leads into sales.”

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