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List Builders Lab 2.0 – Amy Porterfield


List Builders Lab 2.0 – Amy Porterfield Download. It was almost a year after I left my job as the Director of Content Development for Tony Robbins to go of…

It was almost a year after I left my job as the Director of Content Development for Tony Robbins to go off and do this whole online business thing”.

List Builders Lab 2.0 by Amy Porterfield,
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Important question for coaches, experts, course creators & online business owners who STILL don’t have a profitable email list of 2,500 engaged, ready-to-buy subscribers:

If there was a predictable, step-by-step method for attracting a steady surge of perfectly-targeted leads EVERY SINGLE DAY without the confusion, tech overwhelm, or crippling “what the heck do I do next” syndrome….

Would you finally feel confident enough to make profitable list building your business’s top priority?

Here’s Why Anything Short of an Enthusiastic *Head Nod* Is Costing You Big Time

Every day, with credit card in hand, THOUSANDS of your most valuable potential customers opt-in to someone’s email list with the hopes of having their most urgent problems solved.

question is…

Are they opting in to yours?

And whether you’ve created an online course or have plans to create one in the near future, the success of your service, coaching, consulting, or training business rests heavily on your answer to this question.

If you know WITHOUT A DOUBT That you’re not reaching as many QUALIFIED, ready-to-buy subscribers as you should


Your current list building strategies feel random at best, draining your energy while failing to attract a steady stream of leads that would make any of that hustle feel worth it…

then keep reading…

Because what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few weeks from now when your email list is flushed with a fresh stack of soon-to-be buyers who dig your stuff, and aren’t afraid to grab their credit card to prove it.

But First…


(And Why I Still Cringe When I Hear It)

You’ve probably been asked this dozens of times.

Maybe even HUNDREDS.

By business coaches, potential partners, mastermind groups and concerned spouses.

They ask it with the best of intentions.

But even still, it can land like an A-bomb to an entrepreneur’s fragile psyche.

Especially when you’re already skating on thin ice, doing EVERYTHING you can to gain traction, yet unsure how many more hits you can take before the ice cracks and you fall back into whatever world you just left behind.

So…what’s the question?

How many people



Still makes me want to slip on my invisible cloak and dig myself a deep digital hole.

And maybe you can relate.

Because in my mind, there’s no question more anxiety provoking for an online business owner in their first few years than this one.

It’s a question that can make you feel like a total fraud. (or in my case, a flat out failure).

And I still remember the first time I got asked it.

It was almost a year after I left my job as the Director of Content Development for Tony Robbins to go off and do this whole “online business thing”.

And despite coming from such a great “traditional” background… one which people always seemed impressed by, I was a total amateur at online marketing.

And my list of just 600 subscribers (mostly concerned friends and family) confirmed it.

Even the few people I DID have on my list were unengaged freebie seekers.

Swiping my free report then disappearing before I even had a chance to say “hello”.

But the most painful part wasn’t the fact that I was spending long nights working my butt off with no results to show for it…

It was that my number of subscribers (or lack thereof) served as a constant, clear-cut reminder of my failed efforts.

It was like a calling card for my failure.

But even still….

I’m grateful people asked It.

Grateful that people are asking It to YOU.

Because that single question… and the ACTIONS you take to finally be able to answer It with unshakable confidence, holds the key to your flourishing online business.

But Before You Can CO. FIDE. YI’LY take those actions, you must first get intimate mth:

The 5 Reasons You’re Still Stuck With a Chronic Case of


(and how to snap out of it right now)

reason #1: You’re Overwhelmed and Distracted By All the ladies 6?Strategics

Let me guess:

You started this whole list building thing with a fully loaded Starbucks card and a full tank of motivation.

But 87 lattes and a fresh patch of grey hair later…

And you’re still right where you started.

You got lost in “all the things”… all at once.

… What kind of lead magnet should I create?

… What kind of pop-ups should I install on my blog – and where do I put them?

… How do I connect it to my Drip or MailChimp account? And what happens next? Should I send a welcome email? A full nurture sequence? How many emails? What about pivoting to my product or sales funnel?

… What about running Facebook ads? Guest posting? Challenges? Instagram Stories? Snapchat? Content Upgrades?

Ugh. As I said…

All. The. Things.

And they all have their place.

But it’s in knowing the right sequence these strategies must be executed upon — and how to tackle them with complete confidence that allows you to grow your list every single day.

What you need:

Confidence to double down on a super clear, “first do this, then do that” list building strategy that gives you visible momentum and unwavering motivation to keep stacking up the list building wins.

REASON #2: You’re A Permanent Resident of Tech Hell

You didn’t choose to move here.

In fact, when you got started, you were fully committed to “keeping it simple” and not falling prey to the infamous “shiny object syndrome”.

But as you struggled to gain traction with your list building efforts, those shiny objects started looking more… umm… shiny.

So you plunked down on the annual plans of every new software that came your way.

Page builders, email automation software, cart software, webinar software, countdown timers, etc.

You’re all tech’d up, with nowhere to go…

And no idea how to tie together this intricate web of software and systems that you now have in your arsenal.

What you need:

To leverage a small but powerful stack of inexpensive list building tools — and to allow yourself to be meticulously guided in their most effective implementations, instead of forcing yourself to become a black belt tech ninja overnight.

REASON #3: sporadic is Your Middle .Karne

An epic blog post here.

A social media post with 100 “likes” there.

Maybe a Facebook ad campaign or a 10-day challenge if you’re feeling extra frisky.

You’ve tried a bunch of things — maybe even got a bit of traction.

Unfortunately, you’ve never stayed committed to a strategy long enough for it to produce a steady stream of email subscribers.

Growing an email list has less to do with capitalizing on short, inconsistent bursts of inspiration — and everything to do with committing to a consistent and predictable list-building system.

I didn’t grow my email list to over 300,000 strong with booming home run swings followed by long periods of radio silence.

I doubled down on the fundamentals, chipped away with determination, and made sure that I was growing my company’s most important asset every. single. day.

What you need:

A consistent content creation strategy for bringing in a steady flow of leads onto your email list every single day without fail.

Reason #4: Being Afraid of Paid Traffic

I get it.

Investing in Facebook Ads can feel like a bit of a gamble.

But secretly, you also know that Facebook ads can be the shortcut to waking up next month to 1,000 new people on your email list who want to hear more about your offer and how they can grab it.

That is, if you know how to do it right.

The thing is… you’re not afraid of smartly investing in paid ads.

You’re afraid of making bad bets and having to explain to your partner why you just stuffed Zuckerberg’s Levis with a stack of hard-earned bills and have nothing to show for it.

What you need:

You need to know how to make smart bets with Facebook ads. How to get the most mileage from a tiny budget that can significantly skyrocket your list growth, while giving you the speedpass to growing an asset you KNOW you’ll be primed to cash in on with a strong offer and sales funnel down the line.

reason #5: You’re Still Building an “Email List

I’m gonna come right out and say it.

There’s a huge difference between building an email list and building a profitable email list of soon-to-be buyers.

And being aware of this crucial distinction informs every decision you make.

From the type of lead magnet you create to the automated sales funnels and email follow up sequences you use to engage your new leads in the days and weeks following the opt-in.

Most gurus will tell you “the money is in the list”.

Better-informed experts will correct them and say “the money is in your relationship to the list”.

But the truth is…

The money is in your subscriber’s relationship to the problem they’re trying to solve.

And unless your lead magnet, sales funnels, and subsequent messaging confirms and reinforces that relationship, chances are it won’t lead to money changing hands.

What you need to know:

Your job isn’t to simply build an email list. It’s to build a list of future buyers.

The Good News Is…

Growing a Profitable Email List of Future Buyers Is Easier Than Ever

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that building a powerful email list of eager buyers is critical to the success of you and your business.

No need to remind you of that 🙂

But maybe you didn’t know that by building your email list using the 3-Step Stacking Method that I’m about to share with you, you’ll also have the power to:

  • Have the solid foundation to start profiting from all those exciting and powerful strategies you keep hearing about (webinars, funnels, surveys, joint ventures, etc.).
  • Quickly validate (and even pre-sell) new products BEFORE spending hundreds of hours creating it.
  • Enjoy a boost in revenue just by matching your audience to existing programs that match their needs (otherwise known as Joint Venture partnerships).
  • Attract higher profile guests and influencers for your podcast or blog that can help you grow your reach even faster.
  • Possess a powerful and consistently growing asset that can literally generate revenue on demand.
  • Answer with confidence when potential partners or collaborators ask you: “How many people do you have on your list?”

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you and your business (whether you’re starting from scratch or hitting reset for the 10th time)…

… but they DO depend on taking a straight line, step-by-step approach.

One that leverages only the most proven, and up-to-date list building strategies while dodging all those sharp shiny objects that constantly rip a hole through your momentum.

One that’s been my secret weapon for bringing in over 2,000+ fresh leads onto my list every single month without any super complicated ninja stuff that takes a SWAT team of marketing professionals and tech gurus to pull off.


One that you’ll excitedly point back to a few weeks from now when you hit “refresh” on your email provider dashboard, and have hundreds of highly-engaged leadsstaring right back at you.

And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my FULLY REVAMPED signature list building system…

The most advanced, “what’s working now” list building system that GUARANTEES you grow your business’ most important asset every single day by leveraging only the most powerful, up-to-date tools and strategies.

I’ve invested the last 12 months working in the trenches 
with your fellow online business owners

  • Entrepreneurs who’ve struggled to gain traction with their list building efforts no matter how many epic posts they write, how many podcast episodes they produce, or how many dollars they throw at Facebook ads hoping Zuckerberg will throw some traffic back their way.
  • Entrepreneurs tired of wasting precious time and energy, getting overwhelmed with outdated methods that may have worked in 2015, but now are way too overused.
  • Entrepreneurs who despite taking course after course, have failed to gain traction on what they KNOW is their business’ most foundational area of growth. And…
  • Entrepreneurs, who despite the temporary setbacks, recognize that there’s still no getting around this “list building” thing, and are therefore still motivated-as-heck to finally achieve the momentum and growth they know they need…

The Result Is…

An easy-to-follow, 3-Step List Building Stacking Method™ that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for predictably growing, scaling, and cashing-in on your business’ most important asset.

Here’s how



Activating Your List Building Foundation

This is where you’ll create a bulletproof foundation for growing your email list with total confidence.

Remember, the main reason you get overwhelmed with all the list building tactics at your disposal, is because they aren’t rooted in a SOLID foundation and strategic framework that guarantees a visible and consistent payoff.

By the time you’re finished with Stack #1, you’ll have implemented a powerful list building foundation that attracts only your most loyal, genuinely Interested subscribers, and produces a CLEAR return on your effort.

Here’s how we’ll get you there:

  • How to Choose Your Core Lead Magnet: I’ll show you howto choose the right type of lead magnet to attract your Ideal avatar, and give you the clear, step-by-step plan for getting It designed and loaded up quickly!
  • Designing Your Lead Magnet: Once you’ve decided on the perfect lead magnet, I’ll show you the simple tips and tricks I use to layout and design your free content so that it is impeccably branded to your business.
  • Converting Your Website Into a List Building Machine: To ensure a rock solid list building foundation, we’ll start with your website. You’ll learn exactly where (and how!) to place your lead magnet for maximum traffic.
  • Growing Beyond The PDF: You’ll get an all-access look at the types of lead magnets I use In my own business that go beyond cheat sheets and checklists. (Hint: They work INCREDIBLY WELL when done right and at the right time!)


Accelerating Your List Growth


You’ve set down your list building foundation, and are now creating powerful content with the confidence and consistency you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s where you’ll add some major horsepower to your list building engine — while leveraging a stack of *little known* email marketing strategies to warm up your leads and start pivoting them into “buyer mode”.

Here’s how we’ll get you there:

  • Email Marketing Workshop: One of the questions I get most often is “what the heck do I do once someone joins my email list?” In this lesson, you’ll learn my go-to strategies for building trust, delivering IMMEDIATE value, and swiftly pivoting prospects into the most appropriate marketing funnel.
  • The “What This Says About You” Confirmation Email that builds on the value of your lead magnet — and immediately dials up your leadership and authority, preparing your new subscribers to become buyers. This training will be taught by my copywriter, Ry Schwartz. Ry has quarterbacked the email efforts for over a dozen 6 and 7-figure online course launches and has helped generate over $12M+ in revenue for some of the world’s leading coaches, influencers and educators.


Amplifying Your Results With the Most Up-to-Date Paid & Organic


So this is where things get fun – real fun 🙂

You’ve set your foundation, you’ve added some horsepower, and you’re now ready to take things to a whole new level with the hottest organic and paid strategies that have fueled the list growth of all the experts you look up to.

Many of you will be tempted to start here, but I PROMISE you that if you stay the course and do things in the right sequence – the strategies below will be exponentially more powerful.

Here’s what you’ll soon be Implementing:

  • The COMPLETE “What’s Working Now” Social Media List Building Plan: You’ll get a deep dive into all latest strategies you’ve been Itching to Implement, but have felt confused around where to start. By the end of this lesson, you’ll be bringing In floods of FREE traffic by leveraging tools like Facebook Live, InstaStories, SnapChat and more.
  • My Proven Shortcut for Creating Stunning, “Stop’em In Their Tracks” Social Content: If you’re like me, aesthetic matters! Maybe you’ve been hung up in the past because you’ve had trouble creating social content that meets your design standards. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the same tools I do to create stunning videos and images that make people stop in their tracks and take notice!
  •  List Building With a Weekly FB Live Show: While others fiddle around with FB Live with the same puzzled look as a college freshman putting together Ikea furniture for the first time, you’ll be cementing your authority and expanding your reach with a perfectly executed weekly show.
  •  List Building With a Free FB Community: Building a powerful Facebook community isn’t an alternative to building your email list, but it can be a heck of complement. In this lesson, you’ll get the exact plan that Jill Stanton used to grow her Screw the Nine to Five community to nearly 40,000+ raving followers.
  • Tapping Into Other People’s Audiences for Explosive Growth:
  • You’ll learn everything you need to know to gain list-growth traction through high leverage guest posting, targeted podcast or FB Live interviews, and other next level PR and Influencer strategies that cost absolutely nothing to get started with.
  • The $50-$100/week FB Ad Starter Package: Let me guess -you’ve been itching to get in on the “Facebook Ads” thing, yet have stayed on the sidelines out of fear of blowing your budget with nothing to show for it. From pixels to the perfect ad copy, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to quickly get started with a profitable Facebook ads strategy that squeezes the most reach out of your budget, and gets your amazing content in front of your most valuable prospects.



Never get stuck again.

That’s the *pinky swear* promise I’m making you with the extensive Tech Vault inside List Builder’s Lab.

I’m sure you’ll agree that using “tech” as an excuse for not getting things off the ground gets old VERY fast.

Tech should NEVER be the frustrating bottleneck that stands between you and a smoothly running list building system that runs on autopilot.

So to make sure you’re 110% confident implementing everything you learn inside List Builder’s Lab, I’ve gone to extreme measures, recording meticulous walkthroughs and tutorials for every single, nitty gritty step you’ll be taking throughout the process.

The result:

Less “How the heck do I do this”, and more…“Heck ya I did this” happy dances.

You’ll get:

  • Detailed step-by-step walkthroughs for setting up your email service provider
  • How to get your landing pages implemented with speed and precision
  • How to load up your email sequences and automations

And literally EVERYTHING else you’ll be executing with confidence inside List Builder’s Lab.



($997 Value)

Priority Access to the 3 Core Stacks and Tech Vault

  • Confidently Double Down a Solution-Driven Content Strategy Imagine releasing super engaging content that doesn’t eat up all your time, is dead simple to produce, AND consistently attracts hordes of raving fans and “soon-to-be” customers onto your list? Let me personally walk you through the exact steps you need to take to produce top-in-class content even if you DON’T have a big team behind you.
  • Leverage the hottest social traffic strategies for 2017, 2018 and beyond:Don’t invest your time or money in strategies that may have worked in 2015 but have since become oversaturated and ineffective. Instead, learn how to confidently leverage “what’s working now” to get the highest return on your list building efforts.
  • Build Out High-Converting Opt-In Pages Take the guesswork out of your opt-in page by swiping the layout, design, and copy from the pages I’ve personally used to achieve industry leading conversion rates and a +250K subscriber list.
  • Squeeze the Most Reach out of a Modest Facebook Ads Budget: Maybe you’ve leaked cash with Facebook ads in the past — or have stayed on the sidelines waiting for the day you’d feel confident enough to give them a fair shot. In List Builder’s Lab, you’ll soon be stacking the deck back in your favor with my best strategies for getting the most mileage out of a starter budget of just $50/week. Pivot to Profitability With My Best Email Follow Up and Funnel Strategies: As you know, most subscribers aren’t ready to pull out their credit cards right out of the gate. For that reason, the most PROFITABLE online businesses are the ones that know how to strategically engage, educate, and empower their hard-won leads via email until they’re ready to become valuable lifelong buyers.
  • Never Use “Tech Nightmares” as an Excuse Again: There’s nothing more frustrating than getting derailed by unexpected tech hiccups. With the extensive tech vault inside List Builder’s Lab, you’ll smoothly work your way through all those little tech hangups that have caused things like “publish my landing page” and “set up my drip campaign” to occupy permanent space on your “Work in Progress” list.

Here’s why you need to get


As soon as the promotional period comes to a close, not only will you lose access to hundreds of dollars’ worth of launch-only bonuses…

But the biggest reason to jump on RIGHT NOW is this…

“The best time to build a list was yesterday…the next best time is today”

We all wish that we ALREADY had a massive email list of engaged followers to send our offers to.

To serve as the calling card for our online success and attract legions of partners and collaborators to help us bring our success even further.

But to get to that lucrative place, we need to take stock of where are TODAY and resolve to take the actions that will get us to where we need to go.

Otherwise we self-sabotage and stagnate for yet another year.

And since you’re reading this, I absolutely don’t want that for you.

I don’t want you to look back in 6 or even 12 months from now without a steady stream of subscribers and online sales, wondering what could’ve been if you only took action.

I want you to load up your email service provider with CONFIDENCE… proud of the flood of new subscribers you’ve added… many of whom have become paying CUSTOMERS.

And I want you to thank yourself for the decision you made today.


Your Fellow List Builders Asked Before Grabbing Their Access Info On The Next Page

Q:I’ve seen list building courses sell for $1,000 or even $2,000. Is List Builder’s Lab a “lighter” version of those?

Q:How many hours will I be scheduling in every week to get awesome results?

Q:Is this for beginners?

Q:Is List Builder’s Lab REALLY at the cutting edge of “what’s working now”?

Q:That’s great, but are you sure I won’t get confused or overwhelmed?

Q:I really want to dive in – but I’m afraid I’ll get distracted and lose focus.

Q:What’s the return policy?


You’re ready to achieve brag-worthy wins inside List Builder’s Lab if…

  • You’re just getting started with your list building efforts, and want to make sure you absolutely NAIL IT right out of the gates by using only the most powerful, easy-to-follow, “what’s working now” list building strategies.
  • You’ve been trying to build your list for months (or even years), but haven’t attracted the numbers you were hoping for (

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