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Lights Camera Branding – Tiffany aka Coach Glitter


Lights Camera Branding – Tiffany aka Coach Glitter Download. You see other people using it to gain massive momentum, and it’s starting to bug you that you …

You see other people using it to gain massive momentum, and it’s starting to bug you that you haven’t yet made it work for YOU! You’ve got a vision for your brand in your head.

Lights Camera Branding by Tiffany aka Coach Glitter,
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Lights Camera Branding


Let’s face it. Live Video is KEY to building your business, growing your brand and having a mega-successful launch!

You see other people using it to gain massive momentum, and it’s starting to bug you that you haven’t yet made it work for YOU! You’ve got a vision for your brand in your head. It’s clear in your heart, yet it’s not translating on camera. Somehow, the final product doesn’t look like you thought it would – or the angle isn’t quite right – or the lighting’s unflattering – or your voice is shaking from the nerves! NO FUN!!!

When You Show Up As Your BEST and TRUE Self on Live Video, The Possibilities for Biz Growth Multiply!

What if you were able to reach more people while you share your authentic message? What if you could CONNECT with thousands of potential clients every single day, in real time?! How would your business grow and expand if you built RELATIONSHIPS with these peeps? Showing up consistently and genuinely to solve their biggest problems?!

Imaginethe possibilities when you have the brand strategy, content creation, set design, makeup tutorials and coaching pieces in place to create the brand story you were born to tell. You’ve got a BIG purpose my friend! You’re already working like CRAZY to spread your message. There’s this fire down deep inside you and you just know you were meant for something more. Something bigger. YOU WERE MEANT TO CREATE SOMETHING AMAZING AND SHARE IT WITH THE WHOLE WORLD!

your voice needs to be heard

I’ve seen too many businesses struggle with video and then stop short of a breakthrough. I am done letting people give up on their dreams because they couldn’t make video work for them (and especially live video which can actually propel you forward faster than anything else you could possibly do right now!)

Because You are the exception

You’re not going to struggle with video anymore. You’re going to create a brand, set, strategy, and content you’re proud to show off. Content that gets you noticed by influencers. Content that makes you an influencer in your space. Because if they can do it, so can you.

That’s Why I Created…

Lights Camera Branding is a Complete SYSTEM that will transform your Personal Brand and dramatically up level the way you look and feel on camera, whether you’re doing live videos, recorded videos, or even creating your own course!

Hi There! My name is Tiffany Lee Bymaster aka Coach Glitter and yes! I totally answer to that! Inside LCB, you’ll gain access to my 18+ years of experience in video production working in film, TV, and commercials (seriously, I’ve worked on major network shows including America’s Next Top Model, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Real Housewives of OC, CNN and Fox). I’m also giving you EVERYTHING i’ve learned by working behind the scenes with some of the TOP Personal Brands and online marketers like Chalene Johnson. More than that, though, I’m MOST PROUD of my work in coaching THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs and helping them up level their businesses. Lights Camera Branding beaks all my top-level techniques down into actionable baby steps that you can begin taking TODAY to get major RESULTS! xoxo! Coach Glitter


  • I’m about action. Steps you can implement.
  • I’m not here to take up your valuable time with silly fluff! Fluff is not going to get you results & I am so not about that life!
  • What gets you results is implementing, simple action steps packed with strategy behind everything you do, and the accountability to get it done.
  • That’s what you’ll get inside Lights Camera Branding! No fluff. No bs.
  • I’ve created this program to HOLD YOUR FEET TO THE FIRE so you get stuff done!

What’s My Secret Sauce?

This is Lights Camera Branding
A Brand-Changing, Business Building, Transformative COURSE + COACHING + COMMUNITY (The 3 C’s) to help you use the power of video (especially live video) to build the business you’ve been dreaming of.

Because this is NOT just a course. This is a Community + Live Group Coaching + the Course is the icing on the cake.

Here’s How It Works!
Once You enroll in Lights Camera Branding, you’ll be part of an EXCLUSIVE online experience including:

•Brand Strategy
•Content Creation
•Home/Office Set Design
•Makeup Tutorials
•Beauty Lighting
•Mic and Sound Instruction
•Community of like minded, positive entrepreneurs

•Weekly Live Video Training & Q&A’s
•Group Coaching Support
•Wardrobe Tips for Video
•Using 3rd party Software to Go Live
•How to pre-schedule live videos
•How to Conduct Dual Broadcasts
•Motivation, Inspiration and accountibility to keep you going!

PLUS you’ll get all this instruction inside a community of like-minded, positive entrepeneurs (DID YOU KNOW that you’re 95% more likely to accomplish your goalsif you have accountability?!)!!

Lights Camera Branding consists of the 3 C’s: the Community + Course + Coaching. We aren’t just DREAMERS. We are a Powerful Community of DOERS!

If you’re a Heart-Centered, Creative, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Blogger or Online Marketer, this COMMUNITY is for you!
Our Motto?

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside Lights Camera Branding!

Module 1

•Your “AHA!” Brand Plan! Discover how to NAIL down your personal or lifestyle brand. I call this the “AHA! brand plan because it’s been a total game changer for thousands of students!

•Creating highly-converting content! You’ll learn my system on how to create totally captivating content week after week.

•Clarity Creates CONFIDENCE! As you gain clarity around your brand, you’ll grow your confidence muscles and increase your reach so those ideal clients will be more likely to see and buy from you!

Module 2


•We talk equipment! There are so many options out there that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! Let me eliminate the confusion once and for all so you invest in the right equipment the first time around!

•Weigh those Pros & avoid those cons! I’ll demonstrate everything you need to know BEFORE you invest in your lighting, sound, and set solutions!

•Angles, baby! Find your most flattering angles so you’ll look your absolute PERSONAL BEST on camera. Because let’s be real, when you love how you look, you’ll create more videos!

Module 3


•Visual Branding Matters! What you learn in this module will be a GAME CHANGER for your brand and business! You’ll learn tips and techniques that will help you improve your overall brand image, reputation and messaging!

•Next-level Knowledge! Showing up consistently is one thing – but having a consistent brand image that shows off your personality AND looks professional is what propels you to next-level status. This is exactly what the big brands do, and it’s what you’ll do, too, once you’ve been through this module!

•And Now, We Build! You’ll learn how to “scout” for the best location in your home or office and how to turn that location into a set that looks flawless on camera!

•Plus the “Faux Backdrop Hack” – you’ve got to see this to believe it! And best of all, it’s simply & easy! You don’t have to be Joanna Gaines to create this!

Module 4


•MakeUp For Video! Whether you’re into makeup or not, I’ll show you the simple, doable tricks of the trade EVERYONE (yes, the guys too!!) must know when it comes to looking their personal best on video. Each detailed, step-by-step video will walk you through exactly what I do for my personal clients when i’m working on professional sets!

•What not to wear. Learn these critical Wardrobe Do’s & Don’ts specifically for video so your outfit ENHANCES, instead of distracts from your all important message!

•Avoid those Wardrobe Malfunctions! This lesson will save you tons of time – I can’t tell you how many people have had to re-film content because of wardrobe issues. But NOT you! You’ll get it right from the get-go and learn my best tricks of the trade!

Plus 6 Weeks of Group Coaching!

This is NOT a DIY, go at it alone course! I’ll be right beside you for 6 Full Weeks of Group Coaching along with my amazing, hand-picked team of Group Leaders who are all Lights Camera Branding Alumni! And afterwards, you’ll get LIFETIME Access to the Online Course Plus support from the Alumni Community!

NOTE: I only take on a small number of One-on-One coaching clients and all of my private mentoring programs are currently closed. Lights Camera Branding is your ONE opportunity to get access to my Group Coaching that will take your business to a whole new level! You will get IMMEDIATE access to the Private Facebook Coaching Group! Our official calls begin on Monday, October 23rd, 2017. We start together and we finish STRONG together.

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