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LifeFlow 2.0 – Meditation Program


LifeFlow 2.0 – Meditation Program Download. Well, this is a set of meditation CDs that are meant to supercharge every session of your meditation practice t…

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Well, this is a set of meditation CDs that are meant to supercharge every session of your meditation practice to help you get more benefits than you are getting at the moment, and more.

LifeFlow 2.0 by Meditation Program,
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What is Lifeflow?

Well, this is a set of meditation CDs that are meant to supercharge every session of your meditation practice to help you get more benefits than you are getting at the moment, and more.

The idea here is, if you are just starting out with meditation, chances are you are not feeling the deep effects it brings like someone who has been on it for years.

And this may, to a certain extent, be discouraging for those newbies who seek immediate results.

Now, Lifeflow comes in to bridge the gap between the time you begin meditating to when you get to enjoy the calming effects and control of your emotions, among other advantages of meditation.

How it Works

It uses brainwave entrainment approach which is more targeted at your brain. There is a unique way your brain behaves when you have meditated for years.

Get immediately download LifeFlow 2.0 – Meditation Program

The waves in your brain have a much stronger pattern when you have been doing it for a good while than when you are in your early stages. And the effects between these two are different too.

So, Lifeflow helps you feel the effects of someone who is experienced in meditating even as a beginner by altering the patterns created when you are meditating and get you to form patterns that indicate deep meditation using specially designed audio tracks.

With this new pattern, your whole experience of life changes.

The audio tracks are divided into 3 sections based on the wave frequencies they carry.

There are 3 types of waves used in Lifeflow.

• Alpha

• Theta

• Delta

These waves are used for different purposes as they induce various states like concentration and mental clarity, meditative state, sleep and others.

The tracks are in 10 CDs and you are supposed to start with level 10 all the way down to level 1.

Level 10 starts with high Alpha waves, and then levels 9, 8 and 7, which also use alpha waves.

From there, you go to levels 6, 5 and 4 which have lower theta waves, and then you get to the deepest levels 3, 2 and 1 which come with lowest but well suited for meditation, the delta waves.

So, in a sense, you will be decreasing the wave frequencies as you listen to the tracks, which will help you calm down your nerves and mind and get into the deep meditative states like the zen masters.

How to use Lifeflow Program

As said earlier, the system has different packages divided in different levels.

Level 10 is the highest level and is the one you are recommended to make your start with. After that, you go to level 9 and then to 8, and follow that order to level 1.

This is if you are using it for meditation.

If you want other specific states like focus and attention, or sleep or creativity, to name a few, you should get a specific package.

Get immediately download LifeFlow 2.0 – Meditation Program

To be more specific, Lifeflow 10 gets you to relax by taking you from high beta waves to relaxing alpha waves.

• Lifeflow alpha pack (levels 9, 8 and 7) helps you perform way better in different activities than you often do, by increasing your energy. The tracks can help you out with your workouts, your studies and creativity-demanding projects.

• Lifeflow theta pack (levels 6, 5 and 4) helps you relax, sleep and provide more insight into your creative projects. You can also use it to meditate and support your immune system.

• Lifeflow delta pack (levels 3, 2 and 1) helps you go to the greatest depths of meditation. The wave frequencies here are the most famous for profound meditation.

Now, for any of the 10 levels you choose, here is how you should go about listening to the tracks:

• Make yourself comfortable where you are seated.

• Plug in your headphones or earphones.

• Listen through the tracks as you meditate, work or relax.

Who are Not Allowed to Use Lifeflow

Just for a heads up, it’s not Lifeflow only, but all other brainwave entrainment products.

There are people who are highly discouraged from using these kinds of systems for their own safety. And these people include those:

• With epilepsy, so as to keep seizures from occurring.
• With mental illnesses and brain injuries
• With less than 18 years of age
• Who are driving or working on seriously dangerous machines while listening to the tracks (to avoid excess relaxation which may be dangerous).

If you are one of these people, you can consult with your doctor to know the way forward or simply use nootropics, for some cases.

What is Included in the Program

I have detailed all the packages the system comes in, in the “how it works” section, so I won’t go deep into details here. I will only highlight the packages and what they entail.

Here you go.

• Lifeflow 10 – The first level (from beta to alpha waves)

• Lifeflow Alpha pack – The second level (contains alpha waves)

• Lifeflow theta pack – The third level (contains theta waves)

• Lifeflow delta pack – The fourth level (contains delta waves)

The best way to make the most of this system is by listening from level 10  to level 1 it has the most brain training benefits.

But you can also buy any single package among the four packages for the specific need it tackles like performance, relaxation and sleep.
Lifeflow Cost, Discount, Demo and Free Downloads

The packages have different prices. This means you are going to pay differently based on the package you choose to settle for. Here is the breakdown of the prices:

• Lifeflow 10 goes for $67

• Lifeflow Alpha pack goes for $197

• Lifeflow theta pack goes for $197

• Lifeflow delta pack goes for $197

In total, the whole system goes for $658 (pretty expensive)

Although, you can buy level 10 alone and use it for a few months till you are done.

And then, buy alpha pack alone, and continue that way until you clear all the levels. Meaning, you don’t have to buy all the of them in one go, you can buy one by one, according to convenience.

At the time of writing this post, there is only one offer. You get a discount for Lifeflow 10, allowing you to get it at $7 only instead of $67. Yes, $7 only.

Get Lifeflow 10 here for only $7

There is also a 9 minutes free demo which you are not allowed to download. You get to hear it from your browser. From there, you gotta buy the system, no more free stuff.

Get the 9 minutes long free demo here

Please note: Make sure you buy the system from the main website (, nowhere else. Other copies in Amazon, and other stores may not be 100% authentic.

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