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Liberating the Goddesses in You – Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD


Liberating the Goddesses in You – Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD Download. Reveal Your Life’s Purpose, Elevate Your Self-Awareness and Become the Woman Your Were D…

Reveal Your Life’s Purpose, Elevate Your Self-Awareness and Become the Woman Your Were Destined to Be By Accessing Your Inner Goddess Archetypes

Liberating the Goddesses in You by Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD,
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Reveal Your Life’s Purpose, Elevate Your Self-Awareness and Become the Woman Your Were Destined to Be By Accessing Your Inner Goddess Archetypes

Do you remember a time in your life when you were excited to get out of bed every morning… or has it been too long since you’ve felt this way?

Have you ever had a deep drive, a fire lit inside youthat made you know that you were on your true path and totally in line with the universe… or do you wonder if it is even possible for you to be that driven at this point in your life?

Sadly, it is common in our culture to feel the latter — like you don’t have drive and purpose, even if you so deeply long for it. But there is a good reason why this is such a widespread problem…

According to Jean Shinoda Bolen, psychiatrist, teacher, and author of the bestselling book, Goddesses in Everywoman, our culture has channeled women into overly narrow boxes and roles, often suppressing their power, vitality and creative expression.

The result for women is a disconnect from one of the greatest sources of happiness and fulfillment — the pure joy of living in your own truth. When you live in your own truth and know who you really are from the inside-out then it is easy to find connection, purpose, and true happiness in this world.

This is why Jean teaches women to take the wheel in their own lives by shedding their inherited, cultural stories and uncovering their own inner truth through their authentic story and the wisdom of seven goddess archetypes: Artemis, Athena, Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Persephone, and Aphrodite.

Opening to the Wisdom of Your Feminine Archetypes

The seven goddess archetypes are forces that reside within you, each which has its role to play in your life…each with something to teach you that can completely rock your world.

Through Jean’s work, you can learn to align with (and live from) the energy of your natural goddess archetype. When you do this, you have more vitality, passion, authenticity and power. You are in resonance with your soul and you begin to move in flow with the universe towards your highest purpose on this planet.

You also can learn how to recognize the influence of the other six archetypes on your life. These supporting roles in your psyche may be showing up during particular phases or in certain areas of your life toprovide wisdom for you on your journey — and you can harvest this wisdom for your personal benefit If you are able to be aware of their influence…

Or you may find that a certain archetype has been forced on you, even though it isn’t the true expression within you. This can have a negative effect on your life, as it did for Jean Shinoda Bolen who always identified with the Artemis, or wild woman, archetype throughout her life, yet the influence of society pushed her to live into the mother archetype (Demeter).

Jean now teaches women how they can recognize and work with their archetypes so they can make conscious choices to be their most authentic, powerful self in their lives and let go of the roles imposed by the rest of the world.

Reclaiming the full expression of your feminine archetypes liberates pent-up creativity, joy and zest for life and allows you to deepen your understanding of how and why you became who you are today… and what you’ll become tomorrow!

Liberating the Goddesses Within

The Liberating the Goddesses in You program is the first virtual program in which pioneering Jungian analyst and bestselling author, Jean Shinoda Bolen, guides you on a journey into your psychological and spiritual depths to access the archetypal powers within you.

In this unprecedented virtual training, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the seven primary mythological Greek goddesses at the core of Jean’s bestselling book, but in far more depth. You will come to know first-hand the groundbreaking teachings that have helped more than half a million women to find their inner self and true life’s purpose.

You’ll learn to recognize the deep qualities of each goddess within you — both the positive and negative traits — and how you can use their strengths to point your sail in the direction of your soul’s truest path.

Each goddess embodies unique qualities and personality traits that together comprise the full spectrum of your feminine self. Over-identifying with just one goddess can prevent you from embodying and expressing all the various facets of yourself and living a balanced life. And identifying with the wrong goddesses for you can be equally problematic.

As you explore these goddesses — opening to each at the depths your soul deems right for you — you can better experience the greater forces at play within you. You will start to discover which goddesses you need to embody to truly feel “at home” in your body and life. .. and which goddess energy you must tone down so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling and soul-aligned life.

This 10-part journey is about walking boldly and purposefully into your authentic self, confident that the goddesses within you are guiding you to live a life that is soul-inspired, liberating and radiates your inherent qualities — and greatest gifts — outward to be realized and shared with all.

Along the way, as you get better insight on your psychology, you will also gain insight on psychology of others and this will enhance your relationships with those around you, including romantic partners, family members, coworkers, even those you connect with casually in your everyday life.

Note: This course is valuable to therapists, coaches, parents, and to men to learn about women and the archetypes they are drawn to (or have been hurt by). The emphasis is on individual growth and development, which would make it a course directed to women as the primary audience; however, it is not all about the individual woman either — students will be invited to think about their affinities and tensions with friends, lovers, siblings and mothers, evoked by their goddesses within. Goddess archetypes can provide valuable insights into the clients and patients of psychologists and psychiatrists as well.

A Journey of Self Discovery

When you participate in this groundbreaking virtual program, you’ll learn why some women need monogamy, marriage and children to feel fulfilled, and why other women seek emotional intensity and new experiences through a series of relationships — and where you fall on this spectrum and why it matters…

You’ll understand why one type of woman prioritizes solitude and spirituality, and why another is keenly aware of aesthetic details yet doesn’t notice when the stove is left on.

You’ll solve the mysteries of why you may have an affinity for certain types of partners. Why do some women choose partners who are powerful and successful? Emotional and creative? Bright and boyish? You’ll gain insights into how each goddess is an unseen impetus propelling a woman toward a distinct type of partner.

Like every woman, you were blessed with “goddess-given” gifts to embrace and express as only you can. You were also endowed with “goddess-given” liabilities, which you must identify and transcend if you are to fully step into the shoes of who you are capable of becoming.

Learning how these seven goddesses are stirring within you — which are dominant, which are dormant, which need to be cultivated and which need to be overcome — can help you envision and call up needed strengths and qualities when you need them most.

Who are these goddesses?

  • Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon: a personification of the independent, competitive woman with a sense of sisterhood, quick to act, to punish and protect.
  • Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Craft: the logical, self-assured woman who works well with men and power and is ruled by her head rather than her heart.
  • Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth and Temple: has an inner orientation, creates a sense of serenity and warmth and makes solitude blessed.
  • Hera, Goddess of Marriage: the woman who considers her roles as student, professional or mother secondary to her essential goal of finding a husband and being married.
  • Demeter, Goddess of Grain: the maternal archetype, expressed through motherhood and through nurturing and providing physical, psychological and spiritual sustenance and support.
  • Persephone, the maiden, abducted daughter, and Queen of the Underworld: she personifies innocence, susceptibility to the will of others, and receptivity toward the inner world.
  • Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty: the “alchemical” goddess governing a woman’s enjoyment of love and beauty, sexuality and sensuality. She impels women to fulfill both creative and procreative desires.

Each goddess has an extensive mythology, rich in symbolic meaning that can evoke profound self-discoveries and exciting possibilities for your life. Hearing their myths and relating to them provides compelling new ways to see yourself and who you were meant to become.

Fully understanding all the nuances and powers of these seven archetypes could take years of studying, interpreting and integrating mythology and psychology.

But instead of trying to do so in a lonely library of your own creation, what if you could take a 10-module virtual expedition into the heart of these feminine mysteries with an expert teacher who has changed the lives of over half a million women?

The Value of a Master Guide

Think of Jean Shinoda Bolen as a guide for your soul as you embark on this fascinating journey into mythology, self-awareness and personal transformation.

Jean’s revolutionary findings in her signature book, Goddesses in Everywoman, gave rise to a new psychological perspective of women based on prototypes provided by Greek goddesses who have stayed alive in human imagination for over 3,000 years. The book was so groundbreaking when it was released 34 years ago that it has since been translated into 24 different languages.

With more than three decades of immersion in science, mysticism and activism, Jean is uniquely qualified to show you how to better play the leading role in your own unfolding life journey by blending feminist insights with classical myths and Jungian archetypal psychology.

With clarity and compassion, Jean will explain how these powerful inner archetypes influence your choices and behavior and, consequently, the arc of your life.

With Jean as your guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to free yourself to lead a more creative, fulfilling and rewarding life by understanding and embracing your natural goddess archetype
  • How evoking different goddess archetypes can reveal paths leading to your life’s most authentic, whole, and joyful path
  • How to harness the energies of two transformational currents — your signature goddess archetype and the energies of the other six archetypes — all of which actively contribute to your soul purpose here on this planet
  • How to take the wheel and become the protagonist in your own life so you live into your personal myth with confidence and clarity
  • How to shape your life in positive, empowering ways and find personal meaning through conscious choices that others might not encourage
  • How to develop admirable qualities that lay dormant within you
  • The means to relate to and interact with different archetypes, allowing you to deepen your relationships with your parents, lovers, children, friends and colleagues
  • How these feminine archetypes interact with cultural stereotypes and expectations to support or suppress your personality and behavior patterns
  • The potential shadow qualities of each goddess archetype and how they can cause problems and conflicts in your life
  • Why living out an archetype that is imposed upon you by others can lead to anxiety, despair and depression
  • A profound sense of accepting and valuing yourself — with a deeper, liberating understanding and appreciation for what it’s like to be you
  • How to break career and relationship patterns that no longer serve you
  • How working through fears and self-imposed limitations can awaken the influence of a new goddess archetype
  • And much more…

Learning which goddess energies are swirling within you and understanding how they influence every aspect of your life can provide the missing pieces of the puzzle that completes your identity.

Ultimately, tapping into the revitalizing power of these seven classic archetypes enables you to activate the greatness within you and become the heroine of your own life story.

What You’ll Discover in These 10 Modules

In this 10-part transformational journey, Jean will guide you through the fundamental feminine archetypal forces, insights, and patterns that you’ll need to successfully access your natural soul expression and live from a place of wholeness.

pEach module will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices and insights you’ll need to deepen your soul’s journey into these archetypal energies.

Module 1: You Are the Protagonist in Your Own Life Story – What Will You Do With “Your One Wild & Precious Life?”

The phrase “your one wild and precious life” comes from Mary Oliver’s poem “Summer Day,” and is known by many. The wildness that Oliver refers to is your innate nature — who you were born into the world as and the way of being that is natural to you.

This wild nature is also the stirring of goddess energies within you. This module will help you start to discover your goddess energies within. It will also guide you in discovering the effects the outer world has had on these energies’ ability to be activated as the life-fulfilling juice they can be, including explorations of the influence patriarchy, culture, your upbringing, and the Women’s Movement.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Remember the child you were and what parts of you from childhood were suppressed inside you and by whom
  • Explore what was valued by which parent when you were growing up and how this affected your innate nature
  • Discover how you may have been shamed and, thus, learned to shame yourself in the same ways
  • Begin to feel compassion and appreciation for what you have survived, done and loved
  • Experience a short guided meditation-visualization and reflection to invite in your inner child
  • Explore song and myth as a source of inspiration for honoring your inner child
  • Learn the meaning of The Myth of the Procrustean Bed and how it applies to you

Module 2: To Know the Goddesses Within is to Know Yourself

Archetypes are deep patterns of being and behaving. They act in us and through us whether we know them by name or not. Throughout this course, you will explore seven mythological Greek goddesses: Artemis, Athena, Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Persephone and Aphrodite.

The archetypal energies of one of them may remain dominant within you throughout your life and can be considered your natural or “signature” goddess. You may also experience the stirring of several of the goddesses within you over your lifetime, as the need or desire to shift your inner compass arises during different phases of your life.

In this module you’ll:

  • Gain an overview of the Goddesses and their qualities according to category: the Virgin Goddesses (Artemis, Athena and Hestia); the Vulnerable Goddesses (Hera, Demeter and Persephone); and the Alchemical Goddess (Aphrodite)
  • Learn the differences in the consciousness of each category, including the Virgin Goddesses ability to focus on what matters to them; the Vulnerable Goddesses keen awareness of people and the atmosphere around them; and the prospective effects of the activation of the Alchemical Goddess’ energies
  • Discover the psychological and personal characteristics inherent in each category of goddesses
  • Experience a quiet reflection to discover which of these goddesses energies are stirring within you now and why

Module 3: Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt & Moon

You will start with the stories of Artemis. Artemis was the first born of twins; her brother was Apollo, God of the Sun. She was a help to her mother — the only goddess known for this. Her realm was the wilderness, which she roamed with her nymph companions.

Those who embody the Artemis archetype have a sense of equality with men, a sisterhood with women and an affinity with nature. Artemis energy is active in feminists, environmentalists, activists and therapists motivated to help the vulnerable. Artemis also has a spiritual or mystical way of seeing: moonlight vision.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The mythology of Artemis and the qualities revealed in her archetypal energies
  • Modern-day examples of “Artemis women,” including Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Julia Butterfly Hill, Amy Wambach, and Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence
  • How her energies can support you in difficult times and at different stages of your life
  • The Indomitable Spirit of Artemis: How to retain the psychological meaning of “virgin,” and not identify with victim
  • Her shadow or dark side in mythology and how it is expressed as mercilessness and rage in women today
  • What the “Artemis Woman” needs to experience and learn
  • What Artemis’ symbols tell us in the myth of Atalanta: Mother Bear and Calydon Boar
  • The value of circles with a spiritual center

In this module and those that follow, we’ll begin the exciting journey of discovering the characteristics and behaviors of seven mythological Greek goddesses. Through their stories, you’ll begin to recognize which goddess archetypes you are most aligned with, and discover which you may need to draw from or tone down to create greater balance within yourself and your life.

Module 4: Athena – Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy & Practical Crafts

Athena was born out of her father Zeus’ head as a grown woman wearing golden armor. She announced her arrival with a war cry and the earth shook when her feet hit the ground. She became the only Olympian that Zeus trusted with his symbols of power. She is the archetype of the Father’s Daughter, the defender of Patriarchy, and the ally of heroes.

Her realm was the city; Athens bears her name. She was the Patron Goddess of Weavers and an expert strategist on the battlefield. Both require similar skills,seeing the big picture and devising strategies to create the desired outcome.Athena Women thrive in the corporate and political worlds.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The meaning of Athena’s symbols: her armor, spear, and the owl
  • How Athena’s qualities can be in the service of patriarchal values, including power, domination and control or applied to solving problems or finding creative practical solutions
  • How the archetype of Athena brings into focus the conflict between two major Jungian concepts: typology and the anima-animus theory
  • How logic and competitiveness can cut Athena Women off from friendships with women, yet helps them to work well with men
  • Modern-day examples of Athena Women, including Condoleezza Rice; Phyllis Schlafly, who stopped the ratification of ERA; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany: and Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films
  • The shadow aspects of Athena, as revealed in the Medusa effect and the death of Hector and fate of Arachne in Greek mythology
  • Ways to grow by remembering Metis (Athena’s mother), taking off your armor, and revisiting the value of feminist insights

Module 5: Hestia – The Goddess of the Hearth & Temple

Hestia is the third Virgin Goddess and least known of the Greek goddesses. She is notably absent from myths and not represented in statues or paintings. Instead,she was the fire at the center of the round hearth, which can also be represented by the mandala — Jung’s image for the Self. It was her presence that made a house a home and a building a temple. Hestia was a spiritually-felt presence that provided illumination, warmth, and heat to cook food.

A Hestia Woman is detached from the outer world that engages most people. She is not invested in being known, or desired, or ambitious. She creates a center of serenity around her. It suits her to be a homemaker or to follow a calling into a contemplative order of nuns or as a member of an ashram or collective community. The problem for a contemporary Hestia is her invisibility. In an extroverted culture, the roles that suit her are not aptly valued in our culture.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to value Hestia if she is your dominant archetype
  • The need to develop a persona for the outer world
  • The importance of staying true to Hestia as well as Poseidon and Apollo’s off-centering effects on this archetype
  • The value of cultivating Hestia as the center of peace and quiet within yourself
  • How to cultivate her energies through a Hestia meditation
  • Gain an overview of Hestia, Artemis and Athena as the Virgin Goddess Archetypes, discovering the gifts and effects of their energies on yourself and others, whether outer or inward.

Module 6: Hera – The Goddess of Marriage

Hera is the first of the three Vulnerable Goddesses: Hera, Demeter and Persephone. These goddesses’ psychology and mythology cannot be separated from the significant others in their lives. Of necessity, they pay more attention to those around them, which diffuses their awareness of themselves.

The goddess Hera was the wife of Zeus, Chief God. Major temples and rituals were dedicated to her. Marriage was sacred to Hera, while her unfaithful husband Zeus was a philanderer, seducer and rapist whose progeny were gods and demigods. Hera became enraged and vindictive toward the women Zeus had been attracted to and took out this rage on them, their children or innocent bystanders.

The archetype of the wife is a powerful force in the psyches of Hera Women. Marriage is the goal, the source of meaning and identification. A married Hera Woman’s life centers around her spouse and a social world of couples. Her happiness and meaning depends upon fidelity and how important she is to her spouse.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The positive aspects of being a Hera Woman, including capacity for commitment and individuation in relationship
  • The Shadow aspects of Hera: rage, vindictiveness, obsessive thoughts and paranoia
  • The challenges a Hera Woman faces, often learning through projection and disillusionment
  • Paths toward recovery from negative Hera characteristics
  • The procrustean effect of patriarchy on this archetype
  • The message of The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan

Module 7: Demeter – The Goddess of Grain & Mother of Persephone

Demeter is the goddess of bountiful harvests — Goddess of Grain, the source of basic nourishment in bread and cereals (Ceres is her Roman name). She was portrayed as a beautiful, mature woman with golden hair and dressed in blue. She is the most maternal of the Olympians and best known as the mother of Persephone.

Demeter re

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