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Legendary Coaching Group – David Tian


Legendary Coaching Group – David Tian has the same quality as the author’s salapage. This therapeutic shortcut is the core of my new live coaching group Legendary.

This therapeutic shortcut is the core of my new live coaching group Legendary.

Legendary Coaching Group by David Tian,
Salepage link: At HERE. Archive: http://archive.is/wip/RdQfk

Meet the Leader of Legendary:

David Tian, Ph.D.

I’m David Tian! And for over the past 13 years, through years of trial and error and plenty of psychotherapy and clinical psychology training and experience coaching thousands of people from all around the world…

I’ve been carving a shortcut path up the back of the mountain that can take you to the summit in a small fraction of the time the long, arduous, soul-destroying route takes.

This therapeutic shortcut is the core of my new live coaching group Legendary.

At the core of the Legendary program is a progressive series of psychotherapeutic processes to take anyone from a total novice to a more advanced person… and guide them through the next phases of their personal growth… so they can experience even more love, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and passion than they ever thought possible before.

Here’s what you’ll discover to ensure your breakthroughs

The 5 Phases of Legendary Success

I’ve discovered through over 13 years of learning the hard way, training, education, testing, refining, and coaching thousands of people from all walks of life and more than 87 countries… that there are 5 Phases to mastering life:

The core training and bonuses inside the Legendary Coaching Group are based around these 5 Phases of Legendary Success and use psychotherapeutic processes to guide you through the action steps and milestones of each phase… so that you can experience continual progress and breakthroughs in dating, relationships, and all areas of life, no matter what phase you’re in.

Here’s what’s inside your private membership area:


LIVE video coaching sessions with me every week, including audio versions for your commute at work. If you’ve ever wanted the chance to develop a personal relationship with me and ask me your questions, Legendary is the most economical way to do it.

Built-in Support: One of the biggest reasons we fail to meet our goals is a lack of accountability. What’s so incredible about the Legendary coaching community is that you have a built-in peer group supporting you. Having trouble following through on your weekly goals? Ask your fellow Legends. Facing a tough personal challenge in your life? The Legends have got your back. Want to share a victory? We’re here to cheer you on and encourage you to step up to the next level.

Powerful In-Person Meetups: Tony Robbins famously said, “The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group.” Unfortunately, often our friends and family don’t have the same commitment to growth that we do. This can make leveling up your life tough. That’s exactly why we host Legendary meetups. So you have a chance to connect with new friends and develop a world-wide family of people who are dedicated to creating positive change in their lives and the lives of others. We have Legends from all around the world. I can’t wait for you to discover what Legends live in your area.

Access to the “Legendary Vault”: Have you ever heard of the “Disney Vault”? It’s Disney’s policy of “retiring” new releases of their beloved movies. Well you get access to the “Legendary Vault” of ALL previous live coaching sessions, guided meditations, book reviews, and other training material from past months.

Guided Meditation Sessions: Having studied meditation in my Ph.D. studies and research and committed to meditating daily for several years already — sometimes up to multiple hours per day — now I’m excited to share this transformative experience and habit with you through access to my new guided meditations… which programs your unconscious mind for success with woman, relationships, and life.

Book Reviews: As a former university professor, I regularly read and analyzed up to 1000 pages of books each week. Now I’m excited to reveal my book reviews and notes of key books with you, so you can see how to get the most from your reading and glean the same breakthrough insights I discovered.

I want to take the mystery out of success with women, relationships, and life. Today there’s so much information out there, so many different “gurus” trying to sell you on this program and that program, that I wanted to create a comprehensive roadmap — complete with action steps and milestones at each phase — for your personal development and success: the Legendary Coaching Group.

You’ll Have Help Every Step of the Way in Legendary



Join David Tian, Ph.D., live every week for video coaching sessions where you’ll be guided on a transformational subject. He’ll answer your questions, share scientific research and resources you need to know about, plus offer lots of motivation and encouragement!


Leverage the power of the Peer Group Effect. Like attracts like, and you have the full weight of the Legendary peer group to learn from and level you up inside of our private community. Share ideas, get feedback, receive support whenever you need it. You’re never alone when you’re in Legendary.


If you have technical issues or any other challenge you need help with, write [email protected] and we’ll take care of you ASAP.


You can post your action sheet exercises or ask any questions and get feedback from your fellow students, Team Legendary, or Dr. Tian himself within minutes or hours.


You’ll have access to the back catalog of past Legendary sessions that year, where you can see other students ask questions and get guidance directly from David. You’ll be surprised how much you learn hearing someone else get advice. You’ll always have the wisdom of the entire Legendary community at your fingertips.


Plus, You’ll Get Access* To These Amazing Bonuses:



Drive demolishes your deepest insecurities and puts YOU on the fast lane to success. If you’re looking for more motivation, inspiration, or energy to absolutely crush your goals, this 6+ hour step-by-step video course is for you. (Value: $750.00+)


In PURPOSE, you’ll discover the secret to living the life of your dreams without having to rely on willpower or discipline… all downloaded into your brain through this 6+ hour course. (Value: $750.00+)


This 6+ hour course features an ancient practice that ignites passion, love, and connection in your intimate relationships and works like an antidote to your neediness. (Value: $750.00+)


In this 8+ hour video course, featuring guided meditation exercises, you’ll discover how to connect to your masculine energies. Core reveals how you can tap into your masculine core, so you can become the powerful person you’re meant to be. This means you’ll no longer be wasting your time trying to living up to society’s superficial, toxic idea of masculinity. Instead, you’ll live a life that feels right to YOU and enjoy a happy, vibrant, and fulfilling life. (Value: $750.00)


In this 6+ hour TRUE SELF course, you’ll discover how to uncover your true self, have more self-confidence and self-worth than ever before, and let your unique personality shine through. (Value: $750.00+)

(*The Drive, Purpose, Heart, Core, True Self course bonuses will be released at a rate of one per month so as to ensure follow through and prevent information overload.)

Everything is Online. Learn At Your Own Pace. No Travel Required

The coaching group is based online so you can participate anywhere in the world.

You have access to every single training session through your Member Area, so you can go through the material live every week as it’s released – or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule.

All you have to do to be successful is start learning, and focus on improving even just 1% more each day.

It’s really that simple!

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