Fall Prevention -Assessment and Intervention Strategies to Care for High-Risk Fall Patients – Michel (Shelly) Denes



Fall Prevention -Assessment and Intervention Strategies to Care for High-Risk Fall Patients – Michel (Shelly) Denes


Fall Prevention -Assessment and Intervention Strategies to Care for High-Risk Fall Patients – Michel (Shelly) Denes has the same quality as the author’s salapage.

Fall Prevention -Assessment and Intervention Strategies to Care for High-Risk Fall Patients by Michel (Shelly) Denes,
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Michel (Shelly) Denes
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Oct 19, 2016


Falls and subsequent injuries are an ongoing issue in healthcare and we as clinicians need to know how to intervene to not only treat falls, but also to prevent them before they happen.

During this course you will get the most up-to-date, clinically-relevant evaluation and treatment techniques for improving balance in geriatric and neurologically impaired individuals. A key focus is on learning to select and use the most appropriate tools for assessing balance/risk of falls and evaluating function. You will examine the relationship between cognition, the sensory system and all the musculo-skeletal aspects that impact on balance and fall risk. This will improve your clinical skills in assessment of high-risk fall patients. Providing appropriate pre-(minimizing the risks) and post-fall interventions is very critical to FALL PREVENTION.





Assessment of Multiple Dimensions of Balance, Mobility and Fall Risk

Three Classifications of Falls

  • Accidental
  • Unanticipated physiological falls
  • Anticipated physiological falls

Balance Dysfunction and Falls: Contributing Factors

  • The vestibular system
  • Vision
  • Somatosensory system
  • Muscular strength and joint flexibility
  • Endurance, fatigue and fitness level
  • Cognition
  • Posture

Risk Factors

  • Intrinsic risk factors
  • Extrinsic risk factors
  • Methods for reducing risk factors
  • Practical suggestions
  • Home safety checklist
  • Health and safety checklist
  • Fall predictors

Balance, Mobility and Fall Risk Assessment Tools: Individualized Options

  • Functional Reach Test
  • Tinetti Balance Assessment Tool
  • Berg Balance Scale
  • Functional Gait Assessment
  • The Timed Up and Go Test
  • Three and Six Minute Walk Tests
  • Full Evaluation of ROM, Flexibility, Muscle Strength and Tone

Effective Interventions to Improve Balance & Mobility and Reduce Fall Risk

Consequences of a Fall

  • Physical consequences
  • Social consequences
  • Psychological consequences


  • Strategies to Maintain and Restore Balance
    • Stability
    • Mobility

The Normal Gait Cycle

Gait Training When it Has Gone Awry

  • Considerations for assistive devices and orthotics

Therapeutic Exercise

  • Benefits & specifics for balance, ROM, strength and gait
  • Equipment for clinics and home use
  • Program design
  • Safety reminders
  • Home exercise program
  • Environmental Modification/Home Evaluation

Post-Fall Assessment and Problem Solving Prevention

  • Fall risk identification

Problem Solving After a Fall Occurs

  • Investigation process
  • Plan of action
  • Corrective and preventative measures

Community-Based Care

  • Develop community-based fall prevention programs for older adults

Overcoming Barriers to Effective Strategy Implementation

  • Cognitive barriers
  • Family barriers
  • Facility staff/Caregiver barriers

Medicare and Documentation Considerations

Interactive Lab Time: Assessment Tools and Intervention Strategies in Practice



Michel (Shelly) Denes, PT, CFPS, C/NDT's Profile

Michel (Shelly) Denes, PT, CFPS, C/NDT Related seminars and products: 10

Shelly Denes, PT, CFPS, C/NDT, is an expert in fall prevention and neuro-rehab more than 25 years of experience treating patients with hemiplegia, neuromusclular disorders, TBI, and SCI. She has a special interest in advanced technology and has been involved extensively with neuroprosthetic devices, lower extremity orthotics, and exoskeleton robotics.

Ms. Denes travels nationally to present seminars on fall prevention and geriatric rehabilitation, and she is known for her dynamic, hands-on teaching style. She has also shared her insights with practicing professionals in varying settings. Additionally, her expertise has been presented through expert witness work, both nationally and locally. Ms. Denes is a graduate of University of Michigan’s PT program, and she earned her certification in Neurodevelopmental Treatment for Adult Hemiplegia (NDT) from Rehab Institute of Chicago. She has also earned her certification as a Fall Prevention Specialist with Evergreen Certifications and sits on their advisory board.


Speaker Disclosures: 

Financial: Michel Janet (Shelly) Denes receives compensation as a Physical Therapist at the Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Nonfinancial: Michel Janet (Shelly) Denes has no relevant nonfinancial relationship to disclose.  

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