Energy Psychology Enters the Mainstream-A Power Tool for Your Practice – David Feinstein



Energy Psychology Enters the Mainstream-A Power Tool for Your Practice – David Feinstein


Energy Psychology Enters the Mainstream-A Power Tool for Your Practice – David Feinstein has the same quality as the author’s salapage.

Energy Psychology Enters the Mainstream-A Power Tool for Your Practice by David Feinstein,
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David Feinstein
3 Hours 54 Minutes
Audio and Video
Mar 19, 2016


Now that the body of peer-reviewed scientific research has lent credibility to the emerging field of Energy Psychology, skeptical therapists have increasingly incorporated tapping protocols into their usual methods to boost their effectiveness. This workshop will demonstrate how to use a variation of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), the most popular form of energy psychology, based on tapping selected acupuncture points while target scenes are mentally activated. You’ll learn:

  • A basic tapping routine you can use with clients and apply in your own life
  • How to use EFT with PTSD, anxiety issues, relationship conflict, and other difficult conditions
  • How to integrate EFT with your current methods to regulate emotional over-arousal and escalating patterns of reactivity while creating greater personal empowerment


Origins of Energy Psychology and Initial Research

Stages of Reality Construction and Development of Personal Mythology

  • Identification, counter-myth, dialectic, synthesis and translation
  • Varied efficacy of interventions across stages

Case Example – Tapping Therapy and Systematic Desensitization

Case Examples – Emotional Field Technique Demonstrations

  • War veterans and EFT resolution of PTSD symptoms

Neurology Underlying Emotional Memories and Triggers

  • Effect of tapping on brain structures associated with threat and arousal

Memory Reconsolidation – Steps to Change Through Conflicting Cognitive Inputs

Resistance to Acceptance of EFT into Existing Trauma Treatment Systems

Application to Couples Work – Take Home Skills

Integration of EFT Interventions into Larger Treatment Frameworks

  • Methods of enhancing efficacy and addressing multiple symptoms
  • Limits of efficacy and contraindications – research findings and limitations

Evolution of Cultural Mythology in South Africa

Case Demonstration – Phobia, Factors Related to Treatment Outcome

  • Movie technique, use of ongoing SUDS assessment, modulation of intensity
  • Physical discharge of negative energy and distress
  • Energy Testing assessment procedure – use of pressure points
  • Adjusting procedures for children, clients with self-esteem or underlying issues

Use of Stress Release Points in Group Work – “Borrowing Benefits”

Solidifying Gains with The Positive Projection Procedure – Moving into The Future

Commonalities Shared by Varied Energy Psychology Approaches

Sequential Structure of Intervention Procedure

  • Energy Balancing
  • Selection of reminder phrase
  • Setup and tapping
  • Sandwich and rerate the problem
  • Acceptance statement paired with statement of the problem
  • Integration sequence and repeat tapping procedure

Addressing Psychological Reversals – Assessment and Intervention

Overview of Research Findings

  • Carolyn Sakai and single session orphanage intervention
  • Adult interventions administered by lay individuals in Rwanda
  • PTSD veterans work – TFT positively compared to CBT


David Feinstein, Ph.D.'s Profile

David Feinstein, Ph.D. Related seminars and products: 4

David Feinstein, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and 9-time national award-winner for his books on consciousness and healing. He and his wife established the world’s largest organization teaching energy medicine, and their latest book, The Energies of Love, achieved best-seller status on the NY Times Relationship List. He has also written more than 100 articles in the professional literature.

Dr. Feinstein has served on the faculties of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Antioch College, and the California School of Professional Psychology. In addition, he received the 2002 and 2012 “Outstanding Contribution” Award from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, the U.S. Book News Award for the Best Psychology/Mental Health Book of 2007, the 2015 “Outstanding Leadership” Award from the Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies, and the Infinity Foundation’s 2013 “Spirit Award” (with his wife) for their contribution to “the evolution of consciousness” and its “impact on society”.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: David Feinstein directs The Energy Medicine Institute. He is an author and receives royalties. Dr. Feinstein receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.
Non-financial: David Feinstein is a member of the American Psychological Association; and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

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