Clarity Live! (October 2020) – Jamie Smart



Clarity Live! (October 2020) – Jamie Smart


Clarity Live! (October 2020) – Jamie Smart Download. We have apps that appeal to more and more of our interests…seeking to keep us entertained… yet tho…

We have apps that appeal to more and more of our interests…seeking to keep us entertained… yet those same apps keep us disconnected and numb to the world around us… aching for true meaning, purpose and belonging.

Clarity Live! (October 2020) by Jamie Smart,
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Experience life-changing insights. Break through and achieve total clarity with Sunday Times Bestselling author Jamie Smart

A letter from Jamie Smart

Sunday Times bestselling Author.

Let’s be clear. We live in times of chaos, uncertainty and change.

While many of these changes bring us things we enjoy – they also bring greater confusion and stress

  • We have apps that appeal to more and more of our interests…seeking to keep us entertained… yet those same apps keep us disconnected and numb to the world around us… aching for true meaning, purpose and belonging.
  • We have social media that shows us more and more pictures and stories of our ‘friends’ living their ‘best lives’…but more and more people are suffering from loneliness and depression.
  • Our material lifestyles are at an all-time high – we have technologies and luxuries that weren’t even available to kings and presidents a century ago… but our mental and emotional lifestyles have never been worse, with mental-health issues at an all-time high and young people struggling like never before.

It sometimes seems like the world is becoming more and more like a horrendous, dystopian sci-fi movie, and we are the controlled and constantly stimulated batteries fuelling the “evil system”.

The fact is this:

We don’t need more…More…MORE

We need CLARITY.

And here’s the good news…

For the past 20 years, I’ve been obsessed with answering ONE question:

How can you thrive and flourish in the face of more and more uncertainty, complexity and accelerating change?

The quest to answer it has had me explore everything from neuroscience to linguistics… from psychology to spirituality. In the process, I’ve written bestselling books (including a Sunday Times bestseller) and been interviewed on breaking news going out live to over 5 million people. I’ve trained thousands of people, amazing individuals who are committed to living with more peace, passion and purpose.

And here’s the thing…

It’s all about clarity… about having LESS on your mind.

  • You don’t do your best thinking when you’re preoccupied.
  • You don’t get your best ideas when you’re overwhelmed.
  • You don’t feel your happiest when you’re at your busiest.

You DO your best thinking, get your best ideas and feel happiest when you have CLARITY.

The insights and realisations that are going to transform your life and the world we live in are NEVER going to be found in the midst of more, more, more.

They’re found in a state of clarity.

And that’s exactly why I created our brand new flagship training, ClarityLive!

Clarity Live will give you an experience of total certainty, total confidence and total clarity in who you are and what you’re here for.

Giving you total peace and purpose.

Ultimately this event is about helping you lead a more loving, happy and successful life.

So I hope you’ll join us for this brand new experience. I know it’s going to change your life for the better, forever.

I’m really excited to get started with you, so go ahead and check out the details on this page and I can’t wait to meet you!

Stress-free Living

There’s a common assumption that freedom from stress and anxiety can only be found through changing your circumstances, solving your money-worries, or using medication, meditation or daily practices to cope with the fact that ‘life’s inherently stressful’ or ‘you’re just built that way.’ During this weekend, you’re going to find the universal source of peace and wellbeing that only emerges once you stop practicing and working at it.

Ease in your Relationships 

Many people believe that even relationships that start off good take hard work to maintain. And that relationships that start off difficult (with your crazy colleague, difficult boss or critical relative) are doomed to stay difficult. Once the counterintuitive truth becomes clear and you stop working on them, you’ll find that happy relationships are free to emerge everywhere. We promise.

Lasting Success

We’ve been indoctrinated with the idea that meaningful success is the result of big goals, unwavering self-belief and massive action, and that if you’re not blessed with those qualities then success is always going to elude you. You’re going to see why that almost never works, and what the real keys are to experiencing the kind of success worth having.

Newfound Certainty about Purpose & Direction

When you know what’s true and what matters to you in life, then you can trust your inner guidance system (even during times when you don’t know exactly where you’re going). When you trust your own guidance, then you know you’ve got everything you need to navigate life-choices, make the right decisions and move forward confidently even in the face of uncertainty. This quality is the source of your ability to live your most inspiring life, rich with purpose, contribution and meaning.

A 2-day, virtual event: attend from wherever you live

Clarity Live is a two-day, virtual event – it’s being held via our state-of-the-art live-streaming facility and we’re already being joined by people from over 30 countries around the world. You’ll be joining me and the members of our community for a 2-day ‘deep dive’ into the principles behind clarity, and who you really are.

Do you want to experience a real and lasting transformation?

From the moment we were born, we’ve all been subject to conditioning which determines our perspective on the world and on ourselves. As you start seeing through your script or conditioning, you wake up to who you really are and what you’ve really got going for you. And as you get ‘fresh eyes’ for yourself and the world, things transform in a way that’s authentic and natural for you. While we never know exactly what form those changes are going to take for each individual, here are some of the results our clients very regularly experience from attending one of our two-day events…

Dramatic health improvements

Many of our clients experience dramatic health transformations, including effortless weight loss, stopping smoking or drinking without using willpower, and spontaneous reduction in unhealthy blood pressure.

Bullet-proof self-trust

People report a sense of comfort in their own skin they haven’t had since they were a child, the emergence of a quiet certainty that they can handle anything life throws at them and a new trust in themselves, their decisions, and their direction.

Unprecedented lightness and ease

Almost without exception, people report arriving with a sense of carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and leaving with a sense of lightness and ease they haven’t experienced in years.


Here’s just some of what you’re going to be discovering… 

– You may have heard your true nature described as ‘the diamond within’. You’re going to be experiencing this, and the beautiful feelings that arise as you glimpse it.

– You’re going to connect deeply with your inner source of security and wellbeing.

– You may start to feel your stress and worry levels droppring as you start getting a sense of peace, wellbeing and comfort in your own skin.

– You’ll be minimising self-doubt and maximising the kind of “quiet confidence” that feels so good and that people find so compelling.


You’re going to discover…

– The clarity of thinking that allows you to come up with elegant solutions to complex problems, and feel confident as you navigate the uncertainties of life. 

– The “hidden key” to your inner source of boundless creative ability. 

– Your inner source of deep rapport and “soul-to-soul” connection with individuals and groups.

– You’ll also learn how to keep your bearings in challenging situations, and find them again quickly if you should happen to lose them.

– We’ll be looking at all the big ‘life areas’ – work, finances, relationships and health… passion, purpose and peace of mind. You’re going to see it all through the lens of clarity, and experience liberating insights as a result. 

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