Chakra Climax Series – Lynn Waldrop



Chakra Climax Series – Lynn Waldrop


Chakra Climax Series – Lynn Waldrop has the same quality as the author’s salapage. You will learn to utilize your Chakras to reach your fullest potential and optimal health.

You will learn to utilize your Chakras to reach your fullest potential and optimal health.

Chakra Climax Series by Lynn Waldrop,
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Chakra Climax Series:
You will learn to utilize your Chakras to reach your fullest potential and optimal health.

It all starts with the ABC’s of Chakra Climax:

  • ACTIVATE the over 72,000 nadis (energy channels) throughout the body
  • BALANCE the nadis and chakras with your physical body for better physical health & life
  • CLEANSE your chakras of limitations and blocks that are holding you back
  • DIRECT the universe’s energy through your chakras to create your universe (Health, Finances, Relationships, etc.)
  • EXTRACT hidden talents, skills and consciousness from the molecules of your chakras
  • and FULFILL your greatest potential by harnessing the potent, chakra energies

Chakra Climax will also help you become vibrationally congruent with the things that you wish to create in your life by clearing the blocks that are keeping you from achieving them. Blocks such as:

  • Dis-ease in the physical body –
    Dis-ease starts in the outer, subtle energy fields and works its way into the physical body – stop the block before it makes it way to the physical body!
  • TFE’s (thoughts, feelings and emotions) –
    The chakras are databases of past TFEs, and these create our world and our bodies
  • Past Life “Baggage” –
    The body is meant to be fluid energy moving – move the baggage out and the Chi, Prana, Lifeforce energy can be fluid again!!
  • & More!

Lynn’s intuitive approach will help wake-up the dormant energies within your chakras and activate them to pull in more talents, skills, knowledge and consciousness.

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Chakra Climax Remote Remedies

  • Remote Remedies are short 3-10 minute mini MP3s – All of Lynn’s work uses the consciousness of your body and its innate knowledge of how long to run before turning them off! So they may run for minutes or even hours throughout your day!!
  • In the Remote Remedies, Lynn will focus in on the clearing chakra databases of the programs and triggers that cause you to RE-ACT instead of CREATING change in your world.
  • Each MP3 will move through the 7 major chakras and 5 of the bilateral minor chakras looking at not only the “standard” colors and data about each chakra but the unique information YOUR bodies have told her about each!!
  • Is your body ready to receive the amazing energy that is group synergy?! Group work creates synergy because everyone is trying to achieve the same goal and same target areas!
  • The Remote Remedy is exactly what it says, completely remote. All you have to do is receive the life changing benefits in the form of mini MP3s that will be sent to you each day by email. They will also be on a download page that will be updated daily.

In the Chakra Climax MP3, Lynn will do clearings and activations to include:

  • Aligning the chakras better to the body through the Endocrine System and Vagus Nerve
  • Upgrading your Chakra System to meet the electromagnetic requirements of the Universe today.
  • Regulating the energies of your body to that of the Earth’s meridians and their new polarity patterns for a smoother ride.
  • Dump the programming or past life “luggage” in the chakra databases that bogs down the body, mind and spirit

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