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Celebrity Promotions – Dan Kennedy


Celebrity Promotions – Dan Kennedy Download. The Ultimate Celebrity Promotions package is a compilation of outstanding work submitted by Dan Kennedy, Bill …

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The Ultimate Celebrity Promotions package is a compilation of outstanding work submitted by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and Glazer Kennedy members, real people just like you.

Celebrity Promotions by Dan Kennedy,
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Swipe File: Simple, Proven, Effective ‘Real-World’ Tactics to Gain Instant Credibility for Your Business Without Breaking the Bank


The Ultimate Celebrity Promotions package is a compilation of outstanding work submitted by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and Glazer Kennedy members, real people just like you. CELEBRITY association is such a powerful marketing force, yet so very under-utilized. This vast collection of newsletters, magazine covers, sales letters, online and offline pieces are each prefaced by the originator. You will gain key insights in how you can tailor and implement these powerful, proven examples and promotions into your business. Benefit from learning reliable, formulaic and effective ways to achieve “getting into the minds” of your customers and prospects. By infusing these targeted ideas into your marketing strategies you will satisfy the most common business objectives while increasing both your visibility and bottom line. Here are just four of many, Successful Promotions and Key Outcomes that are achievable:

  • Successful CELEBRITY Promotion #1: The promotion that INCREASED patients by 33.41% and sales by 39.16% in just 3 months…PLUS the simple tactic for getting the CELEBRITY Endorsement
  • Successful CELEBRITY Promotion #2: How a local business owner convinced the producers of a national hit TV show to film an episode at his business…and HOW this opportunity was leveraged to the MAX!
  • Successful CELEBRITY Promotion #3: A Customer Appreciation Event that generated over $70,000.00 in revenue and a 700% return on investment (this promotion is a great example how to use the POWER of CELEBRITY Association in multiple ways…PLUS a “sneaky” trick)
  • Successful CELEBRITY Promotion #4: a local business owner routinely rakes in $30,000.00 each time he mails his promotion (following this simple method you can easily do the same. How much would it be worth to know you could earn 5-figures with every promotion?


What You’ll Learn?

  • Understand how to increase readership, one of the biggest challenges marketers face today, while instantly attracting more ATTENTION to your business and improving customer retention
  • Learn how to establish instant CREDIBILITY in distinguishing the difference between testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and creating “Social Proof”
  • Uncover how to incorporate HIGHER prices with less or no resistance by appropriately applying the most relevant celebrity endorsements for your business
  • Proffer a BETTER customer experience and learn a key component in attracting more affluent customers
  • Build your knowledge in the utilization of FREE Publicity and uncover secrets that will help you develop a dynamic portfolio to put you on the top rung of the earning ladder
  • Gain EXPERT status; have your opinion sought after by peers and others as you hone the application of multiple media sources

Who Is It For?

This course is for any entrepreneur, business owner, author, coach or consultants alike, who wants to supercharge your business results. Take advantage of the many who have already built these reusable clever concepts so you may easily transform them into a vehicle which attracts more with less.

What You Get

1 Manual 2 CDs The Celebrity Promotions Sample Book: (Manual) is divided into four sections, each of which contains examples of slightly different ways to tap into the power of celebrities. The four sections are:

  • Section I: National Celebrities (movie stars, athletes, etc.)
  • Section II: Local Celebrities (local news & radio personalities, etc.)
  • Section III: Making Yourself a Celebrity (self-explanatory)
  • Section IV: Normal People as Celebrities (“normal” people made into celebrities)

Note: All examples in the manual are included digitally on the “swipe file” CD 1 (See BONUS #3 below)

  • CD 1: Includes Valuable BONUS#1 through BONUS# 3 (of the 4 BONUSES included in this package):
    • BONUS#1: Bill Glazer’s Celebrity Promotions… Provides several examples of how Bill has personally used the power of celebrity to promote his own businesses.
    • BONUS#2: Dan Kennedy on the Power of Celebrity… In this section, you’ll find valuable insights from many of Dan Kennedy’s best-selling books where he has expanded on the power of celebrity and how to best use it in marketing your business.
    • BONUS#3: Celebrity Promotions “Swipe file” CD. This CD includes digital versions of all the celebrity promotions in the manual and many more. There were too many great examples to fit into the printed manual so be sure to look at the marketing materials thoroughly to take advantage of all the extras that appear on the “swipefile CD” Use them as a rich source of ideas that can be adapted to fit your situation.
  • CD 2: 8 Powerful Methods for Meeting & Connecting with ANY celebrity:
    • BONUS#4: This second CD provides discussions between former Platinum Member Joe Polish and previous Info-SUMMIT speaker Eben Pagan. Joe explains how he’s been able to connect with celebrities like uber-entrepreneurs and multi-billionaires like Richard Branson, Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates as well as Tiger Woods among others. Joe shares several strategies he has personally used to connect with these and other celebrities.


  • Manual: The Ultimate Celebrity Promotions Sample Book: 136 pages
  • CD 1: Swipe Files
  • CD 2: Audio Duration: approximately 30 minutes


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