CCI Workshop Recording Series (2006 & 2008)-Fibonacci – Mark Braun



CCI Workshop Recording Series (2006 & 2008)-Fibonacci – Mark Braun


CCI Workshop Recording Series (2006 & 2008)-Fibonacci – Mark Braun Download. Now you can learn how to apply this powerful combination of trading techniques…

Now you can learn how to apply this powerful combination of trading techniques to the market of your choice!

CCI Workshop Recording Series (2006 & 2008)-Fibonacci by Mark Braun,
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Now you can learn how to apply this powerful combination of trading techniques to the market of your choice!

The July 2008 workshop series completed to rave reviews. Participants learned how to create solid support and resistance zones, AND how to interpret them to choose reliable entry points and targets. We also covered exactly when and how the Fibonacci Ratios made it clear when current conditions were just too choppy to trade. You can gain knowledge of these market conditions in advance. Step by step instructions are included on creating support and resistance levels in price and how to establish Fibonacci TIMING reversal points in any market, on any timeframe.

The workshop series covers intraday trading in stock index futures (live trading included), bonds and gold – and evaluating longer term positions in commodities, stocks, etfs and currencies. Special emphasis is given to the Fibonacci Timing factors for those who are interested in options strategies. We also worked with new contracts to discuss the process of refining trade management techniques when adapting to new securities using a logical approach.

The recording quality is very good, and you can pause, rewind – learn at your own pace. In total, the July workshop package includes 29 hours of video instruction!

If the videos appear small to you, there’s a small “X” towards the right on the playback controls. That will allow you to view them full screen with no loss of quality.

And now as a special bonus, you’ll get both the 2008 Workshop Series and the 2006 Online Forex Workshop series for the original price of just 1 of these workshops!

The complete recordings of Mark’s July Online Forex workshop allow you to study at your own pace:

An over 100 page workbook you can view on your computer or print for easy reference

Over 14 hours of recorded video instruction. You can pause, rewind or go back to any section for review!

Over 5 hours of additional video in a step by step approach, showing this methodology on other markets

Access to our private forum where you can see chart examples and commentary; post your own charts and have your questions answered by Mark. Interact with other students of these techniques!

Be there every step of the way as Mark shows you how to calculate Fibonacci based entry points and targets using Price AND Time, while teaching you exactly what to look for in order to enter and manage your trades using CCI (a powerful momentum indicator) on multiple timeframes.

The materials will also be kept updated; periodically videos will be posted directly in the private forums so that you can be kept informed about any further developments to the methodology and how to apply it to a variety of markets and timeframes

The CCI Workshop Package is a complete course in drawing and interpreting Fibonacci Price and Time support and resistance. How to use this information together with the Commodity Channel Index to enter and manage trades effectively and profitably. Emphasis is on short term (intraday) trading, Futures and Forex, with pointers on how to scale up to higher timeframes. Extensive videos and a 100 page manual. Extensive live trading shown.

Mark Braun specializes in Fibonacci Price and Time analysis using Fibonacci Trader software. The analysis provides strong support and resistance levels and an emphasis on specific Fibonacci based price patterns, Market Geometry, allows this m ethod to project reliable and accurate targets on several timeframes. Whether youre a shorter term intra-day trader or a longer term investor, youll see how combining these price patterns with a simple momentum indicator, the Commodity Channel Index, will provide entry and trade management information for reliable high probability trades.

Mark has taught his method as a key presenter at Fibonacci Trader seminars and workshops. You can learn these techniques at your own pace through Marks home study materials too, or take a trial of his chat room and daily chart update service to see how Market Geometry can help you reach your trading and investing goals. Markets covered include major USA stock index futures, currencies (Forex) and a selection of commodities.

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