Car Dealership Domination 2.0 – Alex Lytvynchuk



Car Dealership Domination 2.0 – Alex Lytvynchuk


Car Dealership Domination 2.0 – Alex Lytvynchuk Download. All you have to do is follow the steps and take action. We have this so systemized, people have c…

All you have to do is follow the steps and take action. We have this so systemized, people have considered CDD 2.0 to be like buying a franchise.

Car Dealership Domination 2.0 by Alex Lytvynchuk,
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The Shortcut To A 6 Figure Agency By Focusing On The Most Profitable Niche

Proven Process

We have taken the guesswork out of starting your social media marketing agency. All you have to do is follow the steps and take action. We have this so systemized, people have considered CDD 2.0 to be like buying a franchise.

Rewires Your Brain for Success

Most people don’t realize success is not possible being the same person they are now. That’s why most fail. In CDD 2.0, I show you how to rewire your brain for success, and become a new you, highly capable of success.

Community of Like-Minded People

It’s hard to change when you’re surrounded by the same old people. When you surround yourself with successful people, you naturally work to get on their level. All of us will build you up, and we are all on this journey with you.

Expert Mentorship

It’s normally impossible for the average person to afford expert mentorship. CDD 2.0 changes that. We have twice weekly live group consulting calls and 24/7/365 access to me and my team of experts on Facebook and email.

Every Single One of My Agency’s Documents

  • 60 Day Dealership Acquisition Calendar
  • Dealership Winning Offers Cheat Sheet
  • Monthly Advertising Report Template
  • Client Outreach Sheet
  • Proven Cold Outreach Script
  • Objection Handling Scripts
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Template
  • Contract Agreement Template

All My Client Systems

  • Sales script
  • Automated Follow-Up Text Scripts for Your Client’s Leads
  • Automated Lead-Tracking System
  • Automated Email Follow-Up for Your Clients
  • Car Sales Tracking System

Recording of a High Ticket (4000+) Close & More

Watch me close $4,000+ clients and other high ticket prospects on real sales calls from start to scratch. You’ll be able to see the real deal and learn how to save confidence and close clients with ease.

Student Coaching Calls and Ad Critiques

Learn from coaching calls and other’s mistakes by watching me personally coaching, motivating and setting the right mindset for success for my students as well as critique my students’ ads, helping them turn from no-results to high-converting ads.

What’s Included?

  • Lifetime access to 12 Modules with OVER 80 Videos ($2997 Value)
  • Support and Feedback in Our Private Mastermind Group ($997 Value)
  • How to Find & Close $2000/mo Car Dealerships with ZERO Sales Experience ($997 Value)
  • My Special Case Study Presentation to CLOSE Clients ($497 Value)
  • My Exclusive Blueprint Strategies How DELIVER Results for Car Dealerships ($997 Value)
  • Sales Scripts, Email templates, Contracts, Funnel Templates + More ($997 Value)

Total Value: $7,482 | Actual Price:$1297

What Would It Mean To You If…

While you were building your agency you could reach out at any time whatsoever to others who’ve already been where you’re at, and had successfully managed to get their clients results and build a successful agency?

If so, by how much do you think your chances of succeeding would go up, considering that anytime you ever faced a new challenge or had a question, you could reach out directly to someone who’s already faced that challenge or question before?

Yet Another Honest Review

Dealership Sells 14 Units:More With Our Facebook Campaigns

Let this year be the one when you aim for success.

Don’t tell yourself that this isn’t possible, that you can’t do it.

You need to make a change NOW!

What impact would it have on your life if you could…

  • Earn a full time income working from home. No alarm clock, setting your own limits and goals.*
  • Travel wherever, anytime. As our business model has no location requirements.

Be independent financially. Not having to worry about the next bill any longer, but experiencing everything you ever wanted, and being able to give back to the community and support your family

With “CDD 2.0” you will learn how I get clients to pay me $1500 – $5000 every month for bringing them new customers with Facebook and Youtube ads!*

Get Car Dealership Domination 2.0 – Alex Lytvynchuk only Price $139

Who is This Course For?

  • Motivated Individuals

This course is designed for anyone who’s ready to take their life to the next level and is ready to put some work in. No more 9-5, no more stressing about bills.

  • Beginners

You will be guided along this entire process while also looking over the shoulder of someone doing it right in front of you. I cover everything from getting your first paying car dealership, to delivering them results, to running profitable Facebook & Youtube advertising and eventually scaling your agency nationwide.

  • Experienced Players

This Course is ALSO designed for those experienced Social Media Marketers who are looking to SCALE up their business and start getting clients from different cities and states using techniques like creating perfect lead magnets for their agency and running successful Facebook ads to bring in multiple clients on autopilot. I Guarantee you won’t find this type of advanced content anywhere else on the internet.

  • Car Dealers/Dealerships

If you’re a car dealer or you own a car dealership this course will teach you top online marketing tactics on how to build massive online exposure and generate leads for your business.

Which Route Are You Going to Take?

Option #1

Take the One You Already Know, trying to put this together on your own, maybe get your first client in 3 months from now, spend your entire year testing & learning, and continue down the same path you have been on. Not to mention the Thousands of dollars you will lose out on because you couldn’t provide results for your clients. For every extra month it takes you to get a client, another client is lost… you set $1,500 per month on fire. Just because you’re too stubborn to invest in yourself 

Option #2

Save Yourself the Time & Headaches, get the tools to get your first high paying client THIS MONTH, Get me as your mentor, & finally be given the tools to reach a 6 figure income in No Time.**

Class Curriculum

Week One – Setting Up The Foundations For Your Success

  • Welcome To The Car Dealership Domination Program (8:03)
  • Start Here. Private Mastermind Access, Become Part Of The Family (5:42)
  • General SMMA vs Niche SMMA (6:20)
  • Why Car Dealerships Will Pay You $2000-$10.000+ Per Month (5:34)
  • How We Will Help Dealerships Bring Customers On Autopilot (6:10)

Week Two – Find High Ticket Clients

  • Start Here – How To Find Your Clients (4:46)
  • [INDEPENDENT] – Understanding Car Dealership Business (30:47)
  • [FRANCHISE] – Understanding Car Dealership Business (22:39)
  • [INDEPENDENT] Find The PERFECT Client To Work With – Criteria (28:58)
  • [FRANCHISE] Find The PERFECT Client To Work With – Criteria (12:39)
  • Prospecting Methods Walkthrough (25:12)
  • Finding Dealerships Who Already NEED Your Service (57:26)
  • How To Work With Multiple Dealerships In One City (7:48)
  • The Services You’ll Provide For Your Clients – FULL BREAKDOWN (14:35)
  • How Much To Charge Your Clients – FULL BREAKDOWN (36:33)

The Power Of Digital Marketing – Mastering Your Craft

  • Best Facebook & Youtube Video Ads For The Dealerships Of ALL TIME (FRANCHISE & INDEPENDENT) – Live Examples (50:18)

Week Three – Get Meetings With EASE

  • Start Here – How To Get Client Meetings (4:05)
  • 6 PROVEN Client Outreach Methods We’ll Be Using (19:18)
  • Mentality Is Everything in Sales (20:53)
  • Cold Calling Master Teaches You How To Cold Call Like A BOSS (SCRIPTS INCLUDED) (27:23)
  • Cold Calling – The Power Of Scripts (NEW SCRIPT) (41:31)
  • Watch Me Cold Calling **LIVE** – 5 Calls – Landed A Meeting In 10 Minutes (9:07)
  • $2000 Sales Call **LIVE** – Learn How To Overcome Objections (25:32)
  • Cold Calling **LIVE** – Learn How To Take Control And Dominate Your Call (9:19)
  •  How To Record Your Sales Calls & Meetings – Analysis (IMPORTANT) (18:00)
  • [FRANCHISE] – In-Person Prospecting Strategies – With This Every Door Is Open For You (29:03)
  • [INDEPENDENT] – In-Person Prospecting Strategies – With This Every Door Is Open For You (29:19)
  • The FASTEST Way To Get Your First Paying Client PART 1 (31:26)
  • The FASTEST Way To Get Your First Paying Client PART 2 (35:46)
  • How To Do Digital Dealership Audit To Get Meetings (26:49)
  • [FRANCHISE] – How To Talk To The General Manager (LIVE MEETING) (19:13)
  • [INDEPENDENT] – How To Talk To The Owner (LIVE MEETING) (14:39)
  • [INDEPENDENT] In-Person Prospecting Small Dealerships PART 1 (LIVE) (18:09)
  • [INDEPENDENT] In-Person Prospecting Small Dealerships PART 2 (LIVE) (16:49)
  • [INDEPENDENT] In-Person Prospecting Medium Size Dealerships (LIVE) (19:05)
  • [INDEPENDENT] In-Person Prospecting Big Size Dealerships PART 1 (LIVE) (13:02)
  • [INDEPENDENT] How To Approach Big Size Dealerships PART 2 (LIVE) (59:13)
  • Unique Way To Get Clients On Demand (MUST TRY) (15:11)
  • MUST HAVE Tool To Easily Find Dealership Clients Anywhere (13:38)
  • My Cold Emailing Secrets (8 TOP EMAIL SCRIPTS) (25:03)
  • 7 Steps To Create Your Best Automated Client Follow-Up Email Sequence (R) (48:28)
  • How To Close Clients On A Strategy Session Calls (R) (28:47)

Week Four – Close Clients With CONFIDENCE

  • [FRANCHISE] – Sales Mastery (32:56)
  • The Secrets Of A Master Closer: A Simpler & Faster Way To Close Your Clients (37:54)
  • Establishing Yourself As An Authority (15:09)
  • [FRANCHISE] – Dealership Owner & General Manager Pain Points (20:05)
  • The Art of Selling vs The Art of Closing (4:24)
  • Common Objections and Responses To Memorize PART 1 (17:05)
  • [FRANCHISE] – The Ultimate Guide On How To Follow Up (15:53)

Week Five – Deliver MASSIVE Results For Your Clients With Facebook Ads

  • What is Fundamental Offer & How We’ll Use It (3:30)
  • Offer Types That WORK For Car Dealerships (5:58)
  • Facebook Intro (1:06)
  • Getting Access To Your Client Ad Account (4:49)
  • Why Do You Need Business Manager (5:41)
  • Ads Manager Overview (4:38)
  • Facebook Pixel (9:20)
  • Custom & Lookalike Audiences (9:44)
  • Facebook Objectives We’ll use (4:14)
  • The Perfect Facebook Targeting for Car Dealerships (9:22)
  • Video Offer Blueprint #1 (4:18)
  • Video Offer Blueprint #2 (3:15)
  • Video Offer Blueprint #3 (2:33)
  • Creating WINNING Facebook Ad For Car Dealership (LIVE) (17:27)
  • Creating Messenger Bot Offer for CD (9:02)
  • Optimizing Your Facebook Ads (7:26)
  • The Best Way To Generete Phone Leads & Calls for Your Client (10:16)

Generate Car Sales On Demand Using Landing Pages

  • Lead Generation Pages Overview (1:21)
  • Creating Funnel with Offer for CD (LIVE) (27:58)
  • Setting Up The Facebook Pixel On The Funnel (4:45)
  • Email Autoresponder Software Integration (13:20)
  •  Facebook Conversions Campaign (LIVE) (5:57)
  • Facebook Lead Generation Campaign (LIVE) (11:07)
  • Sending Automatic Lead Notification Messages (6:31)
  • Split Testing Funnels (2:12)

Facebook Advertising 707 – Advanced Module – Deliver Results For Dealerships Like A BOSS

  • Setting Up A Test Drive Booking System For Your Clients (48:05)
  • Dynamic Catalog Set Up – Run Ads On Autopilot [PART 1] (46:41)

Week Six – Deliver MASSIVE Results For Your Clients With Youtube Ads

  • Start Here – The Power Of Youtube Ads [Video Blueprints] (16:34)
  • Setting Up Youtube Ads Account (7:04)
  • Youtube Ads Manager Walkthrough (7:08)
  • Youtube Account Linking [Part 1 & 2] (7:21)
  • Youtube Remarketing Tag and How We’ll Use It (8:06)
  • Google Tag Manager Set Up (9:10)
  • Top 3 Best Youtube Ads Objectives For Car Dealerships (9:34)
  • Youtube Conversion Tracking Set Up (12:47)
  • Tag Assistant + Keyword Planner Overview (9:20)
  • Youtube Targeting For Dealerships Explained Ste-by-Step (28:00)
  • Creating In-Stream Brand Awareness Ad For The Dealership Client (BLUEPRINT) (28:03)
  • Creating In-Stream Lead Generation Ad (BLUEPRINT) (11:27)
  • Creating Video Discovery Ad With Custom Intent Audiences (17:45)
  • Creating Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads (11:17)
  • Ads Optimization & Troubleshooting Possible Errors (17:28)

***NEW*** How To Work With Car Dealership Franchises Honda, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Buick etc…

  • Type Of Services You Will Provide fro Franchises (9:11)
  • Marketing Strategy Set up For Franchise Client (10:57)
  • Proposal For Franchises (CASE STUDY INCLUDED) (3:31)
  • #1 PROVEN STRATEGY that Delivers Car Sales & Leads For Car Dealership Franchises (18:29)
  • Best Types Of OFFERS that Work for Franchises (5:12)
  • Franchise Segmentation – Targeting (4:38)
  • Run Facebook Ads for Honda, Chevy, Mercedes, Ford Like a PRO (21:40)
  • REVEALING Facebook Ads for Chevy, Honda and other Franchises (8:37)
  • The MOST CONVERTING Facebook Ads for Franchises (4:55)
  • Youtube ADS & Commercials for Honda, BMW, Ford and Other Franchises (6:54)

Week Seven & Eight – Automating & Scaling Your Agency To Over 6-7 Figures

  • My Ultimate Formula on How to GENERATE Leads (5:14)
  • How To Create IDEAL Lead Magnet for Your Agency (2:32)
  • My Special BLUEPRINT Facebook Ads to Grow Your Agency (7:07)
  • Setting Up Funnel for Your Agency (LIVE) (4:35)

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