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Capital Raising Blueprint – Growthink


Capital Raising Blueprint – Growthink Download. Growthink’s “Capital Raising Blueprint” is a comprehensive training program that’s made up of 14 Audio & Vi…

Growthink’s “Capital Raising Blueprint” is a comprehensive training program that’s made up of 14 Audio & Video Training Modules designed to show you exactly how to raise capital for your business.

Capital Raising Blueprint by Growthink,
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NOTE: Growthink’s “Capital Raising Blueprint” is a 100% DIGITAL product. That is, all audio and video training modules will be available for downloading and/or viewing online, and accompanying handouts will be available as PDF files. No files or documents will be shipped to you. This means you can INSTANTLY gain access to all the materials (so you don’t have to wait for a package to arrive in the mail).

Here’s What’s Included In My “Capital Raising Blueprint” Course

Growthink’s “Capital Raising Blueprint” is a comprehensive training program that’s made up of 14 Audio & Video Training Modules designed to show you exactly how to raise capital for your business.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what’s covered in each module:

Module 1: Introduction to Capital Raising

  • The #1 Reason Businesses Fail – And What To Do About It!
  • The Major Types of Capital
  • Pros and Cons of Various Types of Capital
  • Key Sources of Capital for Your Business

Module 2: Keys to Capital Raising Success

  • Targeting the Right Types of Capital
  • How Much Capital Should You Raise?
  • Networking Your Way to Capital
  • Why It’s Sometimes Best to NOT Ask for Funding

Module 3: Raising Debt Capital

  • 6 Major Sources of Debt Capital
  • The Easiest Way to Get Funding For Your Business
  • Pros and Cons of Home Equity Loans
  • What You Need to Do BEFORE Getting a Line of Credit
  • The Differences Between SBA and Traditional Business Loans
  • Various Types of SBA Loans and Lenders
  • 4 Step Process for Securing an SBA Loan

Module 4: Intro to Raising Equity Capital

  • 4 Things You MUST Understand About Equity Capital
  • The Pros and Cons of Equity
  • The 5 Criteria ALL Equity Investors Look For
  • 5 Top Sources of Equity Funding
  • 5 “Stages” of Equity Capital
  • How to Deal with “Giving Up” Equity in Your Company

Module 5: Raising Equity Capital from Angels & Individuals

  • Average Size of “Family and Friend” Investments
  • What Angel Investors Really Look for
  • Typical “Angel” Ownership Stakes
  • Top 4 Motivations of Angel Investors
  • Is Your Industry “Angel”-Friendly?
  • 4-Step Action Plan to Raise Capital from Individuals

Module 6: Raising Equity Capital from Institutions

  • The 3 Main Types of Institutional Investors
  • What Venture Capitalists Are REALLY Looking For
  • The “2:6:2” Rule and How It Affects Your Business
  • Will Your Business Provide a “10X” Return?
  • What Types of Companies VCs Finance
  • Key Differences Between VCs and Angel Investors

Module 7: Creative & Alternative Finance – Part I

  • Novel Ways for Customers to Finance Your Growth
  • Hidden Financing Sources in Vendor Relationships
  • A Little-Known Way to Raise Capital, FAST
  • How to Get the Benefits of Being a “Public” Company, Without All the Costs

Module 8: Creative & Alternative Finance – Part II

  • How to Take Advantage of Other Firms’ Bankruptcies
  • When Does It Make Sense to Franchise?
  • Unlocking Financing from Unused Assets
  • Creative Ways to Use Real Estate to Fund Your Business

Module 9: Grants for Your Business

  • The 4 Common Myths About Grants…and the Truth about Each
  • The 11 Government Departments which Fund Billions of Dollars of Small Business Grants Each Year
  • 5 Steps You Must Take to Secure Grants for Your Business
  • How to Use Grants as Part of Your Overall Financing Strategy

Module 10: Documentation to Raise Capital

  • The 8 Critical Materials You Need to Raise Capital
  • How to Distill Your Company’s Vision into 1 Sentence
  • Tips to Avoid “Over-Shopping” Your Opportunity
  • The Keys to a Successful Business Plan
  • How to Create a Persuasive Investor Presentation

Module 11: Raising Venture Capital – Part I

  • The 2 Different TYPES of Venture Capitalists
  • The Preferred Type of Incorporation for VC
  • Exactly When You Need to Retain a Lawyer
  • How to Protect Your Business When Pitching to VCs
  • 15 Critical Venture Capital Negotiating Issues
  • How to Maximize Your Valuation

Module 12: Raising Venture Capital – Part II

  • The 5 Stages of the Venture Capital-Raising Process
  • 7 Critical Factors to Consider When Seeking a VC Firm
  • 3 Steps to Make Sure a VC is Worth Contacting
  • How to Identify the RIGHT Contact at a VC Firm
  • The 3 Ways of “Getting Inside” to Meet with a VC Firm

Module 13: Raising Venture Capital – Part III

  • Strategies for Keeping a Larger Percentage of Your Company
  • How to Expertly Prepare for Due Diligence
  • What You MUST Do Before Signing a Term Sheet
  • How to Prepare for Your NEXT Round of Venture Capital

Module 14: Choosing The Right Mix and Amount of Capital

  • The 11 Keys to Capital Raising Succes
  • How to Determine How Much Capital You Really Need
  • Tips for Managing Your Time So You Raise More Capital, FASTER
  • And Much, Much More…

What is this Worth to You?

With Growthink’s Capital Raising Blueprint you could raise tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars of funding for your business.

With that being said, we could easily be charging upwards of $2,000 for everything contained in the Capital Raising Blueprint. But right now, we’re not charging $2,000.

We’re not even charge $1,000 or $500 for information that could open up new doors for you and your business.

Right now, you can get the Capital Raising Blueprint for just.

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