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Campaigns That Convert – Automation Bridge Academy


Campaigns That Convert – Automation Bridge Academy Download. You’ve seen other entrepreneurs send emails and make money with great success yet it continues…

You’ve seen other entrepreneurs send emails and make money with great success yet it continues to be a mystery to you.

Campaigns That Convert by Automation Bridge Academy,
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Could your business benefit from more customers from sending email?

You’ve seen other entrepreneurs send emails and make money with great success yet it continues to be a mystery to you.

You have followed their formulas step-by-step without any real results.

Happens to the best of us. Myself included.

Creating campaigns isn’t rocket science but they do require an understanding of logic that can be extremely confusing for entrepreneurs.

t’s time to learn how to build profitable email campaigns in ActiveCampaign.

After sending crappy emails for years, I finally figured out the foundational elements in making highly successful email campaigns. All it took was a few key shifts in my approach and the results happened instantly.

My belief is that if you were to start right now you could have your first profitable email campaign up and running within the next 24 hours.

Imagine having a system in place that you KNOW converts a portion of your newly acquired leads to satisfied customers for you.

What would it be like to not have the pressure of trying to sell your products to potential customers knowing that your new system will do it for you in a way that’s natural and non-salesy?

Even while you sleep.

Let me be the first to tell you…

There’s no greater feeling in business than having a proven email campaign selling your product for you.

That’s exactly why I am sharing one of my most highly effective strategies with you…

#1 Educator in Marketing Automation

Hi, I’m Chris Davis and I create marketing systems that will run your business by themselves. With over 12 years of experience in automation (as an Engineer and Entrepreneur), I have perfected the art of sending automated emails for you to easily learn and implement.

After seeing entrepreneurs continuously struggle with using email to drive more sales I decided to eliminate the complication and reveal one of my most powerful strategies to nurture subscribers to become satisfied customers.

Now it’s yours…



A Complete Automated Follow Up System For Your Business

Campaigns That Convert is the most detailed, and easy to follow, online course that provides everything you need to build a digital strategy to take your new website leads and turn them into loyal customers.

This online course was created to solve the most commonly asked question in email marketing…

“Should I use single opt-in or double opt-in?”

The answer is both!

Campaigns That Convert is the most effective way to build all of your email campaigns by leveraging the ease of use of single opt-in while providing the security and list hygiene of double opt-in.

You can now have the best of both worlds.


Tested and proven digital strategy to add contacts to your email list with the least amount of friction. This strategy will allow you to sell more products faster by automatically identifying the hottest leads in your database.

This online training is a compilation of what I have discovered works after countless years of building out profitable systems for clients.

I don’t hold anything back in revealing the exact strategies that has been used generated millions of dollars from sending emails.

It’s been tested, broken, rebuilt, and perfected for your immediate ease of use and implementation.

Increase email deliverability

No more worrying about the spam folder or Gmails promotion tabs. Send emails with confidence knowing it will reach every email inbox you send to.

Enhance your marketing

Implement this and witness an immediate boost in engagement EVERYwhere (this even includes higher engagement on blog posts comments).

Generate more customers

It has been said that “the fortune is in the follow up”. Your new email follow strategy up will allow contacts make the purchasing decision quicker.


As a student of Campaigns That Convert you will have access to a community of students (along with myself) to guide you through every step of the way.

Simply log in to the course at anytime and ask any question and receive immediate help and individualized advice.


The moment you enroll you will receive access to all the resources you need to get up and running quickly.

Hours of HD Training

Instant access to over 18 videos and more than 3 hours step by step training to make implementation easy and fast. Watch them from your desktop or tablet at your convenience.

Automation Done For You

Never start from scratch again. All the resources you need to implement your new digital strategy quickly are instantly available for you to download. Forever.

Easy Analytics

Take the guess work out of your marketing and know exactly what’s working so you can repeat it with ease with an auto-populating dashboard of all leads generated throughout the entire year

Browse the entire course curriculum below


  • Overview: The History of Permission Based Marketing
  • The Breakdown: Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-in
  • The Breakdown: “The Single Double” Opt-In
  • The “Single-Double” Blueprint Walkthrough


  • Importing the Automations
  • Import Tags Using the Tag Guide
  • Importing Your Follow Up Sequence
  • Importing “Non-Action Takers” Automation
  • “Single-Double” ActiveCampaign Automation
  • Importing “Single-Double” Automation
  • Importing “Clicked to Download LeadMagnet” Automation
  • Importing “Mark As Reachable” Automation


  • Testing Your Automation
  • Calculating Your Conversion Rate
  • Creating Your Auto-Populating Dashboard

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