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Buy Fear Sell Greed – Larry Connors


Buy Fear Sell Greed – Larry Connors Download. As all professional traders know, the greatest trading edges occur when money managers, investors, and trader…

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As all professional traders know, the greatest trading edges occur when money managers, investors, and traders panic.

Buy Fear Sell Greed by Larry Connors,
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Make Money When Traders Panic – Here s How You Can Systematically Take Advantage When They Do

Dear Trader,

As all professional traders know, the greatest trading edges occur when money managers, investors, and traders panic.

They sell-off securities, often-times to extreme levels and after they re done selling, the strong money (the professional money) enters the market and takes prices higher.

This behavior creates great trading opportunities for the professionals who know when to buy. And this same behavior has occurred over and over again for decades and will likely do so for years to come because human behavior never changes!

Now, for the first time, in Larry Connors new book Buy The Fear, Sell The Greed 7 Behavioral Quant Strategies for Traders you will learn how to precisely identify when money managers, investors, and traders are fearful and panicking. When they are, substantial quantified trading opportunities exist for you to take advantage of.

In Buy The Fear, Sell The Greed you ll learn when to exactly buy these large edge, high probability times, and when to exactly sell.

You will learn from the many strategies in this book that you will be buying low because fear is high and selling higher when the fear subsides. You ve seen this play out over and over again nearly every trading day. Now, for the first time you will have a quantified, systematic way to identify and trade these often highly profitable trading opportunities.

In Buy the Fear, Sell The Greed You Will Also Learn:

  • A powerful strategy which measures market fear and has correctly predicted the short-term direction of the S&P 500 Index 91% of the time for the past quarter of a century. Chapter 2
  • How to identify when the fear of missing out (FOMO) is occurring in stocks and ETFs and when and how to short these times when prices rise to crazy levels. The FOMO strategies have correctly identified these stocks and ETFs dropping in prices from 71% to over 80% of the time since 2006. Chapters 3 & 8
  • A fear-driven security when traded as taught in the book has led to profitable trades over 97% of the time. Chapter 6
  • A little-known options strategy which has been successfully applied by a handful of options market makers for years which allows you to…

1. Pre-determine your dollar risk.

2. Make money even if you get the direction wrong.

3. Make asymmetrical gains when large moves in your direction occur.

This strategy can be applied to all of your trading once you learn it and its taught to you in the book.

What Tools Do You Need To Trade The Strategies in Buy the Fear, Sell The Greed?

You only need a price chart and two simple indicators which are available on all charting platforms and from all brokers to trade the strategies in Buy the Fear, Sell The Greed.

This Is the First, And Only Short-Term Quantified Behavioral Finance Book Ever Written

Buy the Fear, Sell The Greed is ground-breaking in its approach because it s the first and only trading strategy book in history that quantifies short-term fear and greed.

The book provides you with cutting edge strategies to specifically know when to buy and sell the high probability times when money managers, investors, and traders become too scared or too greedy and create tremendous statistically backed opportunities. You ll have access to this cutting-edge research and the strategies supported by up to 25 years of historical test results behind each strategy.

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