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Building the Efficient Athlete – Eric Cressey


Building the Efficient Athlete – Eric Cressey Download. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter programs, outdated assessments, and sub-par results and start making t…

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter programs, outdated assessments, and sub-par results and start making the elite athletes you’ve always dreamed about training.

Building the Efficient Athlete by Eric Cressey,
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If a new client or athlete came to you needing to get healthy and fit, would you be able to help? Would you be guessing or assessing?

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter programs, outdated assessments, and sub-par results and start making the elite athletes you’ve always dreamed about training.

  • Have you ever wondered what separates the average trainers and coaches from the best of the best?
  • Have you ever considered what accounts for the difference between a mediocre athlete and an elite one?
  • Are you looking to establish yourself as the next great trainer, coach, or athlete?

The answers are all now right at your fingertips…

There are millions of trainers, coaches, and athletes around the world searching for the Holy Grail of health and human performance. They’re constantly debating with each other on sets and reps; training frequency, intensity, and duration; and what the best equipment and supplements are. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these debates are carried out without a crucial foundation. That is, very few coaches, trainers, and athletes really understand how the body works.

Enter the Functional Anatomy Geeks

By our own admission, we’re geeks when it comes to not just understanding the structure of the body, but understanding how that structure dictates function or dysfunction (and, in turn, health or pathology). In typical anatomy courses, students are required to learn where bones and muscles are, and then list their actions, points of attachment, and possibly nerve innervations. However, several key questions are never asked:

  • What causes a muscle to stop working?
  • When a muscle “shuts down,” what other muscles must work overtime to com
  • pensate?
  • What are the ramifications of these compensations?
  • How do we identify and correct these inefficiencies?
  • Here’s a brief recap of each DVD, along with just a few of the thousands of questions we’ll answer for you along the way!

DVD #1: Introduction

  • Why learn functional anatomy?
  • What resources do the BEST use to improve their skills?
  • What resources will absolutely make you regress as a trainer, coach or athlete, and how do you avoid them?
  • How will improved posture not only keep you healthy, but also improve your performance?
  • How can you use the Law of Repetitive Motion to rapidly elicit changes in posture?

DVD #2: Lower Body, Core and Upper Body Functional Anatomy

  • Are the hip flexors tight? If so, which one(s)? We’ll show you specific tests to figure out exactly which areas are short or stiff
  • Why are well functioning glutes an absolute necessity if optimal performance is your goal? How can they help us to avoid hamstring pulls, groin strains, and lower back pain!
  • How is it that we’ve misunderstood the role of various core muscles for so long – and how can we modify our training to “undo” the damage that’s been done?
  • How can the pectoralis major and subscapularis be both antagonists and synergists, and what are the implications on health and performance?
  • Have we been missing the boat on how we view rhomboids?
  • Why doesn’t anyone think about pectoralis minor?

DVD #3: Static Assessments

  • Why perform a static assessment?
  • What can we suspect with an elevated shoulder girdle?
  • How does being right or left-handed affect one’s posture?
  • Watch TWO LIVE ASSESSMENTS to see how posture directly influences performance and injury!

DVD #4: Dynamic Assessments

  • Why use a dynamic assessment?
  • What does Kibler’s Three-Position Scapular Screen tell us?
  • How many different things can a simple lunge tell us about an individual’s inefficiencies?
  • How does one get into the “always assessing” mindset?
  • In all, learn over 20 different tests to determine how the core, upper, and lower extremities are functioning, both in isolation and integration – along with specific recommendations to fix the flaws!

DVD #5: The Art of Hardcore Corrective Training

  • What is the Law of Repetitive Motion?
  • What’s the difference between an inefficiency and a pathology?
  • How are we “missing the boat” with current corrective training practices?
  • What exercises are absolutely contraindicated?
  • How do we maintain a training effect while correcting inefficiencies?

DVDs #6 and #7: Live Exercise Assessment

Learn how to…

Squat, Bench Press, Row, Front Squat, Box Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Step-up, Perform miscellaneous activation and control drills, Implement and perform the CORE STABILIZATION EXERCISES your body needs for optimal performance and health.

Discover not only the most common errors and compensation patterns, but also what they signify, and how to fix them. This is an absolute must for any up-and-coming coach and anyone who is unsure of how to perform squats, deadlifts, bench presses, or any of 30 other exercises!

DVD #8: Neanderthal No More Revisited: What We’d Do Differently

Almost three years ago, we co-authored a five-part article series called “Neanderthal No More.” This series outlined common postural flaws and offered corrective exercise suggestions. While people made tremendous progress with this program, we’d be lying nowadays if we said that we wouldn’t have done anything differently if we were to write that series of articles over today. On this DVD, we mercilessly rip on our own program – with the help of those in attendance – based largely on the principles we discussed over the course of the two-day seminar. It’s a perfect example of how learning more about functional anatomy can dramatically change what we’re doing – and even make a good program into a great program

Did We Mention There Are Bonuses?

And, just in case the information contained in the seminars wasn’t enough, we’ve got bonus information from us for you. Following the event, seminar attendee Jim “Smitty” Smith of the Diesel Crew interviewed both of us as a follow-up to get even more in detail on some issues that really got him thinking.

  • Bonus #1: A 30-Minute Audio Interview with Eric Cressey, by the Diesel Crew’s Jim Smith
  • Bonus #2: A 30-Minute Audio Interview with Mike Robertson, by the Diesel Crew’s Jim Smith
  • And, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got two more bonuses for you:
  • Bonus #3: 30% off our acclaimed DVD, Magnificent Mobility
  • This DVD has received outstanding reviews from hundreds of happy and now-healthy customers, and the exercises outlined in it play crucial roles in the corrective training we outline in the seminar.
  • Bonus #4: The Official 249-Slide Powerpoint Notes Pages from the Seminar

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