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Build & Scale Your Agency – Mike Arce


Build & Scale Your Agency – Mike Arce has the same quality as the author’s salapage. Our exact recruiting process and tools to find A-Players and build out “bench”

Our exact recruiting process and tools to find A-Players and build out “bench”

Build & Scale Your Agency by Mike Arce,
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The 3 Secrets You’ll Learn in This Course:

Secret #1

How to develop the right processes with the right people to run them

Secret #2

How to build your agency’s financial and take home more cash every month

Secret #3

How to setup your sales & marketing to help LESS people even MORE

What’s in the course? 

Each course has a training video by Mike Arce, links to resources, and more.

Week 1: Expectations/Resources/Homework

  •  Learn exactly how I start my workday including the first 7 things I do after waking
  •  Instant links to my top 2 recommended books for week 1, top TED Talk, and more
  •  And more

Week 2: Marketing & Sales

  • Learn the exact marketing data you should care about in your agency and how we track ours
  • My top sales strategies and the 3 questions everyone asks themselves before buying
  • And more

Week 3: Culture & Leadership

  • Our exact recruiting process and tools to find A-Players and build out “bench”
  • The employee structure and salary of our team
  • And more

Week 4: Money Management

  • The financial goals & metrics your agency needs to track
  • Exactly how to structure your income statement and screenshots of my business’ income statement
  • And more

Week 5: Processes & Strategy

  • What our agreements look like with our customers & how we onboard clients
  • How to document everything so that all of your processes are systemized
  • And more

Week 6: Content Creation

  • How to build “Know – Like – Trust” content campaigns
  • How to create video memes, your own GIFs, etc.
  • Amping up your content opportunities with PR like speaking opportunities, awards, and more

Week 7: How to Be More Productive

  • Tools to take a full self-assessment to become a machine
  • Our team’s goal setting & hitting strategies
  • Proven ways to control/adjust your environment and GSD

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