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Bronze Crypto Package-BRONZE BUNDLE – Tradercobb


Bronze Crypto Package-BRONZE BUNDLE – Tradercobb has the same quality as the author’s salapage. I have been fortunate to have travelled the world and worked with/be mentored by some amazing traders

I have been fortunate to have travelled the world and worked with/be mentored by some amazing traders

Bronze Crypto Package-BRONZE BUNDLE by Tradercobb,
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  • Anyone who is interested in learning about technical trading
  • Anyone who wishes to get a big leg up in strategy and what it takes to win in trading
  • Anyone wishing to learn fast in this amazing market
  • Speed up your learning curve
  • If you want to get my 10 years experience without making all the mistakes or taking 10 years

Why do I do this?

  • I have been trading for 10 years and education has played a big part in that
  • I have been fortunate to have travelled the world and worked with/be mentored by some amazing traders
  • During my 10 years trading I have run mentoring and courses alongside my daily trading activities
  • What I found was when I was repeating the same methodology to others while mentoring and teaching it also helped me stay humble and focused on what was important
  • Educating others on my methods simply makes me a better trader and I have some great trades called out within the groups I was a part of which in turn I traded and made money from to
  • It is also another income and allows me access to a group, trading can get very lonely!
  • When we all work together we can move markets and it helps us all
  • A huge driving factor for starting this education series is how bad the crypto space for education is
  • Many selling courses and groups have been trading little more than 6 months to a year
  • I see the charts covered in all sorts of rubbish and it reminded me of when I started out and was confused and trying everything
  • The focus for many is all wrong. Sure they are making money some of them but even a turkey can fly in a hurricane!
  • I wanted to raise the standard, I wanted to give great value and help people looking to learn an easier to understand, clearer, rules based checklist trading style
  • I teach you the ingredients that you need to know and then I teach you how to put it together to make magic
  • There is no need to have BBQ sauce if you’re baking a chocolate cake so why bother learning it
  • Simple strategies that are easy to understand
  • It’s not easy to be a great trader but I can give you your best shot and you can practise for perfection!

What accounts do I use

  • Not that there is any right or wrong accounts to be using
  • I like IG Markets and BITMEX for trading bitcoin on leverage
  • Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance BTC Markets and Kraken along with CoinJar if needed
  • I am always looking to add new accounts and as and when I see an improvement like with bitcoin futures hitting the market
  • Why have different accounts?
  • Different accounts allow different order sizes, fills and volumes. Different accounts also offer different features. Best to be ready with several so that when you need to use them you have one and don’t need to wait


  • A crypto wallet is a storage facility for your coins
  • It keeps them safe from the world of hackers provided you follow some simple and effective rules
  • It is best you do your own research on which wallet suits your needs
  • I do like the following:
    • Nano S offline wallet
    • Trezor offline wallet
    • My Ether Wallet is also good

Common Mistakes 

  • Often with trading people spend a lot of time thinking when in fact they should spend more time doing
  • Doing is either looking for good trades or raising orders – NOT TRADING
  • Overtrading is the biggest reason people fail. More trades doesn’t mean more success, good trading is where you make money
  • Learning everything about the market will not help. Focus on learning what you need and ignore the rest. I made the mistake of learning everything and it cost me tens of thousands at the start of my career. Focus on what you’re objective is – to trade well not to trade everything and learn everything
  • Chasing a trade – you didn’t get in because you didn’t see the trade before it triggered and now you have FOMO and jump in anyway. You will fail here and it is detrimental to your trader mindset
  • Never assume – just because you read something, heard something or think something doesn’t mean it is true, don’t trade what you think, trade what you see. In these courses you will learn how to open your eyes and shut your inner voice out
  • The market can and will go higher – don’t question it The market can and will go lower – don’t question it
  • “I don’t use stop losses because I get stopped out” that is a quote I hear from people that end up at SO very fast
  • Entering a trade where you believe a negative outcome will come to be – people do this to prove themselves right – be careful of your enemy, it’s in your head
  • Thinking a winning trade is automatically a good trade and a losing trade is a bad trade. A good trade can lose money and a bad trade can make you money. Focus on doing the right thing and probabilities will fall in your favour
  • The blame game – blaming anyone other than yourself avoids the important lessons you will learn along the way. You will make mistakes and that’s ok
  • Not keeping records of every trade you take – you need to reflect and improve, if you can’t see what you did in the past how can you critique and improve for the future?
  • Taking tips – I don’t know a single wealthy trader that relies on tips so you shouldn’t either 


  1. I can’t say enough on this topic. Crypto is a market that is as fast as a Ferrari and just as dangerous in the wrong hands.
  2. There will ALWAYS be another great trade.
  3. You are new to crypto and if you’re not you still need to listen. You need to learn to wait and be patient.
  4. Without patience you will simply not have the piece of mind to be in your zone and make good, clear and managed decisions.
  5. Yes you will have great trades go by where you just missed out. Deal with it, don’t get emotional.
  6. The tallest tree in the forest starts with setting roots!

“TraderCobb has successfully taught thousands of people all over the world, his methods work. There is a structure and pathway to follow which starts with the “Essentials” course. It is for this very reason he asks you to start with “Essentials” first and then move onto the “Bitcoin Breakout” and “Crypto Cradle” courses. This is for your benefit!

Bronze Bundle

Receive Crypto Starter, Crypto Essentials, Bitcoin Breakout & Crypto Cradle

Nearly 30 chapters of content and many hours of video taking you through the detail step by step all the way

All the Essential Rules Checklists

All the Bonus Factor Rules Checklists

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