Bringing Your Miraculous Life Into Being – Rikka Zimmerman



Bringing Your Miraculous Life Into Being – Rikka Zimmerman


Bringing Your Miraculous Life Into Being – Rikka Zimmerman Download. The energetic infusion of love that you are about to encounter will knock out the old …

The energetic infusion of love that you are about to encounter will knock out the old and inculcate the new vibrational possibilities into your very cellular nature.

Bringing Your Miraculous Life Into Being by Rikka Zimmerman,
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“Is it time for your life to be more miraculous than anything you ever thought possible? Are you ready to embody the awareness and vibration that will allow your entire life to function as a gift of infinite energy,infinite possibilities and infinite choice? Are you ready to bring YOUR miraculous life into being? Can I hear a big, vibrational ‘YES?’” ~~ Rikka

Do you see? It has already started… that YES is the pronouncement to your soul that you are ready and able to move to a new state of being. And there is no-one better than Rikka to take you there.

The energetic infusion of love that you are about to encounter will knock out the old and inculcate the new vibrational possibilities into your very cellular nature.

During this 7-Day Adventure through 7 Vibrational Platforms you will be activated, prepared and opened to SHIFT ANYTHING in your life that is holding you back.

What if you could be AUTHENTICALLY EMPOWERED WITHIN YOURSELF to relax and embrace, unlock and let go, and unravel and undo all of the stuck energy that’s been blocking you from having a miraculous life beyond what this reality says is possible?

You can use this audio adventure with Rikka week after week to exponentially expand the magic and miracles the Universe called YOU into.

You are being nudged into expanding every aspect of your daily life, including health, wealth, relationships and more. WILL YOU RECEIVE IT?

Even if you’ve experienced Rikka’s unique and brilliant style of facilitation in the past, you’ve NEVER heard her completely UNLEASHED like she is in this EXCLUSIVE Special Offer.

Miraculous Morning Toolkit A 2-5 minute audio to jumpstart your day as a miraculous adventure, awakening and unveiling the gift you are and vibrationally setting your day in motion for exponential receiving beyond your wildest imagination.

Daily Vibrational Platform A 30-75 minute audio adventure during which Rikka walks you through one of the 7 vibrational platforms, including all of the energetic awarenesses and clearings that will allow you to bring your miraculous life into being with ease.

Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep Session A potent 4-7 minute meditation that will nurture and soothe your body and being at the close of each beautiful day. Imagine how much you’ll enjoy being gently wrapped in a blanket of the Universe’s infinite love throughout the night. You can listen to the “While You Sleep” tracks on a repeating audio loop at a very low volume, as it’s not necessary for your cognitive mind to hear and process the words in order to receive the energetic shifts. How cool is that?.

Let’s begin by setting up your vibrational awareness to exponentialize your receiving of the audios in this package.

If you find yourself either not hearing Rikka or not being present, not to worry. When Rikka “has your number” so to speak, it can be difficult for your cognitive mind to process what she’s saying. Rest assured, the vibrational unlocking is still occurring even if you’re not auditorily comprehending the information or feeling it viscerally. As you listen to the audios again and again, clearing more of the unconsciousness and polarity around a particular topic, you’ll begin to hear every awareness as clear as a bell.

Now let’s lay an empowering foundation:

Does the premise that you are the creator of you and your life resonate as true for you? Yes? If you’re the creator, are you the only one that can unravel and let go of all of the limitations you put in place?

During this audio, Rikka empowers you by asking you questions that will expand your awareness and open up the energy and vibration to release the stuck information that stops you from knowing and celebrating your divine perfection.

Falling apart is by no means required, but if you feel emotional content rising to the surface at any point during your audio adventure, know that that crying is simply one way to dissipate and release the charges that have been blocking you. So is laughter. And orgasm.

Regardless of what comes up for you, would you be willing to be brave and vulnerable enough to give yourself permission to let it come up and out fully? Are you ready to break through the illusions of your limitations as fast as possible and bring your miraculous life into being?

You Receive:

5-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit: The First Step

55-Minute Vibrational Platform Session: The First Step

6-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: The First Step

How many belief systems have you put in place in an attempt to get a specific result, such as make a certain amount of money, create a phenomenal relationship, or shift your body? Do all of your belief systems unravel the energy or do they just make you feel more stuck? What if every belief system is an empty promise that keeps you from receiving the greatest expression of you? What if these fixed beliefs are what create experiences of limitation around what’s possible for you as the being of Oneness you truly are?

During this incredible session with Rikka, she empowers you with awarenesses and tools to dissolve your fixed beliefs and embark on an adventurous life that is both miraculous and magical.

You deserve to LOVE every bit of your experience. Join Rikka in this incredible audio and get rid of all those pesky limitations.

You Receive:

3-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit: Dissolving Fixed Beliefs

30-Minute Vibrational Platform Session: Dissolving Fixed Beliefs

5-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: Dissolving Fixed Beliefs

How long have you been trying to “fix” and “change” you and your past in an attempt to move into a greater expression of you?

Consider a few questions:

What if you could just chill out instead, knowing your past was perfect, just the way it was?

Looking back through the eyes of Consciousness, can you see how each step along the way has been everything you required to get to this beautiful moment?

Are you willing to let go of it all and come home to the magnificent Being called You?

What if there’s never been anything to change about anyone, or anything, including YOU?

What if the only thing that needs to be “fixed” or “changed” about your past is the belief that it needs to be “fixed” or “changed”?

Rikka provides you with the energetic tools, vibrational support and deep inspiration to harmonize your past. Imagine… what would your life be like if the entirety of your past was harmonized with all of Consciousness?

Your potential is limitless – allow Rikka to show you how.

You Receive:

2-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit: Harmonizing Your Past

40-Minute Vibrational Platform Session: Harmonizing Your Past

4-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: Harmonizing Your Past

Do your limitations feel a lot like an electric doggie fence that zaps you when you stray too far away from the “box” of your finite reality? Is staying in your vibrational box how you prove that you’re not selfish and egotistical? Does it seem like staying within the confines and constructs of your vibrational boxes is the way to keep everyone in your life, including parents, spouses, teachers, bosses, etc – happy and avoid their judgments? Do you obediently jump back in your box in an attempt to make them feel more comfortable with the illusion of THEIR limitations? What if you actually set THEM free by setting YOURSELF free?

When reality grabs you by the ankles and throws you back into your vibrational box, are you suddenly left wondering who you are and how you got here? Has reality ever tricked you into thinking that you need to fix or change yourself or someone else?

Allow Rikka to unlock you and see how wonderful it is to live outside of the box as your true, unique self.

Now is the time to stop interacting with the illusion of this reality and allow all of Consciousness to flow through you like a tidal wave that washes away the walls of separation, returning you to the miraculous Oneness you are.

You Receive:

5-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit: Eliminating Vibrational Boxes

55-Minute Vibrational Platform Session: Eliminating Vibrational Boxes

5-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: Eliminating Vibrational Boxes

Do you realize that when you’re resisting and judging what is, you’re doubting the divine perfection of the Universe? What if trying to control everything and everyone is an indication that you think of yourself as superior to Consciousness? Instead of trying to outsmart and out do infinite intelligence, would you be willing to consider the possibility of receiving the never-ending support and contribution from the Universe called YOU?

During this awe-inspiring audio, Rikka reminds you that there are no missteps in consciousness and EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is here to support your expansion. Isn’t that cool? What if you can relax, knowing the Universe is ever-expanding and always taking care of itself. Every time you have a charge, reaction or resistance to anyone or anything, that’s the Universe in disguise attempting to wake you up to the miraculous infinite being you are.

Would you be willing to let go of the past emotional content you’ve stored in your body around not being supported and reside in pure, unadulterated gratitude for the infinite support from the Universe instead?

You Receive:

3-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit: Receiving Infinite Support From The Universe

35-Minute Vibrational Platform Session: Receiving Infinite Support From The Universe

4-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: Receiving Infinite Support From The Universe

Is there a part of you that KNOWS you can bring absolutely anything into being and receive it? What if the first step is choice? Can you sense how once you vibrationally choose, reality has no other option than to follow suit?

During this brilliant audio Rikka empowers you to use every aspect of your daily life to exponentialize your receiving. Rikka gives you energetic tools to reroute your bio-feedback system and unlock all of the programming that you’re pretending to have around receiving in attempt to unlock others from THEIR limitations around receiving.

What if the key to exponentializing miraculous receiving is YOU RECEIVING YOU so fully that you unlock an entire planet of beings to remember their infinite capacity to receive? Will you now allow yourself to be the miracle of infinite receiving you were designed to be?

You Receive:

2-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit: Exponentializing Miraculous Receiving

45-Minute Vibrational Platform Session: Exponentializing Miraculous Receiving

4-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: Exponentializing Miraculous Receiving

On your journey, have you abandoned yourself by making others greater than you? Have you been mean to yourself along the way? Are you ready and willing to give that up and have an ever-expanding love affair with yourself that gets more delicious than you ever thought possible with every passing day?

During this vibrationally-loving, heartfelt audio, Rikka clears everything that gets in your way of you being the divine mother for yourself whenever you get lost in the caverns of hurt feelings, pain, suffering or dis-ease.

The energy that can unlock anything is YOU loving YOU. Knowing that, would you now be willing to let go of everything you don’t love about you?

You are a glowing ember of love and light and Rikka invites you to shine brighter than ever as you embark on a spontaneous life of being in love and in joy with everyone and everything around you, including YOU.

You can explode into the vibration of infinite expansion and self-love. Will you choose it?

You Receive:

4-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit: Returning Home to Infinite Joy and Self-Love

70-Minute Vibrational Platform Session: Returning Home to Infinite Joy and Self-Love

7-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: Returning Home to Infinite Joy and Self-Love

Are you ready to have your reality orchestrate itself to meet the greatest expression of you as the miraculous being you were designed to be?

As an instrument of Oneness, the Universe plays its music through you.

Through these audios, you receive tools that shift your choices and actions to resonate with BEING and HAVING your miraculous life.

Imagine flowing infinite energy through every part of your body and being so that reality shifts itself based on your new vibrational choices. It’s time to tap into the potency of the entire universe and enjoy every moment of your beautiful life.

Join Rikka and turn the corner into the experience you’ve been waiting for!

You Receive:

4-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit: Realigning Your Reality with The New You

50-Minute Vibrational Platform Session: Realigning Your Reality with The New You

7-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: Realigning Your Reality with The New You

Vibrationally Bringing Your Miraculous Abundance Into Being:

Have you been creating a difficult financial reality of pain and suffering for long enough?

Now’s finally the time to allow yourself to choose to have tons of money with ease and joy. Allow yourself to be different from just about everybody you know and open your heart to the potential of abundance in your life.

During this Vibrational Platform Session, Rikka looks at money with you through the eyes of Consciousness, harmonizing all of the charges you have about money that are the energetic wall standing between you and money.

You can have a relationship with money that resonates with the miraculous being that you were designed to be. Just commit to the change and allow Rikka to guide you there.

75-Minute Vibrational Platform Session:Vibrationally Bringing Your Miraculous Abundance Into Being

6-Minute Vibrational Elevation While You Sleep: Vibrationally Bringing Your Miraculous Abundance Into Being

4-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit – Would going to the most high-end jewelry or clothing store that you can find and adorning yourself in thousands of dollars worth of merchandise take you out of your comfort zone? In this audio Rikka facilitates you to become vibrationally compatible with amplified opulence. What if you could feel as comfortable decorating yourself in diamonds as you do taking a walk in nature?

3-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit – Are you truly willing to HAVE money? If you don’t already have an overflowing bank account, that’s an indication of your unwillingness to HAVE money. This audio gives you the energetic awareness and support to embody the energy of HAVING money by embarking on the adventure of opening your 10% Abundance Account. This one tool completely exponentialized Rikka’s entire financial reality. Will you allow it to expand yours?

2-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit – What vibrations are active in your system when it comes to your finances? Worry? Fear? Judgment? Avoidance? In this audio Rikka empowers you to unravel all of your fixed beliefs about money so you can clear your financial energetic field for take-off.

3-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit – When someone offers to buy you lunch, do you receive it fully or contract and refuse it? Do you say something like, “My treat next time.” When you contract and feel bad about receiving, you energetically send a message to the Universe to stop showering you with abundance. During this audio Rikka facilitates you to induce a new, expanded vibrational capacity for receiving money with the same effortlessness you receive a ray of sun shining on you from above.

2-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit – What kind of relationship do you have with your 10% Abundance Account? One of gratitude-filled TLC, or total, utter disgust and neglect? If the money in your Abundance Account was a nurturing, kind, caring, expansive lover, how would you talk to it? How would you treat it? In this audio Rikka demonstrates how to use this tool to open up the energy of receiving from the Universe so you can have an entirely new, loving, expansive relationship with money.

4-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit – What three things can you shift about your business or add to your life that will open the financial floodgates in your life? When was the last time you raised your rates? Is it time to adjust your price scale? What if there’s no such thing as “six degrees of separation”? What if in Oneness there’s “zero degrees of separation”? Who do you know who could help you leverage your marketing efforts or who could introduce you to someone who can contribute to your life? “How” is not your job. Would you be willing to leave that to the Universe? Your job is to ask & listen, and then follow up with inspired action. Ready to go from “HOW?” to “WOW.”?

3-Minute Miraculous Morning Toolkit – Money follows choice. During this audio Rikka unlocks you from everywhere you’re uncomfortable with having tons of money and energetically opens you up to receiving inspirational downloads from the Universe. She then clears your attachments to outcomes, as well as anything else in your financial energetic field that’s in the way of you acting upon the one big choice you can make today that would allow more money than you can imagine to flow into your life.

Imagine seeing Rikka in person!

As a special BONUS, exclusive to this very special offer, you get a coupon to experience Rikka – in the FLESH.

Her LIVE workshops are really beyond belief and because you’re committing to shifting your life into the experience you know you deserve, you’ll be right there at one of her upcoming events to share in all of it.

How COOL is that?!

Your 30-day membership includes over $5000 worth of videos, MP3 products and live-stream classes for you to download and enjoy.

You’ll also get to participate in four LIVE 45-minute interactive live-streams and a 90-minute group coaching call.

How AMAZING is that?!

After your FREE first month you can continue receiving the life altering benefits that being a VIB Member has to offer, or you can cancel at anytime with no questions asked (If you do decide to cancel, Rikka just asks that you keep rocking your awesome self and keep remembering the gift that you are!).

This BONUS is worth $5,000 of life-altering content, which is 25 times more than the cost of this entire Special Offer, WOW!

Imagine how much your life will expand when you receive NEW personalized and focused facilitation from Rikka every week.

During your life-altering, cutting-edge membership live-streams you’ll get to ask Rikka your questions and receive masterful guidance to powerfully support you in effortlessly dissolving all road blocks and vibrationally moving you into your GLORIOUS INSPIRED LIFE.

Get Ready To:

INTERACT personally with Rikka

ASK her the questions that are most important to you right now

RECEIVE weekly energetic contributions that raise your vibration

TAP IN to powerful tools & cutting-edge sessions creating massive energy shifts

BE EMBRACED in a world-wide group of loving friends who support and encourage you to have your BEST LIFE EVER

AND when you become a member you’ll also receive 2 FREE powerful self-paced courses valued at $1800:

“Embracing Your Interdimensional Being” AND “Embodying Your True Essence”

These courses are EXCLUSIVE bonuses for new V.I.B. Members and not available anywhere else. Plus you’ll still have unlimited access to a universe shifting library of live streams and recordings worth over $5000!

Are YOU ready to have YOUR life be PHENOMENAL and be FULLY SUPPORTED every step of the way?

About Rikka Zimmerman:

Rikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, and an acclaimed international speaker, author and singer/songwriter, with her new vibrationally enhanced conscious music album scheduled to debut soon!

Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does. Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!

Through Rikka’s Adventure in Oneness events, which include in-person and live streamed “eventures”, telesummits, teleclasses, an ever growing Membership Site and more, she empowers people to know they are the catalysts for bringing about transformation for themselves and the planet.

In addition to facilitating classes all over the world, Rikka has collaborated with internationally recognized spiritual teacher Panache Desai, and appeared alongside speakers and authors including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Lynn McTaggert, Gregg Braden, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, John Assaraf and other conscious leaders. Rikka appears on TV and Radio shows internationally as well as in print and online publications.

We hope you are LOVING this ALL TIME FAVORITE season… we know it is a little different than past seasons and are so looking forward to the additional ways to hang out this season in our Livestreams the First and Third Thursday’s at 5:30 each month. WHOO HOO!

In the mean time we would LOVE to hear your experiences with this ALL TIME FAVORITE material… please post a comment letting us know how you are doing, how it transformed you and your perceptions.

We also have a SPECIAL REQUEST… if you are having a customer service issue please contact [email protected]… our customer service team is MUCH better equipped to handle your problem than we are here watching your posts. We can be way more proactive to you when you reach out to our support team than we can here. We will likely remove any customer service issue posts to maintain a flow of experiential comments. Thanks so much for understanding and for your remarkable partnership with us. Yeah us!

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