30 Days to Masterful NLP Anchoring – Michael Breen



30 Days to Masterful NLP Anchoring – Michael Breen


30 Days to Masterful NLP Anchoring – Michael Breen Download. “Who Else Wants An In-Depth, Behind The Scenes, Fast-Track Education In The Secrets Of Masterf…

“Who Else Wants An In-Depth, Behind The Scenes, Fast-Track Education In The Secrets Of Masterful NLP Anchoring … … COMBINED with A Custom Step-By-Step Training Program That Teaches You The REAL Skills To Anchor In ANY Sensory System & In Everyday Life Contexts

30 Days to Masterful NLP Anchoring by Michael Breen,
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“Who Else Wants An In-Depth, Behind The Scenes, Fast-Track Education In The Secrets Of Masterful NLP Anchoring … … COMBINED with A Custom Step-By-Step Training Program That Teaches You The REAL Skills To Anchor In ANY Sensory System & In Everyday Life Contexts … So You Can Become A Dramatically More Skillful Hypnotist, Persuader, Change Agent or Coach… in 30 Days Or Less… Entirely RISK FREE” If You’re Ready To Become Masterful At NLP Anchoring RIGHT NOW, This Might Just Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read … Dear Student of NLP, I have a few questions for you: Have you ever found yourself wondering how to use anchoring in everyday life situations? Do you feel confused or unsure how to anchor someone in a personal, presentation or business situation? Have you ever found yourself explaining what anchoring is yet know you cannot anchor visually or auditorally and silently hoped your listeners wouldn’t ask you for a demonstration? Would the thought of someone asking you to stand up and teach anchoring to a group frighten you? Do you work in a job where being able to evoke specific states at will and effect emotions could help you? Have you ever felt your heart race when you kinaesthetically anchored someone and was full sure it looked awkward or you were about to be “found out”? Have you ever felt you lack confidence in your NLP skills and specifically in how to visually or auditory anchor others with ease? Do you feel like you don’t know when an anchor is working, or not sure if you’ve set it correctly or confused when you fire the anchor and you don’t get the response that you want? Do you get nervous when you try to intentionally anchor someone in a social or work situation or find yourself feeling false and that your anchoring will be noticed or is clumsy? Are you tired of hearing the same old “Stimulus-Response, pavlov’s dog story” as the key to anchoring and want to learn how anchoring REALLY works, so that you can do it with ease visually, auditory or kinaesthetically when you decide? Have you ever seen a great piece of change work, persuasion or influence and wondered how did that and you knew there had to be more than language involved? Have you ever attended a training where you saw one of the great master trainers doing a presentation and suspected they were anchoring, chaining and firing states on you and everyone else in the room, and you didn’t have a clue how they did it? Would you like to know what they know about anchoring the almost never gets taught? Do you ever feel self-conscious and stifled when you’re around other more ‘experienced NLPers’ to the point where you don’t contribute anything or repeat the things you’ve heard to try to “keep up” or save face? Have you ever set an anchor and felt a little fear come up as you got to test the trigger because you’re afraid the anchor just won’t work … yet again. And felt that tightening of your chest with disappointment? When you first heard about how powerful anchoring is were you so excited about using it, yet after going through several training’s, you have resigned yourself to not attempting it anymore, for fear that anchoring doesn’t work or that you just won’t be able to do it? Do you work in a professional situation where having the power to anchor others intentionally and with ease could be a massive benefit to you and help you achieve the business, relationship, health, financial and personal results you want? Would you like to be able to anchor with the best of them, know how anchoring really works (the secret sauce that very few NLPers ever get to know) and be able to do it in any sensory system, so that it became so natural it was second nature to you? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you .. You’re NOT alone. In fact, this list of questions was created from years of personal experience and from learning about this key area of NLP for myself. I’m am sure you are aware of what anchoring is and you’ve probably read about it in a book or learnt about anchoring from a seminar. And like most NLPers maybe you’ve even tried to anchor others or yourself. If you were like me, there may even have been times when you completely forgot to anchor someone, were nervous you were going to get caught and just didn’t know how to take anchoring as it’s typically presented in a training and translate it into how you can use it in real world everyday life. Or perhaps you were in a conversation and didn’t even notice what the other person’s anchors were (and let an abundance of RESOURCES go to waste ….). Either way, anyone with even a basic experience in NLP knows that anchoring is by far one of the most important skills required in NLP. Yet up until now there hasn’t been a step-by-step way to take your anchoring skills from beyond the typical practitioner level and move them to mastery of the technology. The benefits of getting really good at anchoring are enormous. For example as an NLPer you can: access resource states from others at will, ‘capture strategies’ induce specific responses do advanced NLP change work As a sales person you can: help your customers feel certainty, trust and confidence in you and your product rapidly and move from hesitation to desire much quicker Chain multiple states to your product so when it comes time to buy the customer feels great and wants to buy now As a coach or consultant you can: Put your client into the optimal state to fire up their motivation Have your client step back and take in the big picture Trigger them so they go into the optimal mood so they can make the best decision, take action, move forward all as a result of you. As a manager or working professional anchoring is one of THE most powerful communication skills you can ever learn. No longer do you need to make small talk, remain removed or worry about maintaining that balance between friendless and authority. Simply put when you know how to anchor in any sensory system you can trigger greater productivity, decision making and influence with everyone around you… BUT HERE IS THE PRIBLEM… If you learnt anchoring the traditional way it would have involved asking someone to remember a pleasant feeling and then touching them on the knee or shoulder. There was probably also a demonstration of this type of anchoring by the trainer – which would have been surprisingly effective when demonstrated in a seminar situation. However, with some NLP experience, you will have realized that, while this may work well in a seminar situation, it is not very practical in the real world. SOME REAL WORLD FACTS 1. In the real world you will NOT spend 3 minutes asking the person to close their eyes and remember a time when they felt really good. 2. In the real world you will NOT lean over and touch someone on their knee / shoulder every time you need to anchor 3. In the real world you will certainly NOT create sliding anchors on peoples arms with funny sound effects to amplify the anchor. Note: when I say real world, in this context I am referring to daily interactions at home or in the business field. In a coaching/therapy context some people will use the anchoring methods mentioned to great effect, but why be limited to only being able to do kinaesthetic anchoring. SO, WHAT DOES WORK IN THE REAL WORLD? This is the question that I sought to answer with this product. And not just creating more theory but give people specific SKILLS that you can IMPLEMENT right away to dramatically increase your anchoring skills. BUT How do I use anchors in my job? How can I fluently AND intentionally anchor others? How do I ‘steal’ other peoples anchors? How do I create any anchor I want, in any situation? How do I remember to anchor others, and keep track of my anchors? Most importantly – how do I do all this WITHOUT leaning over and touching people on their knee? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS I TOOK MASTER TRAINER MICHAEL BREEN Michael Breen spent over a decade working with Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna delivering Practitioner and Master Practitioner training’s and several other advanced NLP training’s. With Paul Mckenna, Michael co-founded and built the largest NLP Training organization in the world and helped revolutionize the design and delivery of NLP training’s in the UK. Michael broke new ground and established the first certified NLP Business Practitioner Training’s in the UK. He then went on to creating a High Performance Coaching certification as well as other innovative NLP Training programs. Michael has co-delivered a wide variety of NLP training’s with many of the the top NLP Master Trainers alive and continues to develop his own NLP tools and techniques. In fact, when you ask people who have trained with Michael what they thought – they all say exactly the same thing – “the best thing about Michael is his ability to simplify the most complex topics and explain them in a way that you can immediately apply”. Have a look below at a clip from the anchoring seminar to see Michael in action. HE IS NOT ONLY AN NP TRAINER For over two decades Michael has been at the forefront of using NLP in business. He is an international business consultant to entrepreneurs, CEO’s and leaders of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. One of the very few NLP Trainers who actually apply their knowledge today in the corporate and business world. This is why I went to him with these questions.. Because he is one of the most experienced business professionals who uses this stuff in the real world , NOT just in a seminar environment. Michael specializes in teaching people how to use NLP in a Business Environment. As such even in his training’s he NEVER uses the touch someone on the knee anchoring. He consistently uses anchoring in conferences, meetings, consulting jobs and his high performance coaching. AND SO… 30 DAYS TO MASTERFUL ANCHORING WAS BORN Now I don’t know if this was just good timing or it was pure luck but Michael was tired, surprised AND annoyed! He was tired of practitioners asking him questions on anchoring that they really should know. He was surprised at the lack of understanding about anchoring in the community. And he was annoyed (and excited) enough to agree to create a special program that shows you everything you need to know about anchoring fluently and intentionally without touching a knee!! 30 Days to Masterful Anchoring really is the ideal product for anyone with a basic knowledge of NLP who wants to take their skills to the next level. Please note that this is not a product for a complete beginner. Basic knowledge of NLP (rapport, state elicitation, traditional anchoring technique) is required to fully benefit from the 4 week course on Anchoring. While the first week will give you more introductory information and ‘fill in the blanks’ on some things you may have missed. The following weeks will build on this knowledge and does assume that you know a certain minimum level of NLP. 30 DAYS TO MASTERFUL NLP ANCHORING 1ST The program is broken down into 4 weeks. Each week Michael will teach you a specific aspect of anchoring and then give you assignments for the week. Michael will basically hold you by the hand and teach you all the skills you need to fluently and intentionally anchor in any environment. Never before has a Master Trainer broken down the art of anchoring in such an easily digestible, self paced, highly practical and very accessible format over four weeks. 2ND The program is actually a breakdown of a recent anchoring seminar Michael did for his NLP Master Class. You will see hours and hours of brilliant NLP presentation in action. So not only is it Michael’s most up to date work; it is video from a live seminar with demos and examples. 3RD We made sure to ask Michael lots and lots of questions on anchoring as well as asking him for examples in NON-seminar environments where he has used anchoring. It became so big – we now have a whole 3 Hours MP3 recording of Michael answering the most common questions about anchoring as well as giving examples of anchoring. 4TH Now we know that you may questions as you go through this course, so we have had Michael answer the most common questions our first 100 customers have had and you will get access to this very special bonus too. First things first. Every week, as you can see from the week 1 video training insert below, the course is broken down into a easily digestible format for you to work through at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about missing a thing; you can pause, rewind, skip or jump to the bits you want to revisit or watch over again and again. n fact you can EVEN download and take it offline with you to play on your computer and convert to take with you for your IPod, IPad or other multi-media device. Watch as Michael overtly and covertly demonstrates the anchoring skills he is training you to get but in a fraction of the time it would take you if you had to discover all this by yourself. Week 1 – State Elicitation In week 1, you really get State Elicitation Because before you can effectively anchor someone you need to be able to elicit the state you want in them. And you need to be able to recognize when they are in a state that you want to anchor. Michael therefore spends the first week on the finer points of state elicitation. This is the foundation of your entire anchoring course and he covers everything you need to know about states. Here are just some of the fantastic things you’ll learn in this week: How Master Trainers think about what exactly anchoring really is. It will make so much sense to you and forever change the way you look at anchoring. This distinction alone demystifies the confusion that keeps NLPers blocked. By learning the way the Master Trainers think of anchoring you will quadruple the speed and frequency at which you can observe anchors occurring everywhere (even by the best trainers in the seminars) and how you too can utilize them. Learn how to “play” with other peoples anchors – one of the most powerful aspects of NLP whether you use if for persuasion, change work or your own self anchoring. When you master this you will be able to naturally trigger powerful emotions in others in an instance, all WITHOUT doing the usual NLP anchoring setup work! When you test this out for yourself you’ll be knocked for six as to how impressive this is with people in everyday life contexts. Expect to become more INFLUENTIAL AND MAGNETIC to others. Watch and learn how to “spoil” an anchor, how to neutralize, change and install a new “association” in the time it takes click your fingers! Michael points out specifically what he is doing to create a rapid change of anchors for a member of the audience. When you learn this you will be edging to use it with your clients, family and friends to help them enjoy more resourceful states whenever they want. Learn how Michael uses anchoring, the critical role of intention, environment, a clear outcome to be dramatically more effective when coaching others. Hear how Michael organizes the way he uses anchoring into two core sets of anchoring approaches and experience how doing this step alone can rocket the results you get when working and influencing others. The truth about reinforcement, the shape of states and insights on how people unconsciously train their brains for poor states and how you can utilize each to MAXIMIZE the effectiveness of your anchoring. Identify how you can elicit powerful responses without doing the “remember a time …” questions taught in traditional NLP training’s on State Elicitation (Very useful for business professionals!). Begin to master how to elicit states powerful using the key distinctions you will learn here to for use in everyday life and work. Learn the real role of the four tuples in anchoring and how realizing this gives you the flexibility to avoid getting too caught up in the “did I trigger the anchor just right” so you stay focused on the outcomes that you want. By the end of this week you will know how to elicit and amplify powerful states rapidly (without being restricted to traditional NLP state elicitation questions), in others for use in everyday situations and how to utilize inbuilt triggers quickly in others (using a rarely taught anchoring tool) and how to rapidly change the associations other people have to their own anchors! Week 2 – The Art Of Anchoring In week 2 Michael goes deeper into the organizing frames for what anchoring is what it isn’t. Michael covers the key points of anchoring. This week will address a lot of the queries people have when they come off an NLP seminar. What exactly do you need to know about the art of anchoring? In week two expect to: Understand the critical role of “gestalts” and how just catching a small bit of an experience can call the whole state into being – giving you multiple triggers in multiple sensory systems to access trigger states but only if you understand how this key organizing principle of anchoring really works. How to use your state AND this organizing principle to elicit “pre-wired” powerful cultural responses such as authortive responses in business and personal life and how to unwire yourself. Internalises the importance of knowing what you want so you avoid the mediocre results common to others NLPers who make this big mistake again and again. Understand the critical importance of this key pre anchoring activity that will springboard your personal and professional effectiveness in everyday situations regardless of what contexts you use your new found anchoring wizardry. Learn not just how to anchor powerfully but learn how to plan ahead of time the outcomes you want and the states you need so you eliminate the potential resistance others have and help you get results and outcomes you want every time. When you master state planning expect to have your colleagues, customers and friends be more receptive to what you have to say as you help them achieve the things your want! Week 3 – Anchoring In Context Now we get into the more funky stuff. Anchoring in different contexts, spacial anchoring, building response attentiveness and how to bring it into your work context when dealing with clients . Having been through the first two weeks training – this week expect a big ‘aha’ feeling as you truly get how to visual anchoring . The light bulb will switch on and you’ll realize how easy it all actually is. Regardless of your skill level this course was designed to develop your skills far beyond where they are now and to give you many many more options on when and how you anchor. In week three you will learn: How one of the biggest names in personal development uses visual anchoring in his seminars. By week three you will have seen Michael demonstrate so many visual anchors throughout week one and two you can’t help but get how easy it is to visually anchor anyone. Never again will you be stuck wondering how does visual anchoring work or how you can do it. This super “power law” principle that allows Michael to get spectacular results with his clients so that will so you begin to do your best work like a master trainer before you begin your “official session “. This principle works in any profession or context you want to apply anchoring in. How to elicit automatic ‘responsive attentiveness’ from your listeners, how to use this rarely taught “Come Away Closer” strategy to have your listeners on the edge of their seats as you build, build and build their state so they are begging you to tell them more. Master the real secret to doing great anchoring work and how to never miss anchoring a useful state in your client again (in this week you put to bed forever the I didn’t notice when to anchor stuff). Discover which anchors are most powerful AND subtle to use with clients to profoundly amplify the state and direct where you want it to go. This technique is a must for anyone who wants to see a DRAMATIC shift in your anchoring and save time in doing long winded elicitation work. Discover Michael’s strategy for how to get your client to the point where they say “Get Out of My Way I Want To Do This!” so much you can’t help to hold them back anymore. And discover if you suffer from the common mistake that will keep others stuck and kills your effectiveness when building the states of your clients and in week four you’ll uncover how to easily and quickly overcome it. Week 4 – Applications Of Anchoring And finally in week four you will learn how to tonally anchor and see several applications of how Michael uses anchoring in everyday life contexts In week four you will learn: How to tonally anchor with ease and watch as Michael demonstrates how to tonally anchor multiple states using several voice tones (you want to be able to tonally anchor multiple states, right?) quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. Master how to develop your perfect voice tone that just by using this alone will create a radical shift in people and cause them to relax and experience great feeling to you. Uncover how the pro’s SUBLETLY anchor others in everyday conversations and business contexts using the role of analogue marking to elegantly anchor others. What you can learn from Domino’s Pizza to supercharge your tonal anchoring and why chocolate is really your best friend when bringing out specific states in others. Discover which voice tones work perfect for putting someone into trance quickly and effortlessly. Useful for both work and when you simply want to seed suggestions effortlessly. Identify which voice tones are great for inoculating against objections so you can become so much more effective in your presentations, communications and sales pitches (if your a sales or influencing professional, this one is a goldmine). Identify what is the magic percent you need to be to stand out and is key to being influential in any context. This one Michael learnt from his days as a trained acting professional, and will simplify what you need to do whenever you’re looking to lift the responsiveness of your listeners. Uncover which states turn you ON and which ones turn you off so you can DROP IN to the right state automatically to generate the responses you want – so you can anchor them. When you practice this you can begin to do the kinds of state elicitation things that typically only master trainers and a few of the very top NLPers know can actually do! Hear Michael share this advanced NLP strategy on how to close nested loops unconsciously without needing to close your loops using the same opening content! This is very subtle and immensely powerful stuff. Hw Michael uses the very rarely known “half kinaesthetic anchor” for use in those very formal business situations, yet this hybrid anchor works a charm in setting and firing off the anchors you want. Learn the #1 resource Michael recommends you where you can constantly develop your anchoring on an ongoing basis and never be short of cool techniques and ways to anchor.

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