10X Your Shopify Sales – Marco Rodriguez



10X Your Shopify Sales – Marco Rodriguez


10X Your Shopify Sales – Marco Rodriguez Download. The Well-kept Secrets That Transform Your Shopify Visitors Into Hardcore Customers – WITHOUT a Perfect P…

The Well-kept Secrets That Transform Your Shopify Visitors Into Hardcore Customers – WITHOUT a Perfect Product

10X Your Shopify Sales by Marco Rodriguez,
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10X Your Shopify Sales

The Well-kept Secrets That Transform Your Shopify Visitors Into Hardcore Customers – WITHOUT a Perfect Product

Feel like your visitors are lurking around in your store and just don’t make it to the THANK YOU page?

Well, you are probably like 95 % of the stores out there who do not struggle with getting traffic – but with getting CUSTOMERS.

What I’ve learned after more than 3 years in E-Commerce, well over $250,000 in sales and millions of dollars in combined clients’ sales: pre-qualifying your traffic and looking for ACTIVE buying-intent is one of the best ways to get quick sales to your website. You shouldn’t really care about where your traffic comes from – but if it is converting and buying.

This is exactly what this training is about: leveraging the power of Google AdWords, a widely underused traffic source in Dropshipping and E-Commerce, to almost predictably drive hungry customers to your store. Whether as a single traffic source or a powerful extension to your Facebook campaigns, AdWords can help to bring your E-Commerce business to new heights, giving you the sales you craved for that allow you to take the next big step of SCALING!

Your Redefined Customer Acquisition Journey Begins Here – All The Best!

– Marco

What you will learn in this in-depth training program:

  • How to research profitable keywords that help you sell any product
  • How to identify the most promising products in your store to advertise on AdWords
  • How to craft compelling ads that make people click and visit your website, looking for products like yours
  • How to strategically adjust bids for your most important traffic
  • How to sell your first products as quickly as possible, sometimes within a day, following a low-volume-high-ROI framework that allows you to focus on initial sales and scaling later
  • much, much more…

Some Student Results & Notes


Let me show you what this program is about and how it can help YOUR E-Commerce business..

Below you can find some of the results my clients and me are getting with AdWords in various industries like fashion, beauty, gadgets, electronics, toys and decoration:

1. Beating Big Competition in Search Impression Share

2. Achieving < $2 CPA And Over 8,000 Conversions In October – November

3. Spending a total of $400,000 in a single account

These are just a few examples of how you can use AdWords to your advantage.

Class Curriculum

1. AdWords Introduction

  •  Why You Should Use Google AdWords (5:02)
  • Join our Google AdWords Mastermind Group!

2. AdWords Essentials – Getting Started

  •  Easy Account Structure (6:57)
  •  Setup Conversion Tracking Correctly (5:35)
  • Conversion Tracking Codes
  • Linking Analytics and AdWords (1:59)
  • AdWords Structure And Landing Pages (8:01)
  • Understand Powerful Data to Boost Your Performance (11:42)

3. Search Campaigns – Give People What They Are Looking For

  • The Profitable Keyword Research (19:14)
  • Using Keyword Planner Perfectly (13:13)
  • Find Out What to Bid Upfront (8:58)
  • Increase CTR and Relevance with Extensions (9:51)
  •  Optimize Your Ads with Best Practises (14:10)
  • Dynamic Search Ads – High Results, Low Work (5:26)
  • Experiment With Your Campaigns (7:54)

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